The meeting started by being relatively civilized. I was starting to phase out of the meeting, but a few looks from Mr Stanford kept me focused on the present, or at least as focused as I could be. Most of these meetings I would just take notes anyway, and put up with the sleaze that was my boss. Now that Mr Stanford was here, along with his new assistant, the meeting was a bit more relaxing for me. Zach was attentive and took notes every second, and he used a notepad instead of a piece of technology. Another point to his amazing qualities; I have nothing against technology, but old-fashioned writing is better for me. I took out my notepad and pen, following Zach's example.

Mr Stanford was conversing with Mr Garrison about the companies' interest rates and how they were declining in terms of stock. I had an idea of what they were talking about, but admittedly I was too busy staring at the gorgeous man who was across the table.

His eyes were more focused on the piece of paper and he was listening intently to the two men having their conversation. At times he would contribute to the meeting, and his comments were spot on in terms of timing and subject. He was almost perfect, and for a moment it almost seemed like he was a machine. A really drool-worthy machine. His black hair fell seductively over his brow, and I was fighting my hand so that I wouldn't reach across the table to brush it large hands held the pen carefully, like he was afraid of breaking it. His back wasn't hunched over while writing, more leaned back and relaxed. The way that he was so focused, I inwardly shivered as I imagined his eyes focusing on me like that.

Suddenly, he looked up and caught me staring. His eyes captured mine, and I was rooted to the spot. If it hadn't been for the chair, I would be on the ground in a heap. Instead of looking back down at his paper, he smiled at me. I would have had butterflies in my stomach, but his smile was not a flirting one. It was one of care, like the one a father gives their child. I was quite disappointed, but I got a smile all the same. So I was happy. Sort of.

Mr Garisson must have noticed, because he coughed. "Miss Stevens, if you would record this next part of the meeting please," he requested, shooting a cool look at me and turning his focus onto Zach. He glared at him before continuing with the meeting. Damn, that means that I have to pay attention. I guess I did need the wake up, so I focused on the meeting.

After taking innumerable notes and running out of ink in my pen, the meeting finished and Mr Stanford and Zach walked out of the boardroom. I was packing up my things before I realised that I was the only one left in the room. Mr Garrison stuck his head back into the room and asked me,"Catherine, if you would step into my office for a word please."

"Yes sir, I will be there in a minute," I replied.

He nodded, and with a parting stare at my ass, he walked off. The whole thing about checking me out was getting old. I only had to work here for another 9 months before I could change jobs. Either that or I would have to start at the bottom again. Mr Garrison wasn't bad, because he kept everything at a distance, and only looked at me, he didn't touch me. But knowing him, he would probably want to step it up a little before my 9 months were up.

It was that that I wasn't looking forward to. The fact that he probably would get to the stage where he wanted something more from me. It was that situation that I didn't want to get into again.

I could remember Cole, how he at first he was shy and subtle, and he made me fall for him. Unfortunately, it was only a show to get me. After he made me his girlfriend, he would ask me to do things for him, or to do things to myself that I would regret for the rest of my life. He would watch, and then he would take me harder and harder as our 'relationship' wore on. He finally got tired of me, but he would still look at me like I was still his, like my body was still his playground.

I never had another guy in my life since Cole. There had been other guys wanting to take me out, but I had shunned each one of them. Their intentions might have been pure, but after Cole I wasn't sure of anything anymore. so I abandoned men in my life, and I made do with my drawings, my books and my job.

But now that Mr Garrison was in my job, I came to work everyday expecting the worse.

I packed up my things slowly, as if to delay the inevitable. When I was about to walk away from the table however, I noticed a flash of white on the chair where Zach was sitting. I walked around the table to see what it was, and when I pulled out the chair, a white feather not too different from the one I had found a month ago. I picked it up, marvelling at how soft and light it was, and my mind wandered. Why was it on Zach's chair? It was quite large, and unless he owned a bald eagle (which I highly doubted) I had no idea where the feather would have come from. I shrugged, and tucked it among my books.

I walked out of the boardroom and went to my desk to drop off my things before I walked into Mr Garrison's office. I straightened my blazer and walked into his office.

Suddenly, I was aware that the door had shut behind me. And that is was dark. My gut was dropping, and I had a really bad feeling of what was about to happen next.

I felt a hand come out of the darkness of the room, and it grabbed my waist, and I was pulled into Mr Garrison, my back to him.

"Ever since you walked into my office, Catherine, you have teased me. And," he said, having his hand trail down to my leg and finally my ass,"I don't like it when women tease and not follow up on it!"

I shivered, and I was repulsed by his slimy words. I tried to get a hold on him somewhere, but I was immobilized.

"Ah, yes. Trying to escape are we? But I am sure you don't want to escape, Miss Stevens, because I am sure that this will be as enjoyable for you as it is for-"

He didn't get another word in, as I smashed my heel on his foot. He let go of me, and I ran to the other side of the room. Not being able to see, I tripped over all sorts of things, and I must have run into the chair, because suddenly my world flipped and my head knocked on something hard. My head span, and I could feel his grimy hands moving over my body, trying to life me up on his desk.

"You bitch! You don't know how much that hurt! Well, I guess I will just have to hurt you back," he sneered, ripping off my blazer to get at my bare shoulders.

I tried to manoeuvre myself out of his grasp, but he had pinned me to the desk, my arms squashed underneath me. He wrenched my legs apart, and groped me. I tried to scream, but he covered my mouth with his hand. He pinched me and I whimpered; it hurt so badly. I just wanted him to stop! He leaned in close to my face and roughly grabbed my chin, making me look at him. In his eyes was terrible lust and greed, along with pure monstrosity as he tried to remove my pants. I struggled to keep them on, and he slapped me across the face.

"Now now, it was you who brought this upon yourself. If you hadn't worn that top," his eyes unshamedly staring at my breasts,"I wouldn't have done this."

I tried to stare at him, pouring all of my hatred and repulsion into my gaze, but he pinched me again, along with squeezing my breast, so I was left cowering underneath him.

"You dare defile this woman?!"

Light burst into the office, and the voice that came with the light was awful and beautiful at the same time. Mr Garrison was wrenched off me, and he was slammed into the wall, sliding down until he lay prone on the floor. I curled up on the desk, shivering and covering my dignity, or what was left of it. I was lifted into a pair of strong arms, and I was carried away somewhere. I didn't open my eyes to see anything: I was too afraid to look at anything. All that I knew was that I was away from that monster, and that I was being taken somewhere that he wasn't.

I heard the sound of wings, huge wings, and I felt the arms around me tighten. The aura of this man, I was sure it was a man, was calming, but I didn't want to open my eyes.

The last thing that I remember is him setting me down on bed, and soft lips brushing my own.

And wings.