She whispered her next four words with such a tenderness, with such a longing, she could only hope he understood the passion that dripped from them. "I belong to you, Vladimir..-"

He chuckled, to her surprise and dismay, smirking before leaning his face close to hers, amused. "Nico-lette.. Oh, nico-lette. Do you know what you just said?"

Nico-lette shook her head in confusion, "I want to be yours..Vlad, I love you that much..- does the depth of my feelings, and my affection.. Amuse you?"

Vladimir took her in his arms, looking at the picture of the two of them from 2-3 years before, and couldn't help but smile. He knew Nico-lette's past, her present and future simply lied with him now. "Nico-lette...-" he said with his velvety Russian accent "Ya lyublyu tebya..-"

Nico-lette was barely able to get "Oh, Da..-" out when Vladimir's lips were crushed down on Nicolette's. Nico-lette gripped his waist by wrapping an arm around it. And with her other hand she touched his face, then snaked her hand past his neck, and chest.. Where she at last let it rest.

Vladimir however pushed his tongue past her lips, the memory of their first kiss threatening to distract him. His love for her was swallowing him whole, being this close to her again.. It was madness.

Nico-lette let out a little sigh, she was in complete bliss.. Because this was who she was in love with, and had been in love with for years..Endlessly..- it was madness. Their love was madness.

Vladimir picked her up, her legs instantly wrapping around his waist just like they used to. Nico-lette bit his lip playfully as her arms wrapped around his neck.

Vladimir smirked in the kiss, and managed to murmer "I belong to you..- to you alone.."

Nico-lette deepened the kiss, then broke it, despite her not wanting to. "Say that again.."

Vladimir simply chuckled, his velvety accent again captivating and caressing her ears "I belong to you, alone."

End 3 :D