Just a normal night no?

Hacker layed on his couch calmly. Drinking. His hand pulled at a tracker on his leg curseing under his breath the tracker annoying him. People knowing where he was,when he was there. Watching him like a lab rat chasing cheese. Humming a silent tune contently as he sat back again. He'd just finished work not long ago. Work for the electronic store down the street.

Standing gaze blurred and balence unsteady. He turned on the heater and headed outside. The door slammed behind him as he left the building letting it heat up. His feet leading him to the park under the light of a full bright moon. Barely a sound was heard. He grinned humming a tune under his breath once more staring ahead calmly.

He soon sat upon a bench. Watching the park. The pond as the moon shone of it. Waiting for somthing, maybe someone. A daily routine. Everyone knew the man. His routine, what he'd done. Who'd he killed and why. But no one understood. Why did he wait? Hours on end. Everynight till dawn reached it's peak and the sun claimed the land. They doubted he ever slept. Yet he talked as he sat there. Slowly his mind went insane, talking to a creation of his own mind. This was indeed a normal night.


Might countine.