Ha! The world did not end! *victory dance*

Tap. Tap. Tap-tap.

I stared at the clock. Do I really have to wait for two minutes until my freshmen year ends?

Tap. Tap. Tap-tap.

Maybe I should feign sickness? Wait. Probably not a great idea. I'm horrid at acting and not to mention Professor Wiggins is already in a foul mood and she'll slam me a hundred times harder than usual for interrupting her hour long lecture.

Tap. Tap-

"Ahem!" I flinched when I heard a loud crack of meter stick meeting desk followed by a loud thump of someone falling. Everyone spun around to stare at the desk beside me. I shook my head and rolled my eyes at the sight of Alex sprawled on the floor with his chair on its side beside him. A black paper airplane drifted down to his head, landing perfectly. Looks like he's been leaning on his chair and trying to pick up girls via plane.

Bethany snickered, barely containing her laughter. Her brown curly locks bounced with silent laughter and her stormy gray eyes looked lighter with amusement. Her faint freckles were barely noticeable, since her kohl lined eyes drew attention away from the rest of her tanned face.

"Alexius Wright!" Professor Wiggins glared down at the poor Gothic student below her, her blood red cat eye glasses and obsidian hair (And not to mention her creepy silver green eyes.) adding to the effect of her evil eye. Alex looked paler than he usually is, fear in his sea blue eyes. His normally emo-styled blue-black hair was tousled, adding to the silliness of his situation.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" Professor Wiggins sneered, her voice sounding more feral than human.

"I- Er- Um- Hermes pranked me?" Alex meekly joked in his faint British accent. Bethany couldn't hold her laughter anymore and burst out laughing. I couldn't help but join in. Alex just glared at us.

Professor Wiggins glared at the three of us. She snarled, "Alexius Wright, Bethany Wu, Corentine Byrne! Be glad that this is the last day of school otherwise you would have a month of detention!"

Alex could barely let out a sigh of relief when Professor Wiggins snapped her head back to him. "And you. This is Honors English, not AP World History!"

"Sorry, Professor Wiggins-" The bell rang. I let out a sigh of relief as I rushed out with the river of students. I walked to the courtyard to wait for Alex and Bethany. Unfortunately, I tripped and my sketch book came flying out of my hands. I landed on my face, receiving sharp pain in my nose. I groaned as I lift my face off the ground, seeing that all of my art had ended up all over the pavement.

"My poor drawings!" I whimpered. I didn't get up because A) I'm sore all over and B)I'm too lazy. Bah-humbag.

"Woah! Look who got her nose bruised!" Alex strolled up to me with Bethany not far behind him.

"Shut up."

Alex and Bethany helped me get together all of my artwork. Suddenly Bethany gasped. I looked up again to see Bethany holding one of my pieces.

"Now, he's HAWT!" Bethany squealed like a fangirl.

"What...?" I looked at her quizzically.

"And I'm not? Gee, thanks for the compliment, Beth." Alex rolled his eyes. Bethany smacked him on the back of the head with her perfect black and silver French manicured hands.

"Don't call me Beth! It's Beth-AAAAAH-KNEEE!" Bethany pronounced her name slowly.

"Gotchya, Beth." Alex smirked.

"Will any of you kindly help me up?" I snapped in a sickly sweet voice.

"Excuse me. Last I heard, only normal friends help you we. We're your best friends, so we just laugh at you." Bethany crossed her fish net clad arms, a twinkle in her eyes.

"I think you mean 'pardon.'" Alex cut in.

"Shut up and do not pester me, Brit." Bethany said in her best British accent, which sounded more Scottish.

"I sometimes hate you guys." I got up, brushing dirt off my dark clothes.

"We love you, too." Bethany and Alex spoke at the same time.

"I still think that you guys are actually in some sort of secret relationship." I decided to push their buttons.

"Oi! We're not an item! I'd say they Beth is my long lost fraternal twin!" Alex protested in his full British accent while Bethany made loud gagging noises as she pretended to vomit all over the pavement.

"Which just makes you guys incest." I grinned. Alex looked definitely grossed out.

"Ew! Ew! Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!" Bethany shrieked.

"Do not ever mention that again, Cori." Alex sounded like he was refraining from vomiting in front of everyone.

"Aw, can't I ever just have any fun? 'Sides, I'm gonna be moving to Camden in August. I need more buddy time with you guys."

"Can't we just Skype?" Bethany elbowed Alex in the stomach. Hard. Alex yelped, "Ow! What was that for?!"

"I'm beginning to acquaint you with Sheldon Cooper. You're seriously insensitive." Bethany rolled her eyes. "So, who's the hot guy?" She gestured to my graphite drawing. My eyes widened when I realized that it my portrayal of the older version of the boy I met five years ago. Adonis Knight. I reached to snatch my drawing back but Bethany hid it behind her.

"Give it back!"

"Nah. Not until you tell me who he is!" Bethany blew a raspberry at me.

"Ugh, fine. His name is Adonis Knight and I met him in Camden five years ago." I sighed.

"Gosh. Now I have to walk all the way to Camden for you to introduce me!" Bethany teased.

"Yeah, sure. But have a nice search because I never saw him again since five years ago."

"Damn." Bethany gave me the puppy dog eyes.

I snickered. "Well, then, since that's settled, meet me at my house for Whothon?"

"Totally." Bethany grinned.

"I'm bringing chips." Alex added.

"Which kind?" I looked at Alex warily.

"Just because I'm from London doesn't mean that I always eat fish and chips! You offend me." Alex feigned a heart attack with a sharp gasp.

"Yeah, he's gonna bring fish 'n chips. I'm bringing lots of candy and spiciness." Bethany said.

"Okay. So, five then?"

"Yep. See ya!" Bethany flounced away to her ride.

"See you there!" Alex waved at me as he walked to his brother's old black beater car. I waved back with a smile as I caught the bus at last second.

From then on, I kept on thinking about Adonis Knight. I hoped that I might see him this summer.

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