Hell's Punishment Torture 1

"Um... dude... what is this?" John asked.

"It's called a summoning card, bro." Ken responded.

The two boys looked at the red card that was inscribed with multiple black markings and had a black "D" in the middle of it. John presumed Ken got the card from some girl in class since he saw a couple of them attempting to use it before.

"So, this is really going to summon the devil?"

"Of course it is!"

"I don't believe it... I mean this is something girls do for fun!" John said.

"And? You have a better idea?" Ken questioned.

"Wait a minute..." John remembered. "Why are we doing this again?!"

"Simple, my lonely friend. To get money, women, and damn good looks!" Ken stood on top of his chair. A few students stared at him. "We're jobless and have terrible luck with women, so we'll ask the devil to make us rich and handsome! In exchange for our souls of course."

"Sacrifice my soul so I get money and women? Okay, let's do it."

"Wow, you get convinced quite easily, my friend! Whatever, first we need to pour some blood on the card..."

Upon hearing that John immediately declined. "Forget it. I'm not cutting myself."

"What?! Coward! Are you scared of the sight of blood?!" Ken was shocked to see his friend give up so easily.

"No, I just don't want to cut myself for something so stupid. If you want to go ahead."

"Fine, I will! And I'm going to tell the devil not to give you anything!"

"Yeah... say hi to the devil for me."

John return to his studies, while Ken pulled a small knife from his pocket. He, like most residents in this city, carried around small weapons to protect themselves from the thugs around the city.

John had short black hair, blue eyes, and wore the usual male student uniform of his school. A gray jacket (though they can choose to leave it open if they want to) and pants.

His long time friend, Ken, wore the same uniform. He had spiky green hair, brown eyes, and wore a pair of glasses. He wanted to wear contacts, but he had a certain incident with them a long time ago that he never wanted to experience ever again.

Ken placed the knife on his left thumb, readied to cut it, but was shaking in fear.

"Scared, aren't you?" John said without leaving his attention from his science book, he knew Ken was too afraid to do it. Ken slumped in depress and returned to his seat.

The teacher continued his speech, without even knowing the events of what was going on in the back of the class.

Hi, my name is John Travolta. Just kidding, my real name is John Evens. I call myself that sometimes because I think people will believe I'm really John Travolta. So far... no one believed me. Anyway, I'm a student at Fuki academy (Junior by the way) and an B average student. I live by myself because my parents have a job overseas. They send me money from time to time. I love living by myself. This means I can have as many women over as I want! Just kidding, I'm terrible with women. Ever since I was a kid, girls would ignore me. I don't know why. I'm probably one of the most attractive guys on this damn planet!

Okay, I'm lying. I'm average looking. There's a girl I like in class named Mika Odin. She's a shy girl and she has really nice... I mean she's also smart and is part of the track team. That thing you saw earlier was nothing. My friend, Ken Mitamoto, say this show on T.V. where some guy summoned the devil and got rich and famous. He then went on the internet and attempted to summon the devil himself just now. The result? He wussed out.

Oh, and by the way. I don't believe in that devil summoning bullshit. I mean... why the hell would the devil approach a guy like me for? My soul ain't working taking nor can I do anything for him. I'm just a normal guy trying to live a normal life. That's all. If the devil wants someone big, just get a prime minister or the President of the United States. You'll go a long way, Satan.

After school, John began to walk his long way home. It was almost night out with the sun still partially out. He knew if he walked the normal way home, it would be dark soon and the street thugs would be out and about. He saw a small alleyway nearby. The alleyway was dark and, like most alleyways at night in a crime city such as this, scary to be around in when it when almost dark. Taking his chances, he decided to venture through the dark alleyway.

"I don't have time to go the normal way home. I have to go through this alleyway so I can catch some One Piece." he thought to himself as he walked through the alleyway.

As he continued to walk through the alleyway, passing garbage cans, dumpsters, and alley cats; he noticed a small boy crying near a garbage can with a large dent in it. The boy was probably around seven and his clothes were as baggy as hell and surrounded by torns all over. He didn't want to get involved in whatever he was in and he would most likely mug him since he looks homeless, but when he saw the boy's crying tears fall on the ground, he couldn't help but see what was wrong with him.

"Hey, what's the matter, kid? You lost?" John bent down to the boy's level and asked.

The boy stopped crying and looked at John. John noticed something about the boy that a boy his age shouldn't have... a goatee. He instantly knew at that moment he wasn't a boy at all. The "boy" smirked and chuckled.

"Got ya, dumbass!" the "boy" laughed.

Suddenly, a gang of other "boys" stepped out from various locations of the alleyway as if they had been sitting there the entire time. From the dumpster, the corner, and even from the trash cans nearby. Like the other "boy", they had facial hair and scars. John was surrounded.

"God dammit! Midgets!" John realized and cursed.

The midgets laughed as they pulled out weapons from their pockets. The midget John was talking to earlier hit him in the back of the head with a steel pipe. John fell over and struggled to keep his balance.

"Some dumb idiot ya must be stupid to think ya could walk into our thrift!" the leader midget .

"Hey, I didn't know this was the Smurf village. So why don't you let me go and forget this ever happen before I beat whatever inches you have left." John threatened.

"You little mother... kill this bastard!" the leader midget commanded.

The gang of midgets attacked John all at once. John fought back, kicking a few of them in the air while receiving multiple small stab wounds and hits by steel pipes. John grabbed one of the steel pipes from the midgets and swung it around furiously.

"Back you demons! Back!" John demanded.

The midgets stepped back to avoid getting hit by the steel pipe. Using the opportunity John blotted out of the alleyway and quickly ran to the whatever direction he deemed safe.

"Hey, he's getting away!" one of the midgets prepared to chase after him, but the leader stopped him.

"Let him go. He's know not to mess with us. If you see him again... kill him dead." the leader midget said with an evil smirk on his face.

Finally back at his somewhat small house (which consisted of three bedrooms, bath, four closets, an attic that led to the roof, two long couches and a small one), John fell to the living room floor. The house was as plain and boring as any another one. Nothing really set it apart. He crawled to a drawer, pulled out a med kit, and applied medicine and bandages to his wounds.

"Dammit, why does shit always have to happen to me?! Whenever I try to be a nice guy or just walk down the damn street, bad shit always happens to me!" John cursed to himself.

He was never one to curse, but he was bloodily furious. This was the fifth time this month he was attacked by someone. To John, this was normal and occurred nearly every single day. He was skinny and had no fighting experience aside from a few wrestling matches he had with Ken when he was a kid. Thugs saw this as a chance to beat him up and take avenge of him. John always manged to slip away somehow, but not without a few scars, bruises, and cuts.

The city John lived in was populated with crime. Everyday, a news report would air on T.V. reporting a crime. Burglary, murder, updates to escaped convicts, you name it. It was hell on earth for John and the civilians. John himself always dreamed of leaving the city, but he knew he didn't have the money or the resources to do so. So, John lived in misery every single day. He done nothing wrong to live the current way he did and hated every minute of it.

John kicked his backpack in frustration and continued to apply medicine. He noticed the devil card from before falling out of his backpack. John picked up the card and examined it. He didn't know how the card ended up in his backpack, but his mind knew he wanted something from it.

"You know what... I'm going to summon you, Mr. Devil!" John talked to the card as if he was talking to the devil himself. "I want muscles! Real muscles! And I want a job! And a girlfriend! Just giving me something to make my damn life better!"

John threw the card down on the table and banged his head against the wall. He knew it wasn't going to work, but he wanted to do something to make his life better. Suddenly an idea popped into his mind. He walked to his laptop and searched the internet on "devil summoning". He

A few minutes later, the living room was completely dark. John lit five candles around the card. The candles were in a formation like a circle, not perfect one need I mind you. John bit his thumb, letting out a small pint of blood from it and pressed his bleeding thumb against the card, marking the "D" with blood.

"Okay... now for the ritual." he took a small breath and clapped his hands together and cited the lord's prayer backwards. He practiced it a few times in his mind before, but feared he said it wrong. He opened one eye and looked at the card, noticing nothing had changed.

John laughed and sighed. "I knew this wasn't real. I don't know why I even bother..."

Before he could start his self rant, the card bolted from the ground and floated in the air. Shocked, he stepped back and looked as the card turned rapidly clockwise. The markings on the card floated from the card and formed a red circle around the candles. The fire from the candles erupted into large flames. The flames entered the markings, slowly lighting each one of them up. Small embers from the erupting flames soon reached from outside the circle, slightly touching the ceiling and furniture.

"Whoa! If this keeps up, my house will burn down!" he quickly ran into the kitchen and pulled out a bucket from under the sink. John filled the bucket with water from the sink, ran back into the living room without even turning the water off, and prepared to throw the water at the flames.

He saw a being slowly standing within the flames. He could see its massive stretching its massive wings, its dark red eyes glowing from within the raging flames, and slashing its tail about. Standing in front of him was mostly likely... the devil...

Breaking out of his stare, he threw the bucket of water at the flames. The flames immediately died, leaving one of the markings unfilled with fire from the candles. The being shrunken down in size and gave a loud terrifying scream. A bright light shined from the center of the circle. John shielded his eyes and heard a loud thump sound.

As soon as the light faded, John opened his eyes and noticed a girl lying within the circle of candles. The girl had long red hair, two small wings on her back, and a tail. She surprisingly wore little clothing. A leather bra and panties. Long black boots and gloves and a red necklace that seemed to be missing an item in the center of it.

John stared at the redhead and tapped her with his foot to make sure she was alive. "Hey, you alive?" he asked.

The girl slowly woke up, revealing her dark red eyes, and rubbed her head in pain. "Ow... my head... that summoning was not pleasant." the girl said.

"W... Who are you?"

The girl noticed John and looked around the room. The redhead realized her she was and stood up to her feet. She cleared her throat, preparing to speak.

"I... am the devil! Lucfi, is what they call me! But, you may call me master, mortal!" the girl, Lucfi, announced.

John stared at her with a dumbfounded expression. The redhead gritted her teeth in anger, mostly because John didn't respond to her speech.

"Hey, I'm talking to you, mortal! What's up with you?! How come you aren't shaking in fear or bowing down to me!' Lucfi yelled.

"Okay, who the hell are you really and how did you get in my house?" John asked.

"Huh?! I told you I'm the devil! Do you not believe my words?!"

"Well... if you are the devil, prove it."

"Prove it?! How dare you make a demand to me, mortal! What more proof do you need than my flesh..."

Lucfi stopped and looked at her body. Her eyes widen in shock and she was nearly speechless. She dropped to her knees in depress.

"My... my body... why am I in this form?!" Lucfi cried.

"Look... I don't know where you came from. But, you have to leave. Go play "devil" somewhere else." John gave a shooing motion with his hand, telling her to leave.

Lucfi glared at John, making him cringe. She grabbed him by his collar, lifting him up high in the air with little effort despite their size difference.

"You! It's your fault I am in this form! I should tear out your freaking soul, mortal, and torture you for eternity!"

"Whoa! Hold the phone! How are you doing this?! Are you super strong or something?!"

Lucfi released her grip and brushed her hands as she was disgusted that she touched him.

"Honestly, this form is so small and weak. I miss my beautiful, sexy body." she touched her flat chest as if she had a larger one before."But, now I am reduced to nothing but this titless form." Lucif ranted to herself.

"Look here, Miss Satan. Tell me what's going on before I..." John stopped once Lucfi put her hand to his face.

"I have no use for you, mortal. Begone."

Lucfi's hand lit up in flames. John crawled back in fear.

"W... Whoa! Let's not get crazy here, okay?! Can't we talk about this?!"

"Sure, after I finish burning your body into nothing but ash."

A small puff of fire blew out of Lucfi's hand. Both of them stared in shock of what happen.

"Is that... it?" John questioned, felling slightly disappointed.

"I can't believe this bullshit! Even my powers are diminished?! Damn you, God! Have you cursed me?!" Lucfi cursed and threw a middle finger at the sky.

"So I presume you were going to blast me into ash, right?" he mocked.

"Be quiet, mortal! What have you done to me?! I demand you tell me now!" she held him high again.

"I don't know! I just pour some water on those flames earlier and..."

"You did what?! You fool! You messed up the summoning ritual!" she released her grip once again. "Just great! Now my powers have shrunken and my body as well! This is just great!" she kicked the small couch in frustration, flinging it across the room.

"So... are you really the devil?" he stared in shocked from seeing his couch flung.

"Yes I am. I am Lucfi Satan, though most people call me Satan for short."

"But... you're a girl?" he pointed at her.

"Yes I am a woman. What? You thought I was a guy because my boobs are small?!" she glared at him, it looked sorta cute.

"No, I didn't say that. It's just that all the stories and the bible said that you're a guy."

"Heh, go figure. Men are so blind that they must believe all spiritual beings are men as well so they can feel all-powerful. Such ignorance mortals have."

"So... just a question. Does this mean God is a girl too?"

"Of course not! God is a man. But, that is not important now! What is important is that you must pay for making me lessening my powers, mortal!"

"Weak? You have super strength and you call yourself weak?"

"Duh, my current strength is only about five percent."

"Five percent?!"

Lucfi looked at John walked up to him. Lucfi lifted up his shirt and examined him. He was definitely scrawny.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" he pulled his shirt back down in embarrassment.

"Damn, you're a pencil! Where are your muscles?!" Lucfi asked and pointed at his stomach, exactly where the abs were supposed to be.

"I... don't like sports..." John cried to himself.

"Whatever, you'll do as long as you can cook. And I'm sure you'll offer some good service for me in bed if the need arises. Though, I'm not confident of that."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"No duh, from this moment forward... you're going to become my husband... or slave with benefits to be exact."

John stared at Lucfi in disbelief. Lucfi waved her hand in front of John's face to see if he is still conscious.

"Hello? Anybody in there?" Lucfi asked.

"What the hell do you mean by husband?! Why?!" John yelled.

"Well I can't go back to Hell the way I am and since this your fault you have to pay for it by providing your body and services to me."

"Look, I'm sorry for doing this to you, but I can't marry you..."

"Whoever said this was a marriage? If I had you marry me, that would make you the devil. As if I would let that happen. I use the word "husband" as a compliment. You're really my servant, though it's not much of a difference to be truthful."


"Yes from time to time I'll allow you to soil me and to have some freedom to yourself, so you actually have more benefits than an actual servant so that's why I preferred to use the word husband instead. Unless you want me to call you "man servant"."

"No, I don't want that. In fact, I don't want any of this! Why don't you just leave me alone?!"

"Ha! You think you can tell me what to do, mortal?! You're luckily I am not tearing your body into two as it is! You have my mercy, so you better use it as a way not to piss me off! Now make me some food! And it better be spicy!"

Lucfi sat down on one of the long couches and sat Indian style. She pointed directly where the kitchen was, telling John to go there. John's mouth hung open in disbelief. His life... just got worse.

"This... this is... this is Hell's Punishment!" John yelled into the night.

End of chapter

Author's Note: Thank you for reading the first chapter of Hell's Punishment! This story is a quick write of what I have so far, but I plan on making this into a love (or torture for John) story. Please leave a review of what you thought and I hope you'll look forward to more chapters in the future!