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It was raining again, as expected. Adonis was finally going to be "awakened," as his Uncle Calix would say. Adonis had been looking forward to this ever since his parents told him about this sort of puberty when he was a toddler. Adonis had expected this to exciting, probably the best thing in his life.

Boy, was he wrong.

Adonis just kept on getting headaches, when he was in populated areas. At least he was glad he was here instead of his home. He would have been out in a comatose less than a second after the beginning of his awakening if he had been at home. Not to mention that it would be a lot more painful, added with his body changing.

Adonis let out a hiss of pain when he felt another one of his organs shutting down, since it was not needed anymore. He guessed that it may have been the liver, judging from the area he was clutching his navy blue and black T-shirt. Adonis wanted more than anything to complain and beg his uncle to make him forever ten. Twelve year olds do not deserve to go through this kind of pain. Why can't this awakening begin when he was sixteen or something?

Adonis sighed, turning his attention from the watery window to the grand piano in front of him. He bit his tongue to deal with the pain he was going through. Adonis took a deep breath and gently placed his fingers on the keys. Adonis let out his breath as he began to play a calm and sweet but yet eerie tune. He felt a wave of sadness when he was reminded of his mother and father. His mother taught him this song. He remembered all the stories of how his mother met his father and how his father would use to play this song for her before he was crowned ruler. His father had disappeared when Adonis was only six, after a battle. Then, his mother died of disease in front of Adonis and Uncle Calix. Uncle Calix was all he had now, and hopefully Adonis didn't lose him too. Adonis' mind drifted off as he played. He was thankful that the distraction of the piano took his mind off the pain.

Suddenly, there was a soft sigh that sounded from behind him. Adonis immediately ceased playing and spun around on his seat, staring wide eyed at the intruder. A girl leaned against the doorframe. Adonis took in what he saw quickly. The girl looked to be about a year or two younger than he was. Her wavy dark red hair cascaded down her back and her blue violet eyes stared right back at him like an owl. The girl wore a blue T-shirt with two chocolate rabbits with their ears and butts bitten off and dark wash jeans. Adonis' eyes raised when he read the text printed on her T-shirt.

The bunny on the left was saying, "My butt hurts," while the one on right with its ears bitten off said, "What?! I can't hear you!"

Adonis inwardly smirked at this girl's sense of humor. When he looked at the girl more closely, he flinched. he could've sworn he saw a flash of gold in her aura. Adonis blinked several times, thinking of how this was possible. He felt like smacking himself. No, duh. It was the Blue Moon Truce, and he was in a household of his kind's sworn enemy.

They continued staring at each other until the girl finally grinned at him.

"Hi! I'm Corentine Byrne but you can call me Cori, for short. What's your name?" the girl walked over to Adonis and stretched out her hand to him. Adonis stared at the hand before he introduced himself.

"I'm Adonis Knight."

"Adonis? That's a cool name!" Cori flashed Adonis another brilliant smile while shaking Adonis' hand. Adonis resisted from letting out a sharp gasp when a flurry of images entered his mind. His head began pounding again. Adonis immediately withdrew his hand, staring at Cori with wide, silver eyes. Cori looked confusedly at Adonis. He looked away, pretending to sweep away some long stray strands of black hair that escaped his hastily made ponytail.

"What was the name of the song you just played?" Cori sat down next to Adonis. "It's really good."

Adonis smiled sadly. "It doesn't have a name. My dad used to play it for my mom."

"Oh." Cori nodded. Adonis was thankful that Cori picked up the fact that he didn't want to talk about his parents. "Can you teach me how to play it?"

Adonis blinked several times. "Er, um, sure..."

"Yay! Thanks! It's just that song is so pretty..." Of course it is. Songs from this realm could never compare to Adonis'.

Adonis sighed softly. "Okay. So, you just start out like this..." Adonis played the first few notes, a hundred times slower than he could do. Cori played the same notes with nice precision. Adonis looked surprise for a moment before continuing. Adonis began to play at a faster pace.

Cori countered all of Adonis' swift tests by succeeding in playing. To Adonis' surprise, Cori played the song perfectly after Adonis finished teaching her. After Cori finished playing, she turned to Adonis, a big grin lighting up her face.

"Did I do alright?"

"You did great!"

"Whoop!" Cori's grin grew even bigger. "Do you know any other songs?"

Adonis smiled. Before he could tell Cori the majority of songs he knew how to play, a loud voice of a woman yelled from outside the piano room.

"Cori! We're heading to the airport! If you don't come here now, I'll leave you here and I'm sure Bethany will walk from Aurora to here to personally murder you!"

Adonis' smile faded away when he realized Cori was going to leave. Cori groaned and pouted.

"Aw, shucks... So, see you next summer?" Cori asked Adonis. Adonis was taken aback. Adonis just nodded, even though he wouldn't be here for another two to three years. "Great! and thanks for teaching me that song!"

Suddenly, Cori pecked Adonis' cheek and then flounced away with a wave. Adonis' hand wandered over to his burning cheek. He flushed deeper. Adonis gazed at the wall, in deep thought.

All he knew was that a horrible war was going to happen in the next three Blue Moons.

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