Fion Online

Chapter 1:0 Prologue

It was a normal day, like every other day. Wake up, go to school, go back home, sleep, repeat from step 1.….just like that. I walked into the classroom, and sat on my seat. I yawned. I didn't get much sleep last night. Oh, I forgot to tell you readers my name, if you are reading this. Or watching this, if this is an anime. I am Kazuya Hoshimoto, a 3rd year at Hashima High School. I have black hair and blue eyes.

"Yo, Kazuya! How are you, my friend!" I heard a familiar voice calling out to me. I turn around to see Tora Ishikawa. He has brown hair and wears nerdy glasses, but he's far from a nerd. He gets the lowest marks in tests and is the class pervert. Being friends with such a person would ruin my reputation, but he's the only friend I have and is quite nice when you get to know him.

"Oh, hey Tora. I'm fine, thanks." I said simply. "Great! Wait, I need to give you something…" Tora said as he searched his bag. I rolled my eyes. "Tora, I told you. I don't want to read your stupid doujinshi." I said. Tora just loves to draw Doujinshi. And they are all definitely not safe for work. "No! It's not that…." He said as he pulled out is hand, holding a wrapped box. "Happy Birthday, Kazuya!" he said as he gave me the box.

I blinked. I completely forgot that my birthday was next week. "Wow, I didn't think you would remember my birthday. Heck, even I forgot my birthday!" I exclaimed. Tora smirked. "Well, that's what friends do, right? Well, open it up!" he exclaimed. I ripped open the wrappings of the box. I eyed at the contents of the box. It was a game. Its title was Fion Online.

"Fion Online? Isn't this a game that's being released for Open Beta today?" I asked. "Yep! It's the most highly anticipated game of the decade! People all over the world are going to play this game, even scientists and doctors!" he said. I raised my eyebrows skeptically. "What? You don't believe me? There are 2 reasons why people are so excited about this game. The first reason is because this game is where you truly put yourself inside the game. You can touch, watch, taste, smell and hear as if you are really there, just like in that light novel Sw*r** A*t On**ne. The second reason is because the game is using the most revolutionary AI system ever created. All the NPC's in the game has feelings. They can feel love, hatred, jealousy, happiness, suffering, and many other emotions as well. They have logic. Each NPC has a distinct personality." Tora said.

I stared at him. "Is…that even possible?" I asked. "Hey, we humans have gone a long way from the first ever video game decades ago, and the first AI system from even longer than that." Tora said. I looked at the game. "Okay then, I'll play it after school. You're playing it too, right?" I asked. Tora stared at me as if I was crazy. "Of course I have! I have another copy at home. Look for a player with the name 'Taiga Awesome'. That's me. I made an account yesterday." He said. This time, it was me who stared at him. "Taiga Awesome? That's the most ridiculous name I have ever heard. You're gonna attract plenty of PKers* with that." I said.

(*PK=Player Kill, in other words killing another Player. PKer is a player killer, and PKing is Player killing.)

Tora just laughed at me. "Kazuya, one thing you don't know about me is that I am the KING of gaming." He bragged. "You? The king of gaming? Seems legit. Don't come crying to me when you get PKed all the time." I said. Tora glared at me.

"Ishikawa, please sit down, class is about to start." A female voice said. Tora paled and sat down at his seat, which next to mine. The voice came from my homeroom teacher, Ayaka Tamura. She had shoulder length dark brownish hair, black eyes, with a rather large cleavage. "What's wrong, Kazuya? Eyeing Tamura-sensei again, hm?" Tora said with a smirk. I glared at him and ignored him. You see, I had a crush on Tamura-sensei for the first 2 years of high school. I gave up when I realized my efforts were futile. Tora never lets it down, of course.

"Ishikawa! Hoshimoto! What are you both talking about?" Tamura-sensei shouted at us. "Uh, he started it!" Tora said, pointing at me. "What! Tora, you bastard!" I exclaimed, only to be hit in the head by Tamura-sensei. "Language, Hoshimoto, language! There will be no curse words in my class." She said. "S-sorry…" I said. I saw her continue her lesson, without giving Tora the same treatment. For some reason, she always treats me worse than the other students. Maybe I made her hate me for some reason? Heh, that means I never had the chance for those 2 years.

I unlocked the door to my home and went inside. I live alone, and I moved out of my family's home 3 years ago when I started High School. I just wanted to live independently. I went straight to my room. I wanted to play that game as soon as possible. I hooked up the CD to the console, and wore a helmet. This helmet was part of the console. It was the part that allowed the user to 'go inside' the game itself. There were plenty of games like Fion Online before, but apparently this game surpassed them all. And none of them were a MMO like Fion Online.

I closed my eyes, and flipped on the switch.

Suddenly, I saw a huge flash of color. When all the color died out, I was in a room of sorts. There was a huge screen in front of me.

Welcome to the Character Creation Screen

What would be your Username? :

I began thinking on what to name my character. I didn't want it to be flashy, since that would just draw attention, but I still wanted to sound cool. After some time, I decided to name my character…..Lance. Don't ask me why. It just….came to me.

Welcome, Lance. What is your Race?

Human: Balanced stats

Elf: High Magical Resistance, Low Physical Defense, High Intelligence, Low Strength

Orc: Low Magical Resistance, High Physical Defense, Low Intelligence, High Strength.

Vampire: 120% stats during nighttime, High Charisma and Intelligence. 80% stats when daytime. May turn other players AND NPCs into vampires. Vulnerable to holy/light attacks.

Werewolf: The closer the moon is to the full moon, the stronger you are. 150% stats when Full Moon. High Strength and Haste. May turn other players AND NPCs into werewolves. Vulnerable to silver.

Werepyre (PREMIUM): Has the strengths and weaknesses of vampires and werewolves. 200% stats when Full Moon. 90% stats during the day, may turn other players AND NPCs into werepyres.

Elemental (PREMIUM): Has very high resistance to chosen element, but very low resistance to other elements. (E.g. a fire elemental would be very resistant against fire, but very weak against ice.)

Whoa, that's a lot of races…and there are such things as pay-to-win races too? Hmm, which one should I get? Well, while Elves and Trolls sounds cool and all….I like balanced stats. Eh, I'll just choose Human, I guess.

You have chosen Human. Warning, races influence where you start, with the exception of neutral cities. Are you sure?

[Yes] [No]

Please choose your starting class. Each of these classes 'evolve' into other classes.

Fighter: Melee class. Fights in Mid-range and close-range combat. Next class: Knight OR Warrior

Spellcaster: Magic class. Fights in Ranged combat. Next class: Mage OR Support Mage.

Thief: Pierce class. Fights in Ranged, and Close-ranged combat. Next class: Rogue OR Bowman.

Multi: Has the powers of Melee, Magic, and Pierce classes. A Multi may evolve each one separately. HOWEVER, a Multi obtains only a third of Experience points compared to others. Not recommended for beginners and casual players.

Wow, that Multi sounds interesting. Gaining the power of all 3 types of classes but very slow growth rate. Eh, I don't plan on playing this game too much, and I'm still a beginner. Maybe when I become a better player, I guess. For now, I'll just choose Fighter. Suddenly, light covered me, and when it faded I was wearing some armor, and a sword was sheathed at my waist. In front of me was a mirror, with arrows next to it. When I touched the arrows, light covered a part of my body and changed my looks. This must be where I change my appearance. Well, I don't want to look to different, but I still want to look cool. I changed my height to slightly taller than I really am, and changed my hair to become spikier. I'm keeping the blue eyes, though.

Character Creation Complete!

You are:-

Lance, the Level 1 Human Fighter.

Welcome to Fion Online!

Color once again flashed across the room, and when it died out, I was in yet another room. Sheesh, how long do I have to wait to play this damn game? However, the room was filled with players. I can see a health bar on top of them if I concentrate on a player. It seems they are all newbies, like I am. Looking around the room, I saw a rather large man flirting with some female players. It didn't really catch my attention until I saw the player's username…..Taiga Awesome. Huh. He wasn't joking then. I approached him.

"Tora….what are you doing?" I ask. "Oh, just talking to some-wait, how do you know my name? That voice…..Kazuya! You did play!" he exclaims. "Well duh. I didn't think you were serious when you said you were going to name your character….that." I said, while pointing to Tora's username on top of his character. "Oh please, I use this name on all of my characters, on all games. Huh, you don't look to different from your real self. How boring." Tora said. I roll my eyes.

"I just wanted to be honest. Look at you. You look nothing like you real self." I say, looking over Tora's appearance. He was much taller and bigger, and he now has long brown hair. "Eh? What does Taiga-kun look like in real life?" a girl said. It was one of the girls he flirted with. "Oh, he's a bit shorter than I am, has short dark brown hair and wears glasses. In other words, a wimp." I said with a smirk. Tora's face paled and the girls became angry. "Bu-but he said he was handsome and smart!" one of the girls said. "Smart? He's far from smart. He always gets the lowest grades in class." I said. All the girls glared at Tora. Heh, sucks to be him.

"Can I have your attention, please?" I voice boomed through the room. Everyone, me included, turned around to see a man on the stage. "Hello everyone. I am an in-game moderator, and I need all of you to listen to me. Before you can play Fion Online, you need to understand the rules." He said, making some of the players groan, including me. Do we really need to hear a speech about hacking and scamming?

Seeing the expressions of the players, the mod's face darkened. "Listen….I'm not going to talk about hacking or scamming or anything like that…..if you break these rules you wouldn't just be banned….you will never be allowed to use the console that you use to play these types of games ever again. You see, the helmet part of the console can recognize who is using it. If we want to, we can make it unusable for you ever again." He said. Wow, pretty harsh.

"Okay, so I was saying….the rules are about AI. There is just one rule you must ALWAYS do when you are with an AI. First, is to NEVER speak of the real world. They believe that their world….they believe Fion Online….is real. Break this one rule….and you would be permanently banned, got it? Oh, there is one other thing to remember…AI don't respawn when they die. If they die, that's it. Their data is permanently deleted. Please…don't kill them is you don't have to. Don't treat them as slaves, treat them as humans. Decades ago, before slavery was abolished, blacks were discriminated and turned to slaves by whites. The people fought for their freedom and they were freed, but they were still discriminated anyways. If you believe in freedom and civil rights but treat AI like trash….you're just a hypocrite. They're not just emotionless computer programs now. That's all I have to say." The mod said. The room fell silent after he said that.

"Okay, all of you will be sent to a random village/town/city. Let me explain. This game revolves on guilds. Guilds take control of a community of AI, but they can choose to not to of course. Guilds can become empires. There are 2 ways for a guild to take over a community. The first, the peaceful way, is by getting the majority of a community to agree to be under your rule. In other words, democracy. The second way….is by war. You forcefully take over a community by fighting them. Okay, now I have to tell you guys the story of this game. Okay, try to imagine I'm speaking this in a Narrator's voice, okay? Here we go….1000 years ago, the world of Fion was in Chaos. It was said that you could not step outside without getting stabbed twice. However, The Gods decided to save the world they made, and gave their power to a human named Shinka. He crafted a great weapon that could change into any type of weapon the user wishes, and with this blade he killed The Father of Monsters. However, he could not kill the much stronger Mother of Monsters, and instead sealed her into eternal sleep at the cost of his own life. Afterwards, the gods broke down the sword into separate weapons and cast them all over the lands of Fion, fearing it too great for one person to use. Then, they brought Shinka's children to heaven, fearing people will seek their power. And for hundreds of years, his children prospered and from just a few people became hundreds and thousands. However, due to cross-breeding with the normal AI, their powers were all but lost. They are all still immortal, with the power to come back from death as much as they want to. They are called 'The Players'. However, for an unknown reason, all of the players fell into a deep sleep in Heaven. And after centuries of decay, The Mother's seal was weakening. The monsters are getting stronger. And finally….we, the players, have awakened to destroy this threat. After centuries of sleep, we shall rise once more, and defeat The Mother of Monsters." The mod said.

I raised my eyebrow. "Wait….why did the play-er, we players fall into a deep sleep?" I asked. "Actually…our producers lost ideas by that point on. But hey, it's good enough." He said. I shrugged. "I guess so. One question: is Shinka's weapon really an item in-game? And The Mother?" I asked. The mod nodded. "Yes, it's a very real thing. Shinka's weapon is the most powerful item in-game that can be obtained by normal players. In fact….It can actually delete data. In other words, it deletes its victim. A one-hit kill weapon. A permanent death weapon. As for The Mother…she would be the strongest monster in-game. The only monster not affected by Shinka's weapon's 'Delete' ability. Well, enough of that. I believe you all want to play the game." He said. Everyone nodded furiously. "Well, very well then! Sending everyone to a random community…..NOW!" he exclaimed.


Agh, again with the flash of colours…I better show up in an area, and not another room again. I open my eyes to see me, and many other players in a field. I saw Tora too. "Hello all new players!" someone shouted. It was a man with blue hair and blue eyes, in some armor. The armor looked better than my starter armor though. "My name's Azar! Nice to meet you all! Welcome to our small village of Ezhar!" he said while pointing to a small peaceful village. "I am Azar, the Guildmaster of the Guild Ezhar's Guardians! But you don't have to treat me as if I was your king or anything, but I do appreciate some respect." He said. Huh, I like him already. I never did like people who brag about their power. Then again, who does? I looked at the health bar on top of Azar.

Azar, Level 10 Human Knight

Hmm, Level 10. I wonder what's the level cap is. "Okay, everyone! I'm sure you all want to fight some monsters. So get everyone get into a party of 3 players each!" Azar said. I gaped my mouth. Crap, I needed to find a 2 party members quick. I saw Tora rushing over me. Okay, one down, just another one to go….

…..and there's no one else. Wait, there is someone else! A girl with shoulder length black hair and purple eyes was left behind. I approached her. "Um, my party needs one more member. Can you join us…please?" I asked. The girl looked over me and Tora. I saw a tinge of disappointment in her. Damn, not even 10 seconds and she already dislikes me…..

"…Fine." She said. I extended my hand. "I'm Kazu-err, I'm Lance. And this is my friend Taiga." I said. I felt Tora tapping his hand on my shoulder. I turn around and see him with a serious look. What does he want? Wait, don't tell me…."Oh no….I am NOT saying that." I said. I saw a disappointed look on his face. I sighed. "Oh fine…." I said while looking back on at the now confused girl. "….this is my friend, Taiga…..Awesome." I said. I can't believe I just said that….

Upon hearing that, the girl gaped her mouth and looked at Tora's username, to check if it's really is just what I said. After doing so, she chuckled. "I told you that name was silly!" I yelled at Tora. The girl stopped laughing. "Hello, Lance, Taiga….Awesome. I'm Ira." She said. "Well, nice to meet you, Ira." I said while shaking hands with her.

"Has everyone acquainted with their party members? If so, then let's go!" Azar said.

And thus Azar taught us the basics of fighting. It was both hard and easy, I guess. While you didn't have to push button X or something to activate a skill, you still had to swing your sword like in real life. It was hard at first, but I got used to it later. Tora was little slower, since he wasn't used to moving in a larger body before. Ira, whose Class was Thief, was practicing her aim. She was pretty good, so she might have some experience in real life.

Later on, Azar told us to split up in our respective parties and fight by ourselves. Azar told everyone not to go too far, since monsters get stronger the further away it is from a town. He told us to run away and call him if we were to encounter a boss monster or a particularly powerful monster.

I, Tora, and Ira went to a cave Ira spotted beforehand. She has pretty good eyes, I wouldn't have noticed it.

"TAKE THIS, YA MONSTERS!" Tora yelled while cutting another slime. "Will you be quiet, Taiga? You're going to attract more monsters." I said to him. "So? They're all weak anyways. It'll just be more experience points for us!" he said. "Well, no surprise. They're all level 1 and 2, anyways." I said while cutting another slime. I was about to cut a level 3 wolf nearby but an arrow hit it dead on its head. "Wow, Ira. You have some really good aiming…" I complimented. "Thanks." She said simply. I slayed another slime nearby.

Level up!

You are now level 3

Unlocked new skill: Prepared Strike (Gather energy for 3 seconds, then strike the enemy for 130% damage and stuns for 5 seconds. Costs 15 mana)

"I just leveled up. How about you guys?" I asked them. "Same goes for me!" Tora said. Ira nodded. "I think that's enough. Let's go ba-"

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAA! HELP ME! SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!" A scream echoed around the cave. All of us widened our eyes. Without thinking, all 3 of us rushed to source of the scream.

When we got there, we saw a lion roaring at a crying girl about my age who was wearing a robe with long, blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Please…don't kill me…not next to mother…." The girl said. Beside the girl was a gravestone. I looked at the girl's username.

Aisha, Level 2 Human Spellcaster [AI]

Wait, an NPC? No wonder she was so desperate, since AI permanently die. The lion roared and swiped its claw at Aisha. I rushed there and blocked the attack with my sword. "Heh….attacking a defenseless girl….do you have no honor? Then again, you're just a monster." I said. I looked at the monster's name, and what I saw filled me with fear.

King of the Forest, Level 10 Monster [BOSS]

Oh Crap.

End of Chapter 1

Oh Crap indeed, Kazuya.

Hope this was a nice start.

Update 28/12/12- Changed some errors in the Character Creation Process. Warrior is now Fighter. and its next classes in the class tree are knight and warrior.