In A Dungeon Bellow

Rated: M

Introduction: My father was a police officer and this would be my first time going into a crime seen with him, they said they had searched the whole building so we wouldn't find anything to bad...but they were wrong...after deciding that the missing boy was no longer there they went searching somewhere else...but I found him chained up against the wall...bruised and naked, in a secret dungeon bellow the house...

Chapter: 1

Another moan escaped my blood filled mouth as my father penetrated into me. His pleasured panting filled the room we were in. My arms hung limp from the chains that locked them to the wall, and the bruises that swelled from my eyes made it hard for me to open them. Pain soared through my body as the runny liquid, dripped down it. With another hard thrust, his warm liquid filled me again before he pulled out and walked away but not before knocking my in the chin. I just laid there, being used to this kind of abuse all my life. It was all I had been used to so I wasn't sure if there was anything better. Just as I did every time he finished, I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I wasn't sure how long I was out or what was going on but I heard the creaking of the stairs and guessed he had come down for some more.

"Hello," came a voice I didn't recognize. I leaned my head toward the voice, only to get a low gasp before the pattering of feet got closer. Even though I couldn't see, I felt the boys presents near me, then felt his hand trail down my cheek. I just kept looking up at where I though he was. "Don't worry," he whispered, "I will get you out of here."

With a determined will, I heard him set something down then start digging through it. Then the softness of his hand was on mine as he started working out the locks that kept me imprisoned against these walls. My hand was soon freed and dropped to the ground, it took all my strength to move it around my knees as I curled into a ball. Then suddenly my other hand was free and the boy was pulling me to him. Being used to the way I lived, I tossed myself at him to be accompanied by warm soft lips. Feeling a little drunk from the kiss he caught me in his arms, starting to peal something off so I could feel the bareness of his chest.

"Here, can you put this on," the voice whispered, but as I tried to open my eyes and look at him I was unable to.

"I can't see," I mumbled, bringing my hands up to my eyes and starting to panic. Tears started to stream down my cheek as I tried to feel for my surrounding but only found the boy who sat in front of me.

"Don't worry, I got you," he cooed, sliding a warm fabric over my head and helping me get my arms through the holes. I just let myself go limp while he put something else over me, then picked me up and carried me out of the room.

After that things became a blur as a wave of something cold greeted my skin, making me move closer to the heat of the boy. There were several gasp around us, then things sped up and radios were being spoken into and the sound of sirens were hurting my ears. However, the one thing that caught my attention the most was the wet spots dripping down and hitting my face. Reaching up I found the boys wet cheek, fresh with...tears.

"Why are you crying?" my voice cracked as I tried to wipe the tears away, but they just kept coming.

"I can't get over how someone could be treated so cruelly like this," he replied, giving another fresh trail of tears that I struggled to wipe away. There were admiring "awes" around us, as I tried my best to lean up, having to have him help me.

"Please don't cry for me, I don't deserve it," I said, finding his cheek with my hand, then leaning down and kissing it.

"Yes you are, you are just as equal as anyone else here," he cried. Another flood of tears met hand as I continued to brush his cheek, "how could someone be so cruel," he mumbled.

"Son, it is going to be OK," came another voice, getting louder as it approached us, "the ambulance should be here soon so you can hand him off to them, then I am taking you home." At the word "home" I found myself locking my arms around him and begging him not to leave me. He was the first person to ever show me something better and I wasn't sure about anything else. He was my hero...

"Dad no, I can't leave him," the boy replied.

"Jake I don't have time for you to do this to me, you know the rules," the other man proclaimed.

"Jake," I giggled, catching there attention, "Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake," I kept repeating, liking the way his name rolled off my tongue.

"What goofy butt," he chuckled, nuzzling at me.

"I like your name," I purred back, "my name is Blake, I think. Or that's what my parents had always called me before," I said, letting my forehead fall onto him.

"Well I love your name Blake," he kissed my forehead, getting a squeak out of me, "Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake," he sang, giving me a little chuckle.

"Silly," I giggled again, unable to help but smile.

"The ambulance is here," the man whispered.

"Blake, I have to let you go right now but I promise I will be right back with some stuff for you," he said, kissing my forehead again, "be extra good, for me please. These people are just going to be trying to help you."

"," I cried, trying to grip onto him but my strength failed me as he let them lift me upon to a small cushion, with some kind of blanket on it. It felt clean and the smell of it was sterilized.

"Don't worry, I will be back by your side I promise," he whispered and surprised everyone as they let out loud gasp. The only thing I felt was the reassuring kiss he had planted on my lips then backed off, letting them strap me in then put me in something else.

The trip wasn't to bad but people I didn't know kept poking at me and checking me out. Then the car we were in kept bumping around and it made me a little motion sick. By the time we got to the hospital I was already wanting Jake to be here, I didn't know him very well but he was all I knew at this point. Just as before something cold greeted my skin as the strange people sped out, pulling me with them. After the long rush, they lifted me upon to another bed and I could hear more people coming over and picking at me.

"Blake," called out a familiar voice, Jake.

"Jake!" I screamed, "Jake where are you," I found myself crying as I waved my hands out to find him which were soon filled with his figure hugging me.

"I am here no worries, nothing is going to hurt you," he whispered, stroking my hair. "I brought you something," he went to pull away but I gripped one of his hands. I heard him chuckle but felt him reah over and grab something before returning to me.

"J...jake," I said, feeling heat on my cheeks.

"Yes my silly willy," he replied.

"W...would, kiss me again?" I asked. At first there was only silence then I felt him move closer and lift my chin. Getting impatient I leaned up, feeling my lips connect with his.

"Jake, what did I tell you about making out with police suspects," teased that strange man. I whipped my head that way, trying to open my eyes but once again failing.

"Sorry dad, I can't help it," Jake replied, "this one is a teaser."

"Well I guess I will leave you two alone, are you sure your going to be OK staying here for a night?" he asked, and a flood of joy took me in when I heard this.

"I will be fine," he replied.

"Your staying with me," I cheered, reaching over for him. He slipped his arms around me and lifted me onto his lap, cradling me. I closed my eyes, yawning but trying not sleep as he began stroking my hair again.

"Get some sleep, I will be here when you wake up," he kissed my forehead. With a deep breath I let myself pass out, only feeling the slight peck on my lips as I blacked out.


That morning I had woken up early just as my father did and prepared to get ready for a crime scene we would be going into today. There has been many reports of an abused child locked down in a basement and my father didn't think it was to bad, especially since they were going to have it cleared out before we got there, he let me go.

I quickly changed into a simple black t-shirt, black skinny's, and my black boots to go with it. I then brushed my hair out and stuck a beanie on it. Then just to get some color onto me I slipped on my normal wrist bracelets. Before leaving to go with my father, I grabbed my coat and headed down stairs just in time to see him head out to his car. Racing out there I slipped my coat on and slid in with him.

"Look like you are up and ready for business," he commented.

"Duh, I have been waiting to come with you to one of these since I was a kid," I said, putting my seat belt on.

"Now there are some things we need to go over before we get there," he said, making me groan but he ignored me and went on. For about an hour he went over the safety rules, what to do in case something certain happened and what not to do. Most of all though, don't wander off where no one knows where you are in case something happens.

Finally we got there and I was the first out of the car and heading to the crime seen, only stopping at the yellow tape to wait for my father but when I turned to find him he was off talking to one of his friends about the situation. Me being me I went pass the tape, as much as I loved my father they had already cleared it out and it would be boring just standing there. Stepping into the house, it smelled of alcohol and sex. Things hadn't been moved but there was scene stuff all around it, signaling that it was a clue.

"We can't find the child they had, we looked in the basement and everything but he is not there," said an officer.

"The parents probably killed him off and dumped him somewhere," replied another officer, "go send out some forces to see if he was left around the area, I will have some pick up clues to his whereabouts."

I found myself frowning, but then hurrying into another part of the house before the officers could see me. As I walked deeper into the house I could see more of the dirty cloths and bottle scattered across the halls and dust picking up on the shelves. Finally I reached the end, the bedroom which was nothing more then a small little box. Knowing I should turn around, I found myself looking over the different things in my room and opening the closet but what caught my attention the most a little door hidden just enough in the back of the closet. Slipping through the tiny space I was able to easily open the door and climbed down a small stairway.

"Hello," I called out but gasp at what I had found, the boy was hanging there by chains, bleeding and naked with bruises from black to purple up his body. His head leaned toward me as if sensing I was here but he looked so dead it was unbelievable that he was still alive. Hurrying, I ran over to him whispering, "don't worry, I will get you out of here."

I bit my lip and started digging around through the pouch I had brought and found a simply safety pin, with a determined look I reached over and started to try and pick the lock. When I got it unlocked his hand fell to the ground, I watched him use it to curl up into a ball as I worked to get his other hand out. With luck I was able to get his other hand out. Leaning down I gently gripped his arms and started to pull him my way. As much as I wanted to hold him and sooth him, tell him that everything was going to be ok now, I didn't want to break him. He looked so fragile, like a glass doll about to fall off a shelf with the wrong move. However, what he did caught me by surprise. Throwing himself at me our lips met before he fell into my arms.

Smiling, I slipped my shirt off and asked, "here can you put this on?" I watched him over, seeing that he was struggling to open his eyes but unable to.

"I can't see," he finally mumbled, bring his hands to his eyes and starting to have a little panic attack. His arms stretched out as he tried to feel his way around his surroundings but only ran into me, tears had already started forming and fall down his little swollen face.

"Don't worry, I got you," I cooed, sliding my shirt over his head and helping him get his arms through the holes. He fell into my arms, laying there limp while I slipped my coat around him then started on my way up the stairs.

Getting through the small door and out of the closet was kind of difficult but when I did I hurried out of the house to get him some help. As I stepped outside, I could feel the boy moving closer to my body, giving off a little shiver. When I got there people stopped what they were doing and looked over me holding the boy but it didn't take long for them to get on there radios to have an ambulance be sent here. Sirens started to whale but all I could do was look back down at this bruised boy and let a singly tear fall, followed by several more, dripping down onto the boys face.

Reaching up he laid his hand on my cheek and looked up at me, "why are you crying?" he asked, trying to wipe my tears away but each time he did more came rushing down.

"I can't get over how someone could be treated so cruelly like this," I replied, feeling a fresh trail of tears come down my cheeks and his feudal attempts to wipe them away. I could feel eyes of everyone around me as the they all cocked there heads and went "awe" at us but all I could do was concentrate on the boy. He started reaching up trying to pull himself up closer, so with a press of my hand I leaned him up closer to me.

"Please don't cry for me, I don't deserve it," he said, re-finding my cheek and kissing it.

"Yes you are, you are just as equal as anyone else here," I cried. Another flood of tears washed down to be brushed away by his soft yet cold little hand, "how could someone be so cruel," I mumbled.

"Son, it is going to be OK," came my fathers voice, getting louder as he approached us, "the ambulance should be here soon so you can hand him off to them, then I am taking you home." he added but at the same time, the little boy starting gripping onto me, begging me not to leave him.

"Dad no, I can't leave him," I protested.

"Jake I don't have time for you to do this to me, you know the rules," dad proclaimed, crossing his arms.

"Jake," the boy suddenly giggled, catching both mine and my fathers attention, "Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake," he kept repeating, giggling each time.

"What goofy butt," I chuckled, finding myself giving him a soft nuzzle.

"I like your name," he purred, "my name is Blake, I think. Or that's what my parents had always called me before," he rambled, letting his head fall onto me.

"Well I love your name Blake," I kissed my forehead, getting a squeak out of him, "Blake, Blake, Blake, Blake," I sang, chuckling at the end. Admiring the smile he gave me, wondering what made him so happy even after what had just happened.

"Silly," he giggled again, the smile on his face growing bigger.

"The ambulance is here," my father whispered by my ear.

"Blake, I have to let you go right now but I promise I will be right back with some stuff for you," I said, kissing his forehead one last time, "be extra good, for me please. These people are just going to be trying to help you."

"," he cried, trying to grip onto me but he was too weak as they took him and laid him on a gurney, starting to strap him in. My cloths still hung loosely on his frail skin.

"Don't worry, I will be back by your side I promise," I whispered and surprised everyone by leaning down and kissing him just like in the basement, trying to reassure him. He seemed to calm down and let them finish strapping him in.

For a moment I just stood there and watched them taking him off in the ambulance till my father gave a tug on my shoulder, signaling for me to follow him. I did, feeling a little empty now that they had him but I knew I had to hurry if I was going to get there just like I had promised him. Hurrying to the car I slid in, not bothering to listen to my dads obvious lecture about wondering off. When we got home I was out and in the house going to me room before my father could even call my name. Searching in my closet I grabbed a duffel bag, filling it with the contents; cloths for the boy, pajamas and morning cloths for when I stayed there, a pillow, extra blanket, and anything else I thought I would need to be with the boy.

"Where do you think your going?" asked my father when he seen the bag in my hands, and that I was dressed to go out.

"I promised Blake I would meet him at the hospital, he has to be there by now," I replied, "probably already wondering where I am."

"Son, I am not about to let you go out and stay over night with some boy you found in a basement," my father retorted.

"He isn't some boy dad," I snapped, "he is a boy who has been beat, molested and chained up for most of his life and he needs help," before he could talk I said, "I want to make sure he is OK, and you heard how bad he wanted me to stay, I know I didn't follow your rules but I was able to find him for you guys...please let me stay with him."

"Jake..." he sighed.

"Would you just let that boy do what he does best," interrupted my mom, "it sounds like that little boy means a lot to him, now its not going to do any harm to have him there looking over him."

I just looked at my dad with a smirk on my face, seeing him get up and grab his keys. He didn't even say anything as we made our way out the door and back into the car. The ride was silent except for the sound of faint music coming out of the speakers. When we finally got there we both walked to the office and got Blake's room number, after my father had to show her his ID. Only problem was she made us wait to see him, as they were looking over him and getting a preview of what they would be dealing with before they let us go, even then they only let one person in his room.

"Blake," I called out, walking into the room where a nurse was taking some notes, then turned and left us. Blake was laid out on one of there beds, yet to have to tubes put into him to help him eat and get the fluids he needed. Watching him lay there, so beat up really did hurt.

"Jake!" he screamed, "Jake where are you," he waved his arms out for me, tears starting to stain his cheeks as I moved closer, letting his arms wrap around my waist.

"I am here no worries, nothing is going to hurt you," I whispered, reaching down and stroking his soft black hair then remembering, "I brought you something," I said going to get it out of my bag but he held onto me, gripping my hand for dear life. I just chuckled, getting out the cloths I had chosen for him then returning to his side.

"J...jake," he stuttered, redness coming to his cheeks.

"Yes my silly willy," I replied.

"W...would, kiss me again?" he ask, surprising me a little. At first I was unsure of what to do but craving his lips I lifted his chin and started slowly leaning down, still unsure about any of this. I didn't have much time to think about it as he leaned up and met my lips.

"Jake, what did I tell you about making out with police suspects," teased my father, making me jump. Blake whipped his head over to where my dad was standing, attempting another time to open his eyes but just as before he was unable to.

"Sorry dad, I can't help it," I grinned, "this one is a teaser."

"Well I guess I will leave you to alone, are you sure your going to be OK staying here for a night?" he asked.

"I will be fine," I replied.

"Your staying with me," Blake cheered, reaching over for me. I sat on the bed, letting my arms lace around him and pull him into my lap. Just like a baby I started cradling him watching him give a little yawn. I could just smile at the attempts he made to try and stay awake,

Reaching my hand up I started stroking his hair just as I did before, whispering softly by his ear, "get some sleep, I will be here when you wake up," kissing his forehead, watching him take a deep breath then passing out but right before he did I gave him a peck on the lips.

I went to see if my father was still standing there watching us but he wasn't, so just for a little I held the sleeping boy, cradling him and kissing his bruised face. Wishing it would get better but knowing it would take time before he was fully healed, but even then we could run into some problems. With a sigh I reached over for the cloths I brought him, hoping they would at least fit, I started to get him changed.