Daisy and the wild rabbit became mates. They stayed in the field for a year, and in that time they had five kits: Hennessy, Nutmeg, Ray, Seeder, and Acorn. Acorn and Seeder died two months later from a disease, but Hennessy, Nutmeg, and Ray grew up strong. They were also worst enemies. Hennessy, a gray rabbit with black patches, was very philosophical and sometimes even refused to play with his siblings. Nutmeg, light brown with darker ears, paws and nose, was very athletic and took her playtime seriously. Ray, reddish-orange all over, was the more aggressive sibling, always fighting for dominance. He hoped to succeed his mother as mayor of the village.

Each of these rabbits grew up to be important in their own way, as did all of the other kits that were born. But they stayed bitter rivals until the end. Sometimes their fights were good-natured, and sometimes they became physically violent.

During one such fight, when the moon was at its highest, Hennessy stopped in the middle of a dodging maneuver. His sister Ray tripped up and landed on her back. She righted herself and looked where Hennessy was looking. Smoke rose above the trees and an orange glow silhouetted them. The kits had never seen fire, but they had heard the stories from the previous generation. They raced toward the village, screaming "Fire" at the top of their lungs.

This caused a panic, but Daisy and her mate herded the scared rabbits into a tighter circle.

"Calm down! We're not trapped like we were last time! Collect your kits and follow us." They led the village away from the blaze and over a hill. The three kits followed. As they looked back, they saw their home covered by merciless tongues of flame. At that moment, the group split. Several rabbits wanted to stay in a nearby field, while others wanted to go into the woods farther away. This split was a lot more peaceful than the previous one, though several friends were separated. Hennessy saw the sadness in the other kits' eyes and knew he had to do something. This thought stayed with him through the years.

The group got on a truck with wings and flew to another area farther away. There, they found a forest to live in. They formed another village. Another generation came into the world, and soon the village grew to a town. So many rabbits in one place were tempting to predators. One day a fox stormed in. He had time to gobble up two newborn kits before the town took action. Nutmeg, now an adult, organized a group of the best fighters and ordered them to circle quickly around the red-furred fiend. The fox was confused by the display. In the meantime, Nutmeg jumped on the fox's back, driving her hind paws into his spine. The fox died, and Nutmeg had an epiphany. The town needed protection. It needed… a military force.

She planned everything out, with occasional help from her parents and siblings. The leader of the military force would be the commander, and if there was ever the need for more armies there would be a head commander. Beneath the commander was the general, and beneath the general was the officer. Beneath the officer was the private, and beneath the private was the trainee. The fighters she rounded up against the fox became the first soldiers. Daisy made belts with pouches to hold rocks, because at that time no weapons were developed.

She also made up a rigorous training program that turned the already good fighters into a formidable force. Since then, they hadn't had trouble with predators, except for man. She appointed herself as the first commander. Under her protection, more kits survived. The town expanded until several rabbits moved to the nearby farmlands. There, they formed another village and military base. Now Nutmeg was the head commander.

Ray, not to be outdone, wrote the plans for our government. They were lost in time until recently, when one too many tyrants caused his spirit to appear to Roger. He relayed the information to me before he left on his mission. Before now, as you know, the military served as the government. But now, we have a better system that is being put into place. Mayors run individual villages and towns. Commanders run the military bases located near the communities. They both have the same amount of power. Chiefs are in charge of clusters of five communities each. Senators are in charge of regions determined by the plants, animals, and weather. The king and queen rule it all. Nobody knows where they are. It's safer that way, especially now that everyone's getting used to the idea of a government.

Hennessy's contribution didn't come until much later. It was more of an accident than an epiphany. He was foraging for food when a badger charged him. He jumped over it and raced away. Then he hid in a bramble bush. Out of desperation, he drummed on the ground. Soon, Nutmeg rushed to his aid with two soldiers. They fought off the badger and helped him out.

"How did you hear me," he asked.

"I don't know. I was in my den when I heard thudding. It sounded like a rabbit in distress."

"Hmm… Go back to your den. I want to try something."

Nutmeg obeyed. Hennessy drummed on the ground again. There was silence. Nobody came out. He went back to the spot he had hid and drummed there. Nutmeg came running out.

"This is very perplexing indeed," said Hennessy. Nutmeg rolled her eyes and strode away, leading her soldiers with her.

"Don't use big words," she said. Hennessy didn't hear her. He was deep in thought. He went to various places in the forest and tested the ground. It seemed that certain rocks and types of soil transmitted sound better than others. These transmitters ran in lines under the ground, and a rabbit at the other end of the line could hear a message. If rabbits knew where these lines started and ended, they could communicate between communities and each other about danger and food. But simply drumming wouldn't do. There had to be a language.

After many days and nights, Hennessy came up with groundspeak. He taught it to the town and showed them how it works. Then he drew a map of the lines he found.