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Necromancy Is a Dangerous Game Ch. 1: What did I get myself into?!

All I ever wanted was to be seen. Who knew that it would come to THIS...such terror and deception...so much blood and death...help..me...HELP ME

Jordan stared at the words etched into the floor by what looked like fingernails. She shivered and looked away. Such awful words...The last memories of the body in front of her washed over her. She quaked with fear and sorrow. Sometimes her job was almost unbearable. Rumaging through her bag, she pulled out chalk, some stones, and pieces of grass like herbs. Drawing a circle and encantation shapes around the body and writing, she whispered three words in the language of the dead. She then placed the stones at north, east, west, and south and spoke the words again. Realizing she forgot to grab the lighter out of the bag, she sighed and went back to it. Jordan's job wasn't the best. She wasn't a normal twenty-one yearold. Pulling out the lighter she scattered the grass-like herb around the body and lit a peice of it. She snapped her finger and chanted "Burn to ashes, Burn to dust, Erase what she has done, Wipe the sins away, Burn it away. Burn it all away!" The rancid smell of burning flesh filled her nostrils and she wrinkled her nose. After a few seconds the smoke and, thankfully, the smell disappaited. Jordan opened her phone and pressed one. Her boss answered on the first ring.

"Sam here!" He said in his overly cheerful voice. "Hey Sam...It's Jordan. Mission complete sir!" She spoke quickly and her voice was smooth and velvety. "Alrighty! Thanks dear! You're a life saver," She heard him giggle at that. "Well you know what I mean! Your next mission is a living one. His name is Roger and he his twenty-four...seems he is allying himself with the enemy. You know what to do. I'm counting on you!" Without waiting for her to reply, he hung up.

"Jeez! Rude much!" Jordan muttered to herself. She quickly walked to her car.

Sometimes being a Necramancer sucked! ~*~^~*~{¥}~*~^~*~

Roger walked into the meeting room and noticed a new face. A rather pretty face. Long, auburn curls framed her hear-shaped face. She locked eyes with his and he blinked in shock. Her eyes were of a purple-ish hue. They were unlike any eyes he had seen before, and he thought that they must be contacts. He tore himself from her gaze and looked at all of who were gathered. He turned and looked at his twin brother, Daron, who had started this whole ordeal. Roger wanted nothing to do with it, but his brother insisted.

Daron also said that today's meeting was one for the history books.

"Friends! Allies! Welcome to the SAL, or Sacred Alliance of Lawrence. Now, before we begin, I have a contract for all of you to sign," Daron's eyes flashed around the room at the grummbles and sighs. "Yes, that's right. Even if you've already signed one, sign another. We must be absolutely sure that all who have gathered will stick to their words.

"If there are any here that do not wish to sign, or who break their pledge, will be punished severly. Any spies will be killed on sight. Now, let's get the signing under way," He grinned cynically. "Oh and brother, be sure to sign as well!" Roger felt his pulse quicken. He was terrified of his brother.

"Excuse me, but how do you know who's a spy...for all we know you could be setting up a trap." The woman that had caught Roger's eye earlier made herself known. She didn't seem like she was frightened in any way. THAT was new.

His brother smirked at her, "And you would be?"

"Casey Heartman, Necromancer of the 9th Order. Pleased to make your aquaintence." She smiled plesantly. Everyone in the room stood stunned. The 9th Order was the lowest of the low. They were said to have little to no power what-so-ever. Daron couldn't help himself. He erupted into noisey, obnoxious laughter.

"You mean to tell me that you actually are of the 9th Order...You must be joking, my dear!" He tried to calm himself.

"Yes. Is it a problem if I am from the 9th Order?" Casey glared at Daron with fire in her gaze that could burn someone alive. She wasn't offended in the slightest bit it seemed. She just had feirce determination and a steely pride.

"Ah, no! It is fine, my dear. Perfectly fine." His face had turned completely stoic and the laughter had vanished from his face.

"You do not know if we are setting you up. You'll just have to...trust us," Daron smiled wolfishly at the woman. "Or you can be killed or enslaved."

"So you mean to tell me that we have to follow you blindly? Put all of our hope into a situation we do not know? Are you insane Mr. Daron Saline? I do believe you are." Casey's expression never changed. She was calm and collected. Roger, privately, agreed with her.

His brother WAS crazy...he'd known that his whole life.


"Hey, Roger! Look what I found!" Daron's excited voice shouted to Roger from the darkness of the atic.

"What is it Dar?" His curiousity got the best of him. There was shuffling and creaking of floor boards as his brother cam down from the attic. He was holding a large leather bound book. It gave Roger the creeps and it gave off an aura of...evil.

"I found this book...its about magic, but...I can't read much of it. Most of it is writen in a different language! The only pages that are writen in English is every tenth page. I read the first page and it says "Welcome to the book of HARTERION. In this book is magic. Powerful, dark magic. My sister and myself spent years collecting all the ancient spells and runes. Any who open this book, without permission that is, will have a cures placed on them. A curse that twists their mind and destroys their soul. Welcome to the world of Death Magic young Necromancers and old alike.

Let your hearts hold true and your motivation be unhithered,

The Saint-

Taner Sruë'"

After Daron finished reading the page he looked up at his brother.

"...that's not what it said earlier.."

Roger's face had drained of color, "you mean...the words changed? That's not possible Dar...and what does a curse do?"

Daron wasn't listening anymore. He was flipping through the book. Every now and then his face would go blank in shock but then he'd continue without a word.

"Hey Roger...go get Mr. Hinkles, please." He smiled at his brother, a picture of innocence.

"Okay." Roger ran off to where they kept their pet hamster, Mr. Hinkles. They had had the thing for ages and it must be about 4 years old by now. He was brown and white with bright blue eyes. Roger gently picked him up and carried him to Daron.

"Thanks Roe." Daron flashed him a toothy grin. He then picked up the hamster and, using a marker, drew a circle around him. He sprinkled salt all around the small creature and then pepper. He dropped small red berries on the hamster also. Clapping three times and repeating, "Hěx ůn lôeř fenïş!" Over and over. Roger didn't know what his brother was doing but in that moment, when Daron clapped the third time, shrill screams emitted from the tiny creature. It squealed and whithered in pain as if it had been gravely wounded.

"DAR STOP! YOU'RE HURTING HIM!" Roger screams mixed with Mr. Hinkles and Daron laughed menically.

"I won't stop! He's gonna die and I'm gonna drink his blood! Do you see brother? Do you see?! This is magic! Such wonderful magic," Daron tried to hand Roger the book. "Here! Look!"

Roger backed away from him slowly, staring into the face that was so much like his own. Large blue eyes that seemed almost silver, small straight nose, high cheekbones, and scattered freckles. The only thing that seperated them was their haircolor. Daron's hair was a deep black while Roger's was a pale blonde. This person in front of him had burning red eyes and a twisted smile on his face. It wasn't his dear twin brother.

"Please brother! Stop! I'm gonna tell mom! Stop hurting him, please!" He was sobbing now, the shrieks a bit too much for such a young child. When the shrieking stopped and the hamster lay still, Daron produced a small knife. He picked up the late Mr. Hinkles and slit his tiny throat. Trying not to waste a single drop, he pressed his open mouth to the slit. He drank it all and then tossed him asside. The last thing Roger remembers is his brother coming near him with a knife and then everything went white.


Roger held his wrapped arm to him tenderly. He couldn't remember anything except his brother walking towards him...or someone who looked a lot like his brother, that is. When he had come to his brother's screams rang out through the house. Blood was everywhere and Roger could feel something warm trickle down his arm. His eyebrows knit together and he touched his arm gingerly. He winced and pain enveloped him. Pulling his hand away, he realized it was covered in blood also...his blood. This time it wasn't Daron's screams but Roger's. Skin was peeled away from his arm in weird designs. He could see the musle and veins in his arm. He screamed and screamed, utterly terrified. What had happened? What had HAPPENED?! His parent's came running into the room and his mother fainted at the sight. They'd questioned what had happened but neither brother knew.

When the paramedics and police arrived Daron broke down and told the officers that he saw a man in the room and that the man had cut his brother and killed his hamster then just knocked him out. They asked him to describe the man but all they got out of him was that the man wasn't human...After Roger's arm had been stitched up, the nurse told him that he had been in shock so his memory should come back in due time.

Now, Roger wished it never had.


Jordan stared down the accused's brother. His sharp, dangerous eyes shinning through his thick midnight hair that covered his forehead. He looked in need of a good barber...Maybe she could take the job. He frowned at her then grinned.

"Ah yes! Crazy I am indeed. Crazy enough to cut that sweet throat of yours or make you my servant...trust me that job would be beneficial for both of us, don't you think? Too bad that's only if you're a spy, although you could be mine willingly..."

She smiled and bowed elegantly, "I'm glad you are not blinded by your arrogance. I am not here to spy on you Mr. Daron. I shall sign your contract and pledge myself to your Rebels, but I will not be your's."

"That's what I thought my dear. You're too strong willed to give in to anyone. Now," he turned and adressed the gathered. "Seeing as how we have this settled, pass up you contracts pledge our league, and vow to never leave."

Everyone raised their hands and repeated the words that Daron said. It was eariely silent afterwards and all the different, powerful creatures gathered felt the link bind them. They were now part of something that they would have to die to escape. Jordan was panicking inside.

"What has my father gotten me into?" She grumbled under her breath.