Family Is Forever

Rated: T

Introduction: Nothing will change how he feels about his kids, ….ever since the first day he laid eyes on them he knew, that there was no way he couldn't be separated from them...even with there ups and downs...all he could think about was there happiness.

Chapter: 1

I sighed on the brink of giving up again, my health had gone back down in the week, and my wife and I were arguing again. Of course no one had noticed because we had kept it down for the sake of the kids, but then the only reason we had tried getting along was for the kids. It had worked for quiet a while, we were now going to have another pair of twins on the way. I already had twin daughters Sam and Kate, then a son Oliver but it never bothered me, the fact that I would have another kid, another little me or someone I can look at and remember Summer's face. It was the day I had purposed to her that she found out we were going to have another kid, and only when it was time to have the ultra sound did we know we were going to have another pair twins. She hadn't been very happy but yet she wasn't upset or sad, but being pregnant had really darkened her mood. Me being me, I had tried to cheer her up but did a dumb-ass move and pissed her off. Finally, we agreed that we should take a break and I would pay for her to go and relax, be a teen again, till she was better relaxed to come back. I now sit in my room, with my pipe and a couple bottles of beer.

I took a hit of my pipe, holding it in for a minute, then letting it out. I could feel myself start to relax a little more, it felt good to finally do this again. I stood, walking over to the window and taking a couple more hits. Finishing off what was left of it I grabbed a beer and walked out of my room, making sure my kids weren't awake, then headed toward the door.

It was a cold night, the wind has started up and everything was blowing everywhere. Not a lot of people were around but I would only be out for a little bit, then had to come back in case one of my kids woke up. I shoved my beer into my right pocket, and my pip in my left before walking over to my motorcycle. It started up easily, and smoothly pulled out of the driveway. It was brand new so I wasn't sure how it ran or even if it would run right. Luckily for me, it was a smooth ride and I was able to speed past red lights and stop signs till I got to my favorite spot at the park.

I walked over to the spot where I always sat when I was trying work things out but instead of thinking, I let my thoughts wonder as I opened my beer and pulled my pipe back out. I didn't have a lot of days like these every since my kids had been born but then I never wanted to be separated from them. It seemed there life was in fast forward but there wasn't a rewind button or a slow down button. I always had one of my kids if not all by my side. I slapped myself in the head for thinking like that again, I was suppose to try and get things off my mind but it was no use...they were always on my mind.

Getting back up, I took the last swig of my beer and one last hit of my pipe before starting to walk back to my bike. Knowing Sam, she would probably be waking up soon because of another nightmare and since her mom isn't there and I am the one she usually wakes up for, I had no choice but to be there waiting for her. I sped down the blocks toward my house, pressing down on the gas a little more till finally I spotted my house. However, before I could get there a car came out of the curb barely hitting me but enough to make me lose control and crash the bike.

Everything happened in a flash, and I was in air, till I hit the ground with a loud CRACK! Pain soared from my shoulder and down through my body. I could feel blood oozing from different open wounds. Taking a deep breath, I tried to get up off the ground, grunting I stood. It only took second before the people that had hit me came running to my aid. I bit my lip, holding in the pain and looked up to see them staring at me.

"Sir I am so sorry I didn't mean to hit you, I am just learning how to drive," there was a teen girl, not more than I would say fifteen. She had a worried expression on her face, probably more concerned that she could get arrested and go to jail.

"Lizzie, go get back into the car I will handle this," came an older woman's voice. The girl named Lizzie nodded, and turned, giving me one last glance before she ran for the car, "I am sorry about this, if you would like we really need to get you to a hospital, do you know where your parents are?" the woman turned to me and asked.

"No, I am already married with a family," I said and as I did, a voice I knew only so well screamed dad, "Sam," I whispered.

"Who?" asked the woman.

"Daddy," came Sam's voice but closer this time. I turned and bent down right as she came hopping into my arms.

"Sam, what are your doing out here, I thought I told you and your sister to wait for me at the house if you seen I wasn't there," I whispered, stroking her tiny cheek to see she had been crying.

"I had a nightmare, that you died and when I woke up and didn't see you in the house waiting for me I thought it had come true," she squeaked, letting out a small hiccup.

"O hun no, I would never leave you guys like that," I spoke. She nodded, cuddling her way to hide into my neck. I held her close, softly rubbing her back to reassure her.

"Is this your daughter?," the woman asked, and I gave a light nod. I could feel Sam start to slowly drift asleep again, but I had to get her home and changed, knowing that she had probably wet the bed in the process of her dreams.

"If you don't mind, I have to go and take care of her," I said not even waiting for a response. I walked over, using one hand, to flip my bike back up and lead it into out garage. After parking it, I turned to see the woman still standing there, watching me closely till finally she turned and left. I sighed, glad to see that was over with and went into the bathroom to see what the damage was.

"Daddy, who was that scary lady," piped Sam.

"Just some random stranger coming to be a bug," I replied setting her down on her bed.

"Daddy...," her voice became soft, "I wet the bed." I could see the worried tears brimming in her eyes, she knew that she had been waking me up every night for this but she didn't understand that I didn't care how many times she woke me up as long as she was ok.

"Baby girl, I will be right back and we will give you a nice bubble bath and I will get your sippy and set your cartoons up," I said, getting on one knee to almost match the height of her sitting on the bed.

"Ok daddy," she smiled. I kissed her forehead then got back up and went into the bathroom to see what damage had been done.

When I looked it wasn't to bad, there was a long cut across my cheek which I just bandaged over. On my leg there was a road burn all the way up it but there wasn't much I could do but wrap it and change into my night cloths which consisted of only plaid pajama bottoms. I had grown use to sleeping with my shirt off since the girls like to warm up with my body heat, and I had never really wore socks in the first place. After fixing myself up, I walked back into the girls room to see Sam huddled up on her bed.

"Dada," she giggled, holding her arms up. I couldn't help but smile and lift her in my arms, "bubble bath?" she asked, making her voice squeak like it always did when she was trying to be her sweetest.

"Yes, then we can snack out and watch the teletubbies," I smiled, lifting her up into the air. She smiled, playfully kicking till I brought her back down, close to my chest, "alright you ready for this, I am going to get the water ready but you have to undress yourself."

"I got it daddy," she gave a big grin and started jumping up and down when I had set her down, "and whoever wins gets to choose the snack," she cheered.

"Your on, my little munchkin," I laughed, letting her get a head start but then taking as much time as possible to get the water going and add the bubbles. By the time I was done she was trying to climb into our big tub.

"I win," she gasp, still trying to fight her way into the tub without using the stairs. I lifted her up and over into the water, letting her splash herself around for a minute.

"We have our winner, there is no way I could ever beat you," I exclaimed.

"Because I am speedy," she squeaked again, but covered her mouth.

"Yes you are, adorable," I chuckled, giving her a peck on the head before turning to go get her some cloths. I was about to go to her room when I decided to just let her wear one of my big shirts, even though, she practically dragged it around when she walked and I had to roll up the sleeves for her to use her hands.

"I get to wear daddies shirt!," she gasp cheerfully, covering her mouth with her little baby hands.

"O my you do," I copied her, letting out a big gasp.

"Daddy your silly," she giggled, starting to swim around in the bubbles. I just grinned and roll up my pant legs, so I could go over and start washing her hair, "daddy look," she pointed at a long piece of bubble on her lip, "its a mustache," she threw her arms up in wonder.

I put my hands on my cheeks, "don't you think its about time to shave that think off, I don't want a hairy daughter," I said in a gruff, but playful voice. She giggled again but nodded, using her finger to cut off the mustache.

"Tada!" she clapped.

"Marvelous," I clapped back, getting up and walking over to the edge of the tub, "now my Sam, lets get you scrubbed up nice and clean for your next act."

"Ok dad," she smiled. I sat by the tubs edge, barely sticking my legs into the water so my pants wouldn't get to wet and started to wash her hair while she scrubbed her body. I had remembered when I was the one doing all this, before she could speak or before she could even hold her head. However, she had grown this past year and so had her sister Kate, and Oliver her brother. Sam and Kate were soon coming up on there second birthday...but sometimes I wish I could just rewind to them being there tiny little selves.

"Are you ready to get out or do you want to play for a bit," I asked her, but my question was answered when I turned and see her waiting for me to pull her out. I wiped my hands off, then grabbed a big towel, wrapping her in it, and pulling her out into a huge hug.

"Daddy," she grinned, shivering closer to me. I kissed her cheek, then grabbed her cloths, walking back into my room. There I sat her down and started drying her off. I put her in a pullup and slipped my shirt on over her before picking her up and setting her down in Summer's makeup chair as she puts it.

"Ready for this," I challenged. She nodded with giggling and the kicking of her feet. I stuck the blow dryer in, and went over her hair using a brush to run the blow dryer over it, so I couldn't get it in her face. When I was done, her hair was mostly straight but the curly cues at the end, "want me to straighten it my love?"

"Yes please," she smiled and watched me plug it in. It took a couple seconds to heat up but once it did I quickly went over her hair, pinning it up into a simple braid when I was done. The braid was a french braid all around the edge of her head so her hair could be down but out of her face.

"Alright, lets go get us a snack," I chimed, allowing her to hop on my back then climbed up on my shoulders. After a couple minutes we decided on peanut-butter-jelly sandwiches, "I will be right back girlie," she nodded, more into her cartoons, and drinking on her sippy cup. I walked back to her bedroom and cleaned her bed of, sticking her wet sheets and covers in the washing room. I then went to my room and grabbed a simple but blanket for us.

"Dad I am cold," she pretend to shiver.

"Don't worry, daddy is here to make it all better," I said, letting her climbing onto my lap, cuddling there and still continuing to suck on her sippy. I threw the big blanket around us, holding her up onto my chest so we could both be covered.

I sat there watching the teletubbies, still listening to see if Kate or Oliver would wake up before I got Sam back to bed. Luckily for me, she started slowly passing out and I was able to carry her back to my room and lay her under the covers on her moms side. Setting her sippy cup on the bed side table, I watched her make herself comfortable and stretch out under the big blankets. I would have gotten into bed, but knowing Kate she could be awake but to scared to come get me. Giving another fatherly sigh, I walked back into there room and surely enough, she was looking up at me with scared beady eyes.

"Kate what did I tell you about coming and getting daddy when you are scared," I mumbled, walking over to her bed. She reached her arms up and let me lift her into mine, letting me notice she was a little wet to, "come on you, we need to get you cleaned up."

"Yes daddy," she whispered, resting her head on my shoulder. Usually she had gone to her mom for this, but since Summer wasn't here they were relying on me. I got the water heated up for her and put a little of bubbles in there, unlike Sam, Kate wasn't much for more bubbles then water in her bath. She had been picky since the days she as born just like her mother.

"Is that good for you?" I asked her, helping her stick her hand in there and watch her nod. I set her back down and watched as she raised her arms up, waiting for my to help her get undressed. I slipped her little night gown off, then helped her step out of her pullup before helping her up the steps and down into the tub.

"When is mommy going to be home?" she asked, look down at the water while she said this. I could tell she already missed her.

"Soon, princess," she smiled at her nickname, "now lets get your cleaned up like one," she nodded letting me start to scrub her hair then had me help scrub herself. Sam was always trying to impress my by doing things on her own but Kate was the type to try and get you to do things for her, not so much like her mom but in a way.

After getting her scrubbed up, I wrapped her in a towel and carried her into my room. There I dressed her in one of my shirts, fresh pullup, and redid her hair in fresh curls for bed. She didn't bother for a snack but had me refill her sippy cup, and tuck her in beside her sister on my bed. I turned the t.v on in my room and let it play softly till she fell asleep. Meanwhile, I had gone through and started picking up our midnight mess to see it was almost 4:00am in the morning. After, getting the rest of the bathroom cleaned up I went in there and laid down.