"Only one shot… one shot of pure holy water will kill him." Victoria thought. Her heart raced as the arrow dripped of holy water. Her dark palms and fingertips burned and sizzled when she aimed the holy bow to the Shadow lord Nocturne's heart.

Billions of shadows kneeled and chanted "We are not worthy to the true lord of the shadows." Nocturne raised his long pure black claws to signal of his approval.

"Soon humanity will end and the sun will be eclipsed by the amulet of new moon under the right time." The amulet dangled in Nocturne's misty hands. "No longer will we have to flee from accursed light. We shall last forever more in a world of complete total darkness." he announced. The shadows cheered and screeched in joy.

"No you won't you bastard. I won't let you destroy even more families." Victoria hissed. Bitter tears ran down her cheeks when a memory of screams and cries filled her mind.

"Mommy! Mommy! Where are you!?" the little girl cried. Dark flames surrounded the village slowly taking the lives of the poor souls. Shadows ran amuck the little town causing chaos. The young girl ran and searched for her lost mother through crowds of panicking people. She gasped and choked on her tears to find Nocturne ripping her mother to pieces. "You're no longer more Azantha mage of light." he chuckled to himself. He saw the small child staring in horror. Suddenly he turned into a mist and circled her. "Stop it! Mommy come back!" she cried as darkness engulfed her turning her into one of those horrid monsters. "You shall be a slave to me." he snarled when she completely was turned.

"This is for you mother." Victoria said softly when she came back into reality. The arrow flew silently and whistled through the air. "Please be right into the heart." she prayed to herself.