Nebula Forest

Rated: M

Chapter: 1

It was only around midnight when I went out and I hadn't expected to be out that long. Walking down a long path, I happened to trail past one of my friends house but instead of bothering to see if he was up I continued down the path into the forest. Yes, I had heard about the scary monsters and creatures that lived within it, did I believe it? no. It was just a story adults used on kids to scare them, and if it were to be true then why hadn't these so called monsters come at us or give us signs that they were actually there.

Usually, I wouldn't even be out here but my parents had gotten annoying so I decided to be bad for once and take a walk. Without thinking of course, I took off in just morning cloths I had worn that day. Black skinny's, band shirt, converse, and a little hood. However, it didn't help against the cold chill that kept breezing past me. Shivering I gave a second thought to going back but shook my head and forced my way forward. My long black hair blew from my face as another long whiff of wind hit me. It was then that I seen the sign, the warning sign my mother had told me about, it read:

Do not pass this sign, what lays beyond is something no human can handle...leave before it is to late to turn around...they won't attack you once your out of the forest.

I blinked at the sign a few times, but then pushed it aside and passed the long red line they had drawn across the path. Both the sign and the line were old and worn out, like no one had really ever dared to come down the trail. Once again, I thought about taking the signs warning and going back but something stopped me, was someone watching me? I wondered. I looked around making sure there was no one there then started walking again, that was until something came speeding pass the trees to my right. Frozen in place, I started to back up to were the line was. Looking over my shoulders I could see it was not to far away but before I could turn to head back strong arms grabbed me. Biting my lip, I turned to see a guy much taller then me, but looked to be about the same age staring down at me. I would have thought he was normal...but for the fangs that slid from his gums right in front of me.

"Hello, Matty," he mouthed, a grin slipping across his face. I shook my head not able to believe what I was seeing.

"No...," I whispered, feeling him pull me closer, tightening his arms around me, "let me..g...go," I pleaded, feeling my knees lock into place.

"I haven't eaten in years, why would I do that," he whispered, getting closer to my ear, "don't worry, I won't kill you off just yet," I could feel the warmth of his breath down my shoulder, reminding me how cold I was.

"Your so warm," I mumbled. I slipped my arms into a black coat he was wearing, pulling his body closer, then letting myself rest my head into his neck. I could feel his arms around me, softly caressing my back, "can you at least take us somewhere warm first," I breathed, blacking out right there.

Even though I wasn't awake, I could still feel and hear what was around me. I could feel the vampire lift me up bridal style, wrapping me in a warm fabric. After that, things felt like they were speeding up till it came to a sudden stop. Hissing surrounded us, hurting my ears but then that soon stopped when a deep accented voice shutting them up. After that, I had completely blacked out.

When I finally did wake up, I was in a bed with a large blanket covering me. The room was completely dark with the shades up. A candle had been lit on the side of my bed to give me light. Grunting, I lifting the blankets off of me to see someone had changed me into new cloths. I now was wearing soft black pajama pants and a matching black shirt the laid softly on my skin. I headed toward the door across the room, and opened it to a dark hallway. At the end a light was turned on so I walked toward it, tripping down the stairs to almost biff it to the ground. When I got down there, I was greeted with the warm smell of food.

"Glad to see you," the deep, accent voice welcomed. I turned to see the guy from the forest, the one that had caught me, standing there drinking coffee, "I thought you weren't going to wake up."

"How long was I out?" I asked, taking a seat on the near by bench.

"Couple days, you ended up having a temperature after passing out in my arms," he replied setting his cup down. I watched him start stacking up a plate of different foods, making my stomach let out a large rumble.

"Why didn't you kill me?" I ignored the growling, and focused my attention on him.

"Eat, we will discuss this at a later date, but for now you need to get better before you go anywhere," he said, setting the plate in front of me then going and refilling his cup. For the rest of the time, I ate in silents trying to ignore the fact that he was watching me the whole time.