Hell's Punishment Loyalty 1

A week passed by since our hero departed for his training with Garmr. During his absence, nothing occurred and life was normal... as normal as it could be in this story that is. It was almost like... everyone was awaiting for his return...

The angels flew around Heaven in peace. As always, nothing bad happened there and peace still maintained. However, there was a dark creature there. A dark creature who had his own evil plans, Azrael. He was staring at the earth below the heavens, looking at it with disgust in his eyes.

"Tell me, what do you think of mortals?" he asked someone behind him.

From the trees behind him, Michael walked out and approached him.

"Nothing special, just a creation from Him." he answered him. "Why do you ask?"

He shrugged. "Just wanted your opinion. Why would He created such a lesser race? Is it because He wants to know how they would act?"

"You know that answer, Azrael." Michael felt uneasy with his questions, almost a bit taken by them.

"Do we? Do we really know everything as much as He? I don't what to know the world, but I'm a curious guy." Azrael stopped and slightly approached him, standing only a foot away.

"Keep that curiosity of yours in check. It could lend you places you don't want to end up." Michael's voice tensed with seriousness.

"Why so serious, Michael? Aren't you always the calm type?" Azrael tilted his head in curiosity.

"It's nothing, just watch yourself." Micheal turned around and walked away, wanting to end the conversation.

"Oh, how is your investigation going? Found the traitors yet?" Azrael raised another question.

"That information is classified." Michael quickly shot it down.

"Come on, don't be such a sourpuss." Azrael appeared behind Michael and touched his right shoulder, stopping him. "What do you have to hide, Saint Micheal. Is it a secret that we fellow angels are forbidden to know? Or is it something from... your past?" he whispered with a devious smirk.

"It's none of your concern." Michael brushed Azrael's hand off his shoulder and left.

After he left, Azrael continued to look back down on the earth. This time with a bit of interest in his eyes.

"I know the truth, Michael. And I will do what it takes to reveal your true nature. A Saint? Ha! I haven't laughed at such a false status! Soon... I will knock you off that mighty throne of yours..." an evil smirk appeared on Azrael's face.

"Thousand! Thousand and one! Thousand and two! Thousand and three!" the hell warrior performed push ups with one hand. The hell warrior wore blue armor with red emblems attached to it. He wielded a crooked sword at his side. Oddly, the warrior looked not a hint over ten years old, had red spiky hair, and red eyes.

A small girl with pink, wavy hair and blue eyes. She wore a dark dress with red emblems attached to it. She approached the training hell warrior.

"Good morning, sir!" she gave a bright smile to him.

"Morning!" he greeted without halting or looking at her.

"What shall we today, sir?!" she asked.

"Nothing! Must train to become stronger!" After finishing his session, he switched to doing squats.

"It's been a week, sir! I'm sure you've become a stronger man than yesterday!" she attempted to drag him off from his training.

"No! I must keep training to destroy her!" he squirmed and flailed his arms about, desperately wanting to continue.

"Sir!" she begged.

"No!" he argued.

About two minutes later, the hell warrior and the girl walk around the fiery Hell while ignoring the sound of pain and agony.

"When will these horrific, evil sounds stop?" the girl asked the hell warrior.

"Soon, my sweet Claire. Satan will be slain as I have promised you all."

"Oh, sir! You're boldness warms over Hell like no other!" she gazed at him with admiration.

"It is not boldness, my dear! As a warrior of Hell, I must keep my promise!" he noted with a confident smirk. "Now, what shall we do about getting out of here?" he stopped and looked at her, awaiting an answer.

"Sir! We haven't found anything yet, but I am still looking into it!" she reported with a salute. "Perhaps we should spend the time doing something else in the meantime?"

"Yes, more training!" he yelled joyfully.

"No, sir! Too much training is bad for you! How about a bathe in the cool lava spring?" she offered.

"Nah, I prefer training." he shot her down quickly.

"No training." she tensed her voice.

"More training." he insisted.

"I'll have Garmr scold you again."

"That old hellhound can't do anything to me, not when I have Hell by my side." he scoffed.

"But, there's only two of us, sir! How can we overthrow Hell by ourselves?!" she rose the question with concern.

"Silence, Claire!" he placed a hand over her mouth to silence her, though he was much than she was. "If we continue to have this conversation, hell guards will kill us!"

Claire bowed to her knees in apology. "I apologize, sir! I am not worthy of staying by your side!" she said it all with a yell.

"Don't speak like that, my dear Claire! Our time shall come! Now onward to the Hell springs!" he walked forward.

"You mean..." she raised her head with a gleaming smile.

"To train!" he shouted with a fist raised.

"I knew it..." she sighed as she followed her leader.

The two young warriors ran off into the springs with quick pace. Two hell guards nearby, who were drinking beer behind rock, sighed after hearing the conversation.

"Those kids are really annoying." the first hell guard said.

"Ah, just ignore them. They can't do anything to Madam Satan anyway." the second hell guard took a sip of his beer.

At John's house, Lucfi was watching a horror movie. The woman in the horror movie drove a chainsaw through a young boy's body, blood and guts all showing. Camiel and Jofiel covered their eyes to prevent seeing the horrific scene.

"Come on, you guys also do this." Lucfi complained.

"Nope, not looking." Camiel and Jofiel said in unison.

"I swear, you're both a couple of cowards. If this scares you, then Hell's an absolute nightmare... well, that is what they say." she groaned.

"Satan, I will not allow you to traumatize..." Jofiel was about to finish her sentence, until she saw the woman behead the young boy, she almost fainted upon seeing it. "I... I think I'm gonna be sick..."

"Hold on, Jofiel! We'll live through this Hell! We shall!" Camiel braved her young archangel companion.

"Damn, I'm getting bored watching horror movies. And I don't feel like molesting you today, angel bitches." Lucfi sighed in boredom.

"Use our real names!" Camiel and Jofiel yelled in unison. Suddenly, the front door slammed opened. A chilling gust of wind blew into the house (though oddly it wasn't windy outside). Garmr slowly walked into the living room, his clothes fluttering along with the unexplainable wind.

"Garmr! About damn time, you got back! I was as bored as hell!" Lucfi complained.

"It is a pleasure to see you too, madam." Garmr greeted.

"So, where's John?" she noticed his absence.

"He's... changed..." he sighed. Camiel, Jofiel, and Lucfi stared at him with interest behind his words. "The journey we went on was a long and dangerous. It was a journey most men would dare to challenge. I'm surprised we made it out of there alive. John... he's not the same after what we experienced. Me, I'm personally used to going through Hell and back, but him... he..."

A figure slowly walked into the living room. The figure wore iron boots, torn shirt and pants, had a low cut beard, and was carrying a large bag over his back. Oddly, the figure greatly resembled John, bearing the same hair and eye color.

"He became... a man!" Garmr announced. Camiel, Jofiel, and Lucfi stared blankly at the new John, unable to believe at all with what he said.

"Garmr... is this a joke?" Lucfi asked.

"Not at all, ma'am. John has trained tremendously over the past week. This is the result of that very training." he explained.

"Hi." the new John raised his hand in greeting and spoke in a deep, manly tone that almost swayed the girls off their feet. Suddenly, the ground begun to shake. Monsters popped out of the ground and attacked the city.

"W... What is this?!" Camiel quickly noticed and stared out the window.

"Hell has begun its rebellion! Miss Lucfi, stand back while I..." Garmr was about to finish sentence and unsheathed his sword before John stopped him.

"Stay back, Garmr. I'll handle them." John bravely approached the monsters. He slowly walked out of his house and approached the monsters. They quickly noticed him from his incredibly amazing beard (I'm not making this up). One of the monsters, a lion, attacked John with its razor claws, readying to slice him into pieces. John simply inched back, evading the slash with ease, and threw a punch the monster, destroying it completely with no trance of its appearance left whatsoever. More monsters jumped at him, wanting to avenge their comrade. John jumped into the air, evading all of their attacks and fell back down to ground. He pulled his hand, slowly forming a ball of light around it, and punched the ground below him, destroying all the monsters in a flash.

About an hour later, John stood over a mountain of dead monsters victorious. The entire city bowed before his manliness, beard, and heroic actions.

"Oh, John! You wonderful example of a man!" Lucfi praised with newfound affection to her husband.

"Heh, no problem, honey." John simply grunted.

John woke from his dream. He opened his eyes, noticing everyone was staring at him. He was still his skinny, old self.

"Oh, hey, guys." he greeted with a chuckle and scratched the back of his head.

"Garmr, what the hell? You said he changed, but he still looks like a wimp!" Lucfi poked at his absless stomach.

"Yes, he told me to say that for dramatic effect. I apologize for lying to you." Garmr bowed in apology.

"So what did the training do for him?"

"Actually, it only took me two days to get the hang of things." John said.

"What?! What did you do for the five other days then?!"

"We went on a vacation." Both John and Garmr said.

"Vacation?! How dare you idiots go somewhere without me! I want full details, dammit!" she yelled, fully enraged.

"I apologize again, Miss. He was very convincing." Garmr apologized.

"How so?!"

A short flashback to a week ago...

"Hey, Garmr. Are we done?" John asked, out of breath from a full day of training.

"Yeah, surprisingly you learned how to control your powers in a short amount of time. Let us return to Lucfi." Garmr sheathed his sword.

"Hold on a sec! We told them we were supposed to gone for a week!" John noted.

"And? It's not like we have to be gone for so long. What else do we have to do?" Garmr tilted his head in curiosity.

"I thought we could go to beach or something." he slightly chuckled and offered him a brochure.

Garmr simply kept his serious face on despite his interest of wanting to go. "I refuse to go on a vacation. We must work to protect Lucfi." he denied.

"Want a treat?" John pulled a doggie treat out of nowhere.

"Yes I do." Garmr instantly gave in and ate the treat proudly.

"Well... I'll think of an appropriate for you two later." Lucfi scoffed. "But, now I'm tired. I'm going to bed." she walked off to John's bedroom.

"Odd, I thought she was going to beat you up or something." Jofiel said.

"Guess she's not in the mood." Camiel said.

Lucfi closed the door and slumped into John's bed. She looked out of the window, staring at the full moon outside.

"Why? Why did he have to come back? But, I can't just tell him to leave. Maybe I'm just too paranoid. There's no way my vision could be real... it can't be..." she thought to herself.

In Lucfi's vision, it was set in a ruined city. The buildings were destroyed, there was no signs of life or nature, and what was only left were skeletons of the dead. A large scent of death filled the air as wind blew harshly by the empty city. In the middle of the city lied a familiar devil.

"D... Damn..." a wounded Lucfi attempted to stand.

A figure stomped on her head, forcing her back down.

"When will you ever learn?" the figure said, looking at her with disgust in his eyes.

"W... Why? Why are you doing this?" she glared the figure through the soles of his shoe.

"Heh, this predicament was caused by you, Satan. You and only you. You have wandered in this world far too long and now humanity has to pay the price for it."

"You lie! I refuse to believe you!"

"Whenever you believe me or not is irrelevant. All you need to know is that you will never defeat me. No matter how many times you try..."

The figure wore a fancy black suit, carried a sword of that of an archangel's, and had pure white angel wings on his back. The figure's blue eyes and Lucfi's red eyes glared at each other.

"I swear I'll kill you, Michael!" she yelled.

"Heh, you shall learn your place, Satan. You will always be under my foot." Michael raised his sword and struck downward at Lucfi's neck.

Author's Note: I apologize for not updating this story for some time. I've been working on other projects and got sidetracked. This is really just an introduction chapter for the second arc, nothing more. I hope you enjoyed it and expect for more chapters of Hell's Punishment!