Chapter: 5

"Well I guess your little super star friends weren't lying, you do have a boyfriend," commented the man.

"Is the plane ready to go, this flight is going to take a whole day or night, and I don't have time to mess around," he said.

"Right here," his manager replied, stepping aside to see the big private plane we would be taking, "your stuff is already packed so all you have to do is give the captain of the plane directions and you will be on your way."

"Lets go Jake, we don't need to waist anymore time," Blake looked over at me, and gave me the face to start moving up into the plane and he would follow, I did.

As I got on the plane I watch him argue with his manager then finally make his way up the plane and join me. Taking my bags he went to go put them away while I went up to the front and gave the captain directions that I rewrote on a piece of paper. When I came back to the main part of the plane I seen it was a little different then a normal plane, not as much seats and throughout the the plane was almost like a house. Blake was in the back laying down and looking out the window when I found him, my stuff must have been put away in one of the cupboards.

"What went on with the manager?" I asked.

"Nothing," he said quickly, jumping a little.

"It looked like you guys were arguing," I added.

"We were but it's nothing to worry about," he replied and got up. "We never ate lunch," he said, changing the subject, "come on I will show you our personal kitchen," he cheered, "there would be servers but since no one is allowed to know I am coming with you we had to keep the amount of people knowing at a minimum."

"Is that what you were arguing about with your manager?" I asked, trying to get back to that. He stopped, continuing to look away as he grabbed a couple plastic plates from the kitchen cupboard.

"Part of it," he finally said. "What would you like, we have a lot of sandwich making stuff but that's only because they don't want us doing actually cooking for the safety of the plane," he walked over the fridge and started pulling stuff out.

"That's fine," I said, watching him.

"What kind would you like?" he asked, finally looking over at me but then having to look away again.

"Surprise me," I replied, walking over to him and hugging him from behind. I watched a smile creep across his face as he began making the sandwiches. "You like me holding you, don't you," I teased.

"I feel protected and safe when you hold me," he replied, a blush over taking his cheeks. "I didn't think I would ever fall in love with a fan the way we did," he looked down, "at first it was about looks, you were cute and I wanted you," he bit his lip, "then I got to know you, and now it's more than just that."

"Same here, before I liked you because you were sassy and could sound good but now that I can get to know you, you are way better being yourself," I kissed his forehead and helped him make the rest of the sandwiches.

"Come on I have the perfect place for us to sit," he said taking my hand and leading me to a little table that was in one part of the plane. Here we sat down and started eating and for some extras he brought us each a small bag of chips and a little salad with ranch.

"This is a nice plane," I complimented.

"Yea, I love it," he replied, looking over it, "sometimes I get lonely traveling alone though, my manager has his own plane so he doesn't even bother coming on with me and I would ask my friends but...they are to busy with their own schedule."

"Well, you can ask me to come with you any time as long as it doesn't interrupt my schooling then I am sure my parents will be fine with it," I said.

"I would love that, you're the first fan that won't come up and try to kidnap me or rape me," he giggled, "but then, I still have to be careful."

"Don't worry I understand," I replied, making him smile. For the rest of lunch we stayed quiet and finished off out food as I dug into the last of my salad. Blake kept wandering off in his own thoughts and I often had to bring him back to earth.

"Wotcha wanna do now," he yawned.

"Sounds like someone needs a nap," I commented.

"No," he said, "I just needed a big breath."

"Sure, that was totally what that was," I laughed and he just smiled, standing up.

"I guess I wouldn't mind a nap but what are you going to do?" he asked.

"Come on, I will go take one with you," I grinned, taking his hand and was about to walk when the plane must have hit an air bump or tried to dodge something because me and Blake both landed on the floor. He laid over me, his lips accidentally pressed to mine.

"I am so sorry," he said pulling away and crawling back. The whole time he had one had cover his mouth as his eyes began to water, he looked at me with a scared look.

"Come on, it's OK," I stood up and walked over to him. He let me wipe his loose tears then pick him up, "accidence happen."

With that he nodded and we went to the back of the plane where we laid down. It didn't take long for either of us to fall asleep but about half way through the nap I could feel Blake moving closer to me till finally I ended up waking up and lifting him on my chest where he cuddled closer. Kissing his forehead I covered us up and fell back asleep. Hoping we would wake up in a couple hours I was surprised to see we had slept through the trip and woke up right as we arrived at a private building and there stood my dad.

"Jake, what is going on," asked Blake groggily, still clinging to my chest.

"Wake up love," I whispered, "we are here." He groaned as he felt the plane start to go down and we both hand to grip onto something so we wouldn't fall forward. When the plane finally landed I pulled a tired Blake up with me.

"I don't want to get up," he pouted.

"Come on, we are here," I brushed him off, "the car is not to far away and I will let you sleep in my lap," I offered.

He nodded and rubbed his eyes as he took my hand and let me lead him out of the plane after grabbing my stuff. I kissed his forehead then started on my way to my dads car, there he kept quiet when he seen Blake and popped the trunk for me to put my stuff in. Once I did, I put Blake in the back, covering him with a small blanket and giving him a mini pillow to sleep with as I hopped in the front. As dad started driving we listened to the soft sound of Blake snoring, not even bothering to turn on the music.

"So, how did you end up with a famous super star in our back seat?" asked Dad, finally breaking the silence.

"He thought I was cute so he pulled me out of the signing and made me sit with him, then right around his break we went and watched the last band I wanted to see," I replied, "we ended up having our own little night and fun this morning before we came here."

"Sounds like you had an adventure of your own," he replied, "your mother still doesn't believe you when you messaged us saying you had Blake with you."

"Who would, it's not often you end up with someone famous in your back seat," I replied and he laughed. "However these past few hours have really opened my eyes, Blake is an amazing person in general, I really do enjoy him for him and not just what he does for a living."

"Good to hear, I bet he is happy to have a friend who just doesn't think of him for his money," he said.

I nodded and looked back at Blake, still sound asleep. When we got home my dad grabbed my stuff and I picked up Blake. Together we went into the house to see my mom had made a feast for our return and froze when she seen the famous super star asleep in her sons hands. Before things could get to out of control I hurried up to my room, dad following shortly behind. Dropping my stuff at the door he went down stairs and I could hear the cheering from my mother as she exclaimed excitedly about Blake being here.

"What is going on?" he yawned and sat up on my bed.

"We made it," I said looking over at his stuff mixed with mine. He yawned again but got up and started stretching, stopping when he smelt the sent of food, in return his stomach rumbled.

"Who is cooking?" he asked.

"My mom, come on I am sure she will be glad to meet you," I said and took his hand but stopped and lead him over to the mirror. Grabbing my brush from my bag I went over his hair before we went down and joined my family for dinner.

"There are those boys, please sit down and start eating before your food gets cold," she rushed us over to our chairs where we sat down. I watched as Blake started digging into my mothers food, stacking his plate before digging in. I did the same but kept glancing over at him to make sure he was ok.

"Thanks for dinner mom," I said and was about to go upstairs with Blake when she set smoothies out in front of us. Blake smiled and sat there slowly drinking his. Me I just rolled my eyes at my mom and slurped it down.

"You boys still hungry?" she asked.

"No, thank you though," Blake hiccuped then looked over at me.

"Come on, it's time I show you how to be a teenage boy," standing up I stuck my hand out and watched him take it. We walked up there stairs both groaning as we realized how much we ate but glad when we made it to my room.

"This is so cool, so far, I never had homemade cooking before," I squealed.

"Well that's my mother for you," I laughed watching him run around my room. Checking out my closet and the different cloths I had, even pulled out my shirt of him and gave me a look then returned it.

After that he went over and poked at my x-box before standing up and running to my personal bathroom and going through to see what was in there. Finally when he was done checking out my room he went out. I ended up chasing him around the house, pointing out the different rooms in it and showing him our back yard. The whole time he looked at everything in amazement till finally there was nothing else to see and we were back at my room.

"Well that's my house," I breathed.

"It's amazing," he smiled.

"Ready to act and do normal teen stuff now?" I asked.

"Yes," he grinned. I just smiled and decided to start with my x-box first. Taking his hand I lead him down and together we sat down on a giant bean bag and I handed him a controller.