"Working Title"

Chapter: Unknown

A.N: Trying to mess with the horror genre, so if anyone likes this ill continue with this same concept but change things a little bit.

"Hmm once again another victim with their body turned inside out and stuffed with hay." Detective Richards stares at the poor lifeless body puzzled by what human being could do this.

"Sir, first the infant in the parents yard. The toddler hanging from the light pole of his street, then the child during school and now this sixteen year girl. All turned inside out and stuffed with hay… Sir I understand I'm not the detective but this guy is upping his kills every week in different areas. He is clearly-"

"Shut the hell up and let me do my job! I understand clearly what he's doing but what bothers me is I don't understand his motives." Detective Chris Richards the 'Sherlock Holmes of America' some would overly say. There has not been one case he couldn't solve. People say his thinking is legendary but at this gloomy night in downtown Los angeles it seems he is clueless to the work of art the killer has displayed over the past four weeks. Richards walks around the scene and begins to walk back and forth towards the dead body from different directions.

Each officer stare confused at Richards awkward pace. "Sir what are you doing?"

Richard stops and smiles "Our killer never leaves a trace of any evidence and it seems like I finally found out how he kills the victims. Its no sign of a struggle. He lured our victim here and did his job. Look here *points at nearby cigarette ashes*

He was having a smoke with our lovely turned out girl here and when he found the opportunity he did what he wanted." Everyone stare puzzled by the low rated discovery Richards has made. Any mediocre detective could have discovered this but they waited quietly for what his real thinking was. Richards then looks back at his puzzled work force.

"Now who ever has a strong stomach I want you to stay with me. The rest I want you to get rid of that damn ignorant media." Not knowing the legendary detectives thinking not one person moved an inch. "Umm sir?" One replies "What exactly are we doing?" Richards smirks madly "I don't want to know what the public's reaction is to dismembering a body on live TV."

Yeah as I said if anyone likes this idea then just type a review in and say "go ahead" or give suggestions. I was also thinking about putting it in a mid-evil time frame to take out the gun factor cause I hate guns in any horror story.