Chapter Three: Animal I have Become

Definition of a Therian: One who is spiritually, mentally, but not physically- is in whole or part animal.

It was all like a really bad nightmare, or like some wierd distant fantasy of a dream. None of it "felt" real. Everything could have been some big joke as far as "I" could tell. The ornate walls, the red carpet, and the creppy pale kids with the sunglasses and long pale hair. "All" of it- fake. Or at least I was secretly hoping that was what it was.

I had never been a fan of magick or the supernatural, and here I was now suddenly a part of the world of make believe and fantasy. Just my luck. And my love of science has just gone out the window, as scientists "really" should have warned me about ALL of "this."

The bell rang, and sadly I had to hustle my butt acrost the whole school just to get to room #12 on my scedule. Man, did I seem really slow compared to all the other students there. But, nevermind that because just then Mr. Alexander Wolf ushered me into his classroom.

His classword was like anyother classroom I have been to, except for the fact that it had Therian quotes everywhere and pictures of werewolves and werebeasts EVERYWHERE. Then he motioned me to sit acrost from a red hair with her head pinned back into a bun, and whom had ice blue eyes almost as if she was a fox. I cautiously walked back there, and everyone was saying congrats for coming here. It was "so' embarrasing, as I kinda wasn't a big fan of attention.

"Hi, my name is Amanda Night."

She barked to me, and the strange thing was that although she spoke in barks I could understand her. The rest of the class seemed to understand too, "wierd".

"My name is Sackra Colvez, but you can call me Sakura almost everyone does."

I told her and I spoke regular English, and still everyone seemed to understand me. Then the teacer told me to be quiet, so he could start class. And I was so scared after seeing what some of the things the others could do that I decided to keep my yap shut.

"Class, I am going to be teaching you about Sunbirds today. I know what you're probally thinking- arn't Sunbirds fantasy animals and made up? Well I am here to tell you that they are indeed NOT made up, and are very real animals. Here is some information about them that I'd like you all to put in your notes, as it will be on Friday's test."

As soon as he said it the whole class groaned , and that included "me" as I HATE tests.

"The Firebird is also called the Sunbird. It is a magickal animal , and is often associated with the pure fantasy Pheonix for several reasons. The main reason is because they seem to be engulfed in flames as the pure fantasy Pheonix mythology suggests Pheonixs are. However, the main difference being that Pheonixs ARE engulfed in flames, and Sunbirds are only glowing as bright as fire or the sun for that matter. Which is why they are called Sunbirds in the first place..."

The teacher kept droning on and on about the silly birds, and I was glad when the bell finally rang at 8 am. Then three classes passed before I knew it. In my second class we talked about the Greek creation story, and the part about the hundred-handed giants and cyclops being thrown in Hell sadened me greatly.

And in the next class I had Potions and Mrs. Diane droned on and on about the basics of potion making, and how important it was to know which ingrediants you were using to make a potion. She said otherwise you might get poisoned and die, and well since I didn't wish to make a potion anytime soon I really didn't care. My next class was with Mr. Stanzac and it was about energy vamps... yea... NOT!

"Class, energy vampires are are enemy. They are also known as Psychic vampires, and they are bad to us because they poison us by draining ours and humans energies, and they kill us and humans."

Okay, "wierd" I didn't say anything, but this place was beginning to creep me out even more if that was even possible. My next class was magtick 101, which droned on and on about magick being dangerous and all. I thought well... duh! Messing with the things best left to God or as they'd prefer me to say... Gods, definently could have those results.

In magick 101 they also taught that the devil wasn't real, and was part of the fear ingrained in a humans mind as a sort of moral to keep people from doing bad. Huh? I was always taught to be a good Christain, and was taught that he was real. So, then it was kinda cool that he wasn't. I'd no longer have to fear being tormented by a make believe devil. Yeah, I wish to believe like that. But Christains are still cool, I thought to myself.

My next class was Math 101 with Mr. Hill, which by the way was "boring". Then I had LOP. A guy named Denali was there, and he told me that I was to be some part in some superatural war. Great! I really was so NOT lookinh forward to this year, and what was I going to tell my Dad and my cousin Morgan and her parents?