Since Photine the keeper of light spoke to Jason the shadows seemed to be everywhere and they pinpointed Jason's location. "Crap." Jason thought to himself as he peered through the blinds. There were at least five shadows concealed in some of the darkest places on the school grounds. They turned into a snake like figure and slivered closer to Jason's dorm once they felt no one was looking. As they approached closer Jason could immediately can tell these shadows were different than the ones that normally attacked him. They looked more hunchbacked and had longer limbs. Instead of pure jet black with piercing red eyes they had a bright vivid hue of red when they entered broad daylight and in the shadows they turned to the normal black color and they have cat like eyes that were the color of gold which seem to have more life in them than the soulless red eyes. Also, their faces were more triangular making them less humanoid.

Jason struggled with fighting only two and these shadows look like they mean business. Jason heard one of the shadows banged on his door. Unlike the normal shadow this shadow was being cautious and called the rest of the shadows and barged through the door. Jason was ready he was storing his power. He released the powerful fire and was sure the creatures would be gone. As the blinding light lifted Jason was shocked as the creatures didn't even flinched at it. The light only did a scratch or two on them. Tentacles came from the creatures' mouths as they pulled Jason down into an abyss of darkness. Jason couldn't even breathe as the tentacles wrapped around his throat squeezing every last ounce of life he had left.

Just when it looked like it was over a dark mess from behind Jason pulled him down engulfing him. Jason felt cold his skin was blue as he looked at it there was no life here only darkness. But, the creature didn't eat him it only brought him to an abandoned warehouse. It quickly got off him with concern in its eyes. Anger and fear were in Jason's heart he threw a blazing flame at the shadow. It screeched and fled as it said "Why…. you… hurt?"

Jason was puzzled why it said that "Why did it looked like it cared about me?" as that question flooded his mind.