Maybe More Than Friends

Rated: M

Introduction: There is a group of friends, crazy as can be...but people think they can be more then just friends,there is already six couples in the group...but then there is two more girls, Raine and Emily, ….Plus, three other boys Blake, Wynter and Matty...but all of that changes when a new kid shows up...and feelings start coming out.

Chapter 1:

(Matty's POV)

I sighed, laying by the window and waiting but with a blink of an eye I looked up to see that Wynter was already there in the driveway, "mom, Wynter is here I am off to school," I called and took off out the door before she could get to me. It was embarrassing enough when she said goodbye to me without people looking. "Wynter" I smiled, hopping into the passenger seat.

"Matty," he smiled back and I jumped, still getting use to his voice. We had just gotten him out of a bad family but instead of living with us he decided to go live on his own. He hadn't spoken a lot so all of our friends where getting used to his voice. It was even rare for people to see his eyes but not for me.

"Do we have to pick Blake up?" I asked and he nodded turning the corner to his house. We seen Blake waiting by the sidewalk, looking down, "Blake come on," I called and he looked up.

"Hey guys" he said running up and getting in.

"Is something wrong?" asked Wynter.

"No my parents are just fighting again, I finally told them I was gay and my dad went ballistic" he replied, "but I am hoping he warms up to the idea."

"And if he doesn't you have us," I pointed out and he nodded, looking out the toward his house. The rest of the trip was quiet as I looked around Wynter's new car. Every once in a while I would catch him chuckling at me.

"Thanks for the ride, catch you guys later...I have to go see the nurse," said Blake getting out and hurrying off into the school.

"Well that was weird-" I started but stopped feeling Wynter's fingers brush over my hair.

"Have trouble with your bangs, and spiking the back part today?" he questioned and I flushed a light pink, nodding.

"I don't know how you do it when you do, it is so hard" I grumbled looking down, "you can pretty much do everything; drive, pierce yourself, do hair, cheer people up, and get an awesome job as a mechanic," I turned away, crossing my arms so he wouldn't see me pouting. I was about to get out of the car when he pulled me over into his lap tickling me.

"You know I would teach you any of those things if you asked, but you would have to ask your parents about the piercing thing, and I could always teach you how to drive on weekends or when I am driving you home," he replied watching me squirm around.

"Stop tickling me," I laughed and grabbed his hands. He looked down at me but stopped and pulled me up, "W...Wynter," I stuttered watching him lean closer, resting his head on mine. I brushed my fingers lightly past his bangs to see him staring down at me with those amazing, electrifying blue eyes.

"Matty," I heard him whisper then he closed his eyes, letting his nose press to mine. I could almost feel the warmth and welcoming of his lips on mine. I leaned up just a little closer, feeling mine closing in the space between them. I felt light headed when he press back, cupping my cheek softly.

"I..." I looked away feeling my cheeks warm up but he just smiled.

"Come on they are probably waiting for us," he whispered, helping me out of the car but catching me when I almost collapsed to the ground, "are you ok?" he asked raising an eyebrow but all I could do was hold onto him and nod. He held me up and carefully walked us over to the group, then sitting down and holding me against his chest.

"Whats wrong with Matty?" asked Yasmine.

"I am fine just feeling a little light headed, and...drunk, is all," I replied closing my eyes. It seemed to help a little when Wynter started to rub my back but after a while I ended up falling asleep.

(Blake's POV)

I was walking out of the nurses office holding my hurt arm, when I ran into the principal. Looking up I seen him staring down at me with those beady eyes and beside him a kid a didn't recognize.

"Blake, why don't you help the new student around since your the first one to meet him," he said with a smirk, "Jakey this is Blake, he will be helping you learn this school and I am sure he won't mind having an extra person in his group," with that he stalked off leaving me and Jakey standing there.

"It's nice to meet you Blake, but you don't have to show me around if you don't want to, I can always try to learn the place on my own," said Jakey.

"No it's ok, I don't mind but come on and meet my group so you know who you can ask for help if I am not here," I said grabbed his hands and blushing, quickly letting go, "s...sorry."

"It's ok," he replied grabbing it again and letting me lead him out side to our fairly large group. There were eight girls and ten boys including me but that would soon be eleven with Jakey, "I have to warn you though, I am gay," said Jakey interrupting my thoughts and I just stared at him a little shocked.

"That's funny, because I am gay," I admitted turning away, "and I know my friend Wynter is bisexual but to be honest I think he is into Matty, but the rest of the boys in the group are straight as a bored," I said catching myself rambling on but I looked over at him to see he just smiled, "I am not so sure about London, however," I put in scratching my head.

"Well I am not going to know unless you introduce me now am I," he grinned.

"O right, come with me," I said pulling him along out the double doors. I lead him down the long steps to the giant tree where the groups sat, "hey guys, this is the new student Jakey," I said feeling his arms come around my waist but made a small wave at everyone.

"Well since Blake is to red to introduce us separately, we shall" said Dona and I felt me cheeks go redder. Jakey chuckles and kissed my blush before giving me a light squeeze where he held me, "well I am Dona," she said ignoring the fact that Jakey was flirting with me.

"Nice to meet you," he replied.

"Nice to meet you to," she answered than turned to the group, "that is Dave, and over there is Jade and Zane, right there is Jessica and Paul with Silver and Jaeger beside them," she pointed out, and each one she pointed at, all gave friendly waves, "Yasmine and Jacob are there, up above them is Emily and Raine, then there is Jasmine and Quill, London is right there, and finally over there is Wynter and Matty,... Matty is the one asleep."

"It's nice to meet all of you," said Jakey and all of them replied the same thing, "where do you sit boo?" asked Jakey looking down atme. I scrambled to hide my red face just to hear him chuckle. I pointed to an empty spot by the tree where I usually sat and he pulled me along sitting down, than pulling me into his lap.

"Don't you think this is a little awkward, since we literally just met?" I asked in a whisper, giving him a look.

"Nah your a cutie," he replied making my blush harder. I sunk deep into his chest and hiding my face till there was a loud ringing across the school yard. I let out a loud groan realizing it was time for school to begin, "come, come," I heard Jakey whisper as he lifted me up.

"Ugh," I complained grabbing his hand again and leading him toward the school. Dona, Jade, Dave, and Zane were already on a race up there as the rest of us followed shortly after.

(London's POV)

I hurried up the stairs and into the school as soon as I heard the bell ring. I had already came in early to go to my locker hoping that I wouldn't run into Nathan, one of the most gorgeous people ever and of course my crush. I had first seen him when I stayed at my ex friend Ben's house but when I told Ben I had feelings for his brother, he hated me every since. I sighed and shook my head of the horrific memory and turned the corner in time to run into, him, Nathan.

"I...I am so sorry," I stuttered looking up at him from the ground. I immediately looked away when he met my eyes but I looked back when he leaned down and lifted me up off the ground.

"Be more careful when your walking kid," he said ruffling my hair than turning and going back to talking to his friends. I sighed and walked past them, hurrying off to class.

When I got there I sat in the farthest seat I could find away from Ben so he wouldn't throw spit wands at me. I got out all my supplies for the class and sat there remembering what happened in the hall. Nathan was never really a nice person but a bully in the school so it surprised me to see him be so nice, especially to someone like me, a nerd.

"Alright, lets get started class," said the teacher interrupting my thoughts. I sighed again and went back to scribbling in my notes about the continuing lecture. Classes seemed to go faster for it being the end of the year. However, soon came the longest class, science. Since me and Ben and chosen each other before we had gotten into a fight, I was stuck with him as a science partner.

"So, you still crushing on my older brother or have you grown up and realized you will never have him," mocked Ben but I just ignored him and faced forward, "you won't be able to ignore me for long, you know its true,"

"What's true?" came Nathan's questioning voice.

"Nothing," I quickly responded.

"Awh, is London to afraid to admit his feelings," teased Ben.

"Shut up," I snapped.

"Admit what feelings?" asked Nathan, eying me.

"You want to know why me and him aren't friends anymore, well it's because London over here has a crush on you," spat Ben and I could feel my stomach fall to my feet. I looked away as Ben went on, "that's why he is always trying to avoid you, he knows he can't have you."

"Stop" I screamed getting up and running out of the classroom. I felt tears brim on my eye lids but I wiped them away, running into the boys bathroom. I looked in the mirror to see my eyes were starting to get red rimmed and puffy as more tears came and forced there way out.

"London," said Nathan making me jump. I looked over and seen him standing at the door, making sure to block it in case I decided to make a run for it, "why didn't you tell me you liked me from the beginning?" he asked stepping up to me and wiping some lose tears.

"Because, I am a grade under you and one of the biggest nerds in the school, why would you want anything to do with me," I stated.

"Well maybe I am bisexual but everyone knows that, I don't judge a person on looks, I would rather get to know them, and whose knows maybe I think your a cute geek," he said kissing my nose. I couldn't help but smile a little when he wrapped his arms around me, "don't be afraid and let me get to know you," He whispered and at the moment all I could do was nod.

"How, your friends make me nervous," I mumbled.

"Than I guess you can hang out with me until you get used to them," he replied. I felt his stomach move as he laughed, but gentle ruffled my hair, "how about, come over tonight and I will figure out something for us to do?"

"Sounds good," I said rubbing my eyes.

"Lets cheer you up before you go back to class, I don't think you want to look like you have been crying," he commented, sitting down against the wall and welcoming me into his lap, "want to hear some stories you can tease Ben about, if he did that to me I would have been pissed, but than he doesn't know me like I know him," he laughed.

"Yea, that might be useful with him always trying to pick on me," I agreed.

"Hmm well here is one," he said and continued, "ok, I was getting to the age where I was against everything about my parents and family and things like that, so I pretty much became a rebel. But anyways, Ben was still little but old enough you would think he could dress himself, well he couldn't. One day our mom wanted him to try getting dressed on his own. So me and my friends traded his cloths out for girl cloths. Told him it was the easiest thing to put on...well he did it, and mom didn't get to see him before he went to school," he finished.

"That was the same day the whole class made fun of him for wearing girl cloths," I gasp, "I would have never thought you would have done that back then."

"Well I did and it was hilarious, mom didn't even think it was me but that was only the beginning," he replied.

"Yea, I remember your first trick on me, it wasn't much but still," I mumbled yawning and closing my eyes. I didn't realize I had fallen asleep until I felt him arms around me, lifting me up. He set me down on something comfortable before leaving me. I just laid there smiling to myself till finally, I woke up in a car.

"Where am I?" I asked myself, sitting up and noticing Nathan's car, and his coat around me. I got up, brushing my fingers through my hair, looking to see Nathan and his group of friends talking at the back of his car. He said something to them than turned and came over to me.

"Glad to see you're awake, must be studying to hard, you slept all school," he said.

"I did?"

"Yea," he replied, showing me the time and I let out a small gasp.

"I have to go get my stuff and what about all the teachers," I panicked.

"I got your stuff in the trunk and I got a hold of your parents, they said you can come home with me and hang out so your off the hook," he replied.

"Thank you," I sighed in relief.

"Come on let's go to my house and have some fun," he said. I was about to agree when I looked over and seen my group.

"Wait, can I introduce you to my friends?" I asked.

"Sure," he said taking my hand and letting me lead the way. Some looked up a little shocked, but it seemed to surprise me more to see that most of them already knew/hung out with him, "you seemed surprised," he said starting up the car and pealing out of the school driveway.

"I didn't think you knew my friends that well, and I would have thought your parents would make you give Ben a ride," I pointed out.

"I tried giving him a ride but he hates me and rather go on the bus with his friends," he admitted, pressing down on the gas, speeding faster toward his house, "remember if you ever need a ride call me," he said making the phone sign with his hand and putting it by his ear before passing me a piece of paper with numbers on it.

"Thanks," I blushed, slipping it into my back pocket.

"You ready to have a good time?" he asked and I nodded, racing him to the door. He let me beat him but opened the door for me to walk in. We went straight for his room, and stepping in I seen it was cleaner and bigger than I thought, "you look surprised once again."

"Yes, just never thought your room would look like this," I responded.

"It looks bigger because I am moving my stuff into my house, get to live there as soon as I graduate this year," he grinned.

"That's right, your a senior this year," I mumbled and he must have seen my disappointment because he lifted my chin.

"Don't worry you will still see me around and you could always visit," he kissed my forehead. He than stretched and fell onto his bed, pulling me into his lap, "now what would you like to do, Ben should be coming home soon so you might want to stay in here."

"I don't really care, just don't want him messing with me," I whispered, "and I am not sure what's in your room."

"Well look around and see what you find," he suggested. I nodded getting up and starting to look, "so London, why did you never tell me that you liked me?"

"I...I uh...well," I stuttered feeling my face flush, "never had the courage to." I finally replied looking at his x-box, "can we?" I pointed at it.

"Yea, have you ever played one?" he asked.

"No, I am not even sure how to run one," I admitted, sitting down beside it. He smiled and walked over, opening a cupboard beside me with some left over games.

"Most of my games are at my new house but choose one and I can teach you how to play it," he offered.

"Ok," I smiled looking through the cupboard and finding a fighting game, so I grabbed it and handed it to him. He chuckled for a second before sticking it in the holder and turning it on.

"I'll be right back... unless you want to come with me," he said and I reached my hand out taking his. He sniffled a laugh and dragged me along with him down stairs. I sat on one of the stools watching him get out some stuff and make snacks.

"What in the name of...whatever is London doing here," snapped Ben.

"What in the name of shut the fuck up, it's none your business," retorted Nathan and I couldn't help but giggle to myself, "now move your ass along, London is here with me."

"I am telling mom," he wined running up the stairs.

"You're going to get in trouble," I said glancing at him.

"Our parents aren't even home today. I have to baby sit Ben and when have I not been in trouble here," he stated.

"Can't deny that," I agreed helping him grab the snacks.

"Besides, Ben can take care of himself and I always have guest over when there not home," he shrugged setting the food down on the little table. He walked back over to the game and clicked a couple buttons before it was ready, "well come on, there is no need to be won't bite you, hard," he teased.

I found myself laughing and going over to sit by him. He patted in between his legs, sitting me there so he could show me the buttons and some tricks to the game. It took me a couple of tries and getting my butt kicked to finally get it. Even then I still couldn't master up to what Nathan was doing. We were about to go another round when my stomach rumbled. I looked down at it with a little blushed, catching Nathan's eye.

"Come on, I'll make dinner, Ben should be wining here soon," and right as he said that Ben was banging on his door wining, "I am going to make some food, now calm you mangina" he yelled.

"It should have been done a long time ago but were to busy playing video games with my ex friend," he snickered.

"Ben get laid and smoke some weed than you might actually be chill," replied Nathan getting up, pulling me with him. He walked out and I followed with Ben glaring from behind me.

"Well I think we should have mac and cheese," said Ben crossing his arms.

"Well I think you need to grow up but that's never going to happen," Nathan shot back. I sat there listening to them argue, staying closer to Nathan. When he was done I was dragged up to his room with a plate of chili dogs.

"I didn't know you could cook," I thought aloud.

"I can cook decent meals, but I learned this one because it was one of my favorites," he replied sitting down and watching me eat.

"You're making me nervous," I mumbled.

"Sorry just wondering what you hair would look like if I straightened it," he commented, getting up and leaving the room for a quick second than returning with his hair straightener and other supplies, "here we go, now hold still or else I am going to burn you."

I nodded and continued eating as much as I could with him moving around my hair. The spray stuff smelled like mixed candy, and when he went over my hair with the iron I could feel the heat coming off of it, especially when he dropped my hair back onto my head. About the time I was done eating he was done and let me go see as he ate.

"Wow it looks good," I said moving my now longer, platinum blonde hair around on my head. It felt softer and I couldn't get over how it made me look.

"You look like a cutie but yet sexy," commented Nathan. I looked in the mirror to see my cheeks were a light red.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"About eight, why?" he asked.

"O gosh, I have to get home before my parents get upset," I cried hurrying out of the bathroom and grabbing my stuff, "I hate to rush out on you and I have had a lot of fun, I hope we can do this again but my parents are already going to kill me."

"Here let me giving you a ride," he offered holding up his keys. I nodded and followed him out to his car. The ride was silent but quick as we pulled into my driveway and he walked me up to my door.

"Thank you," I whispered looking down.

"No need to," he said kissing my forehead and turning to leave when I grabbed his arm, "yes?" he glanced back.

"Promise we will hang out again," I asked.

"I promise," he said and added, "I will even come pick you up for school."

"Pinky promise," I held up my pinky and was happy when he took mine into his.

"Pinky promise, now get your butt inside before you freeze," he said giving my butt a smack. Blushing again, I watching him walk to his car but not before he gave me a little wink. I walked inside and quickly ran up to my room, glad to see that my parents weren't even home. I changed into my pajamas and laid there in bed smiling to myself. That didn't last long as I started to slowly drift off into a deep sleep.

(Emily's POC)

I watched my friend Raine dance around the room begging her parents to let her stay one more hour. It was already 8'o clock on a school night but she insisted that she could get her parents to let her stay. I smiled admiring the way she went from sitting down, to jumping up and down, then to pacing around the room. The whole time you could hear her parents bickering back at her through the phone. Finally, she hung up and turned to me clapping with that big smile on her face.

"They said I could stay one more hour but when I get home I have to study for an hour straight, and get my room, the bathroom, and the kitchen clean," she said grumbling the last part, "but o well it is worth it," she said joining me on the floor, "now where were we?"

"We were talking about the new kid Jakey?...I think, that showed up today and how he was all over Blake," I replied laying back. I wore my really short pajamas shorts with a tank top and no bra hoping I could get to Raine but of course she wasn't paying attention.

"O that's right, but I swear I think the new kid is gay," she stated, "I mean it wouldn't be a problem considering Blake is gay to."

"Maybe we can ask tomorrow," I put in.

"Hmm maybe," she said smiling then almost jumped as she said, "I can't believe London got to ride home with one of the hottest guys in school...I mean yea he is like a grade higher than me but London is in my grade so he would be a grade level higher than him to."

"Sucks to be you guys, I am in Nathan's grade," I smirked.

"I know, you guys have the hottest guys and prettiest girls, it's no fair," she complained.

"Don't worry, while you guys are at the top of the school next year my class will be trying to find jobs and go to college," I said, "I think I am going to stay in one of the dorms, I really don't feel like finding a house to be honest, I don't know how Nathan and them did it but I guess that's just from them being guys."

"But aren't you going to wait for me to graduate and than we can find a college and go to it together?" asked Raine, giving me those big blue eyes of hers.

"That means I would get stuck with one more year at my house but so be it," I said.

"Yay!" she cheered hugging me.

"Emily, Raine's parents are here to pick her up," interrupted my dad. I made a quick glance at the clock to see it was already 8:30p.m.

"I am so sorry Emily but at least I got to stay longer," said Raine, grabbing her stuff and giving me a quick hug before running out the door. I followed her at my own pace and waved goodbye as I watched her get into her dad's car. I closed the door when I seen them drive off then headed back up to my room with a heavy sigh.

"You still have your chores," yelled my father.

"I know," I yelled back and came back down to the kitchen. I groaned at the stack of dishes but started working on them. I knew I needed to get up and study for our finally exams that would help us get into a good college. If I didn't get the level my mom put me at she would kill me but I was smarter than I looked I guess you could say, which sometimes came in handy.

When I was done I hurried up stares and sat an my computer desk, pulling out my notes for the test and starting to go over them. That is all it had been in every class of mine, was notes. No one knew what was going to be on that test but every ones were different. They made it that way so no one could copy it, which would really suck on some peoples account. I sighed and tried to concentrate but the more I sat there looking at the papers the harder it was for me to keep my mind of Raine.

I had kept myself in the closet for so long about me being bisexual but it was bad enough that I had a crush on my best friend and couldn't tell her. Everyday I talked to her or everyday just hanging out with her and her hugs she gave me when she said goodbye, it was hard for me to hold back. There were some days I just wanted to come out and admit it but I was to afraid I would lose her or make our friendship awkward. Raine wasn't the kind of person to go for a girl, she was more into Nathan.

"You thinking about Raine again?" asked my dad. I looked over to see him standing in the doorway, leaning on the post with his arms crossed. My dad, Blake, and Yasmine were the only people I had really told about being bisexual and they tried there best to support me. Even promised me they wouldn't say anything till I did.

"Yea, I can't get her off my mind," I sighed.

"Well why don't you take break and get some sleep, maybe that will help," he suggested, "and your exams are a week away, so take tonight off and study as hard as you can these next few days."

"Thanks dad," I said watching him close my door behind him, switching the lights off. I made my way over into bed and laid down, crawling underneath the covers. I closed my eyes and started to slowly drift into a dream about me and Raine, again.

Raine had her hair teased up like her scene queen ways. It was black with two white strips going down the sides and she had that pink bow I had given her for her birthday. She smiled as she spun around in her white, cotton dress as it laid loosely on her. Her pure skin made up for the lack of sun she had, even though she was always outside in the field by her house. I chased after her but soon she got to far ahead so I tried yelling her name, it came out as a choked whisper. I tried again but this time nothing came out and I looked up to see she was gone and I was all alone as my dreamed I was falling into darkness.

(Dona's POV)

I stood there by the window, seeing Dave run across my backyard giving my the signal to come down so I opened the window and climbed out. Walking over to the edge I took a dive to the ground, rolling to my feet. I ran across the yard with Dave by me as we made our way out the back gate and started walking away from the house. This is what we always did at night for a couple hours since my parents were so stick on me, but sadly weren't very good at it. Dave and I had started this even before we were dating, and it came in handy because all the bad things happened at night so it made it where we could help.

"So where are we off to tonight?" asked Dave catching my hand.

"Mm what about the first place we kissed?" I suggested.

"Sounds good," he replied. We raced off hand in hand to the school football field and climbed underneath the stadium. I smiled and sat down looking up at the stars, still clinging to Dave's hand.

"Ready for the finals and moving on from school?" I asked.

"I guess, I am getting house this week so we can move in together and still go to college," he answered.

"You know I am going to help right." I said.

" won't have it any other way," he laughed.

"Now your getting it," I said knocking on his head. He smiled and leaned over, softly pressing his lips to mine. I smiled and pressed back, pulling myself into his lap, "you know, I have noticed a lot in just one day," I whispered when we pulled away.

"And what would that be?" he asked wrapping his arms securely around me.

"Well Blake has someone crushing on him and it happens to be the new kid, Wynter is starting to let his feelings flow out a little more about how he feels about Matty, London went home with Nathan, and Emily can't stop staring at Raine," I said closing my eyes, "I bet you things are going to be filled with even more drama when it comes to the end of the week."

"Well you noticed a lot more than me and I wouldn't doubt it," he agreed, "but than people think I am to much of an ass to tell anything to so I hear it from you."

"That's because I am your girlfriend and I try to tell you things instead of keeping them to myself, not good for a relationship," I pointed out.

"Yea, yea" he said and I let out a little giggle.