Fake Smile

Rated: T

Introduction: Jakey watched him from photos,...and the more he seen the more he wanted to meet the site model Blake...but beyond those pictures...and beyond that fake smiles and modeling face, there lays the truth...but Blake wasn't the only on hiding behind a smile...not until Matty finds out what is behind Wynter's mysteriousness...and London see Nathan...everything is not what it seems..

Chapter 1: (Jakey's POV)

I raced down the stairs, finding myself jumping over the couch to make it in time to see my idol's live performance tonight. Luckily for me, it happened to land on a weekend so I was able to stay up, sadly I had to keep it down considering how late it began. With a giant grin, from ear to ear, I watched as it began.

"Jake, what are you doing up at this time?" came my fathers tired voice but I shushed him and kept staring at the T.V, "well get to bed soon, remember you are having a big party tomorrow."

"Yes dad," I replied, hoping to make him go away, he did. I gasp lightly when I spotted him in the getting ready position to start the show and couldn't help but squeal.

Let me stop there for a second, my name Jake Dylan-Leo Cameron Harrison and I am bisexual but I'm guessing you already new that. I am in love with a boy named Blake Tyler-Ryan Alexander Smith and lucky for me he was around my age but was enormously famous while I was stuck in a small little town, barely able to get a good paying job. I was about 6ft'1 in height and was "Overly fit" as some put it, but I wasn't the bulky. Like the muscle dudes you would see on T.V. I had a nice golden tan, with long brown hair that usually fluffed and swished to the side so you could see my lightly lit emerald green eyes. Everyone had told me I looked mostly like my mother but most of the time I didn't see how especially when me and my father stood together, but I guess different perspectives. Other than that, I am in 8th grade coming near the end of the year and 14. It wouldn't be to long till I would be getting picked on in high school, which in our school was torture. For now though, I was snuggling up in my favorite shirt with a blanket and pillow on the couch still full from lunch so I didn't bother to get snacks.

"We first like to welcome Jeffery Star!," announced the lady. This time she wore a little more skin showing of a dress but the famous boys showed no interest, it being that they were all gay, even Blake.

"Well hello my stars, and haters," Jeffery freely took the mike from her hand and started pacing his/her way down the stage.(Jeffery Star is both genders If I am correct), "I would first like to recognize my favorite family member but not my only," he/she sassed, then was accompanied by his/her brother.

"I am so happy to be here, especially with this amazing person, you guys like have no idea," and just like Jeffery there was a gay feminine tone in his voice.

"Thank you darling," Jeffery responded with a fanning of his/her hand then leaving it to rest in a sassy position on his/her shoulder, "but that is not it, we are introducing the new and famous Blake you guys just adore."

I jumped up and down cheering a little bit to loud, I could hear my parents tell me to shut up from the stairs. I quieted down and looked back at the T.V while holding my knees to my chest. Tonight Blake was wearing leather pants, sparkle gray loose shit, with a black leather jacket, and some jewelry to top it off. His hair was done in the same emo style cut it had been but instead were sparkles that made a glint of shimmer in the light.

"Hello everyone, I am so touched to be here but I couldn't have gotten here without all of you, so tonight I decided to donate my performance to everyone here and watching," he said and I could feel myself grinning like an idiot at the screen.

"Lets get this show on the road," interrupted Jeffery snapping his/her fingers. Blake handed over the mike to him/her then they all three found themselves getting ready in there dancing poses.

The only thing that happened at first was the fact that the lights went out. However that changed in a flash before our eyes as Jeffery started to sing with Blake and his favorite family member joining him. I could see that there were millions of dancers in the background that easily flowed through there part with the beat of the music. I sat there anxious to listen to Blake sing and when he finally did I couldn't help but mouth the words. The part was soon stole from him but they all ended the song "Beauty Killer" together. Clapped, cheering, and whistling occurred in the crowd and names were being shouted out, mostly Blake's. Smiling I watch the rest of the show at ease, letting my eyes wonder and look over his perfect body but that was soon interrupted by the T.V being turned off.

"Son, it is time to go to bed, I am sorry and I understand you like him but it's already past twelve," my mother instructed. I nodded and started up my room with her keeping a close eye on me.

"He is so amazing," I mumbled to myself, remembering the way his body curved and flowed while the music played, the only bad thing is Jeffery kept trying to steal his part but instead ended up being smoked.

It didn't take me long to daze off into another sleep filled dream about Blake. For me however, the dreams were never enough or long enough. I sighed and finally opened my eyes to see it was almost 8:30 in the morning. My birthday party was going to start in an hour and I had yet to get anything ready. I quickly pushed myself off the bed and ran down stairs in time to see my mom was done with breakfast and bother were finishing decorating the house for my 15th birthday.

"There is our big boy, how does it feel to finally be fifteen?" asked my father, spotting me at the stairs.

"Well I feel a lot bigger now," I laughed and went over to help him.

"No you go eat first then you can help," my mom shooed me back to the table. I sat down and starting eating the big breakfast meal she made for me. I was only able to eat half before I had to pick it up and put it away for later.

"I am going to go start outside," I yelled to my parents, rushing out before they could stop me. I first started with the fence and was almost done but then my father came and took my place so I went inside to help but mom shooed me to go get dressed and answer the door for the guests.

I took a quick shower, then using the blow dryer, it did its normal poof, making it to where I had to brush it to one side. I then picked out me a shirt with my idol on it of course and a pair of tan brown, flannel, jean shorts that sagged to my knees even with my belt. I slipped on some socks and my black ankle high converse before grabbing my wad of bracelets and sliding them on my wrist. I didn't bother checking to see how I looked in the mirror but head down the stairs just in time for someone to knock on the door.

"Hey Wynter, Matty," I said letting my friends step in.

"Lets get this party started!" cheered Matty beginning to dance but then stopped, "where is everyone?" he asked.

"You guys are the first to arrive," I replied laughing, "but it looks like the others are here now," I said seeing the group start to run up to the steps.