Cite waved goodbye to her friends and walked up the steps to her front door. As per usual, they had tagged along with her when she went home, discussing all the things that had happened that day at school. More often than not, these discussions were rather uninteresting, but lately it seemed they had much more to talk about, ever since word spread of the new student who would be arriving any day now.

She pushed lightly on the door to make sure nobody had gotten in while she was away- "You can never be too careful," her parents had always told her- and reached into her pocket for the key. But it wasn't there.

Cite rolled her eyes. Great, she thought, sliding her backpack off her shoulder and unzipping all of its compartments. She searched for about five minutes before giving up and resorting to plan B: the back window. It was the one way in that always remained open. Of course, this secret entrance was known only to Cite, so she had nothing to worry about. All it required was a simple fence-hop.

She picked up her things and ran around to the back gate. It seemed to look shorter every year. She tossed her backpack over first, and then, taking a deep breath, jumped and flung her arms around one of the posts. Hoping not to get a splinter, she hoisted herself up as quickly as possible. She was just about to swing her legs over when something caught her eye. Something was moving in the bushes, and whatever it was, it was fast. Cite watched as it leapt from its hiding place and darted across the roof of the house.

"Probably just a cat," she reassured herself, pushing off the fence and landing on the other side. Though she had never seen a cat with a bushy green tail before. She grabbed her bag and walked over to the small window, which she was able to climb through with ease. "Ah, home at last," she said as she collapsed on the sofa in the living room. Now that Friday was over, it was finally time to relax and enjoy the weekend...


Cite lifted her head up at the noise, eyes shifting around the room. False alarm, she thought, settling back into a comfortable spot.


There it was again. It appeared to be coming from the basement. Cite sat up. "This is getting ridiculous..." but the more she thought on it, the more she realized what it could be, and that excited her. Taking a flashlight from the kitchen counter, she opened the basement door and carefully made her way down the stairs, shining the light every which way. She had only been down here a few times, to get tools for her dad. As she stepped, she ran her hand along the dusty wall, trying to feel for a switch. It was terribly dark in there, and the flashlight's beam wasn't very bright.


This time, the sound really startled her. "H-hello?" She called out. "Who's there?" She began to wave the beam around the ceiling, but stopped suddenly. There, hanging upside down in the corner, was the source of the thumping.

"Do you mind?" It said. "Bats don't like light."