Three dark wispy figures wearing lion, bear and crocodile skulls atop their misty faces surrounded Jason their piercing red eyes stroked terror in his heart." Leave me alone!" Jason screamed as his mind raced with a single question "What do they want?". The shadows murmured something inaudible and closed in on Jason looking at him hungrily. Red slime leaked from their mouths as they open. Jason's instinct kicked in he sprinted this only urged the shadows to hunt him down. To late the shadows grabbed his legs as he thrashed they slowly engulfed his body. The process was painful as their teeth sunk in his stomach making him howl in pure pain. Out of nowhere a glistening light burned the creatures as they fled they screeched that sent shivers down Jason's spine. A brilliant flash of black and white blinded him.

Jason awoke in his dorm as he gasped for air as sweat trickled down his forehead. "Thank God it was only a dream." he murmured.