Ready to be creeped out, no? Too bad ;) Also another one to show that I am sane...yup :D



To My Beloved:

I wallow in the dread
Crying over what was left unsaid
I beg of you
The one of two
Forgive my ways
I cannot lose you on these days
You say to me words of love
That were lost in the wings of a dove
No longer will you ignore
No longer will I adore
To my beloved
No longer to be blunted
I wish you no ill harm
But you cannot keep me with your charm
You have lost the right
We swore to never fight
The soft caress I've only known from
You makes my heart beat like a drum
No longer is that caress soft
No longer can you look at me and not scoff
To my heart
Which you shot with that posionous dart
Injecting me with sweet words
That cut me like knives and swords
I bleed now
You must endow
Why you left me
To drown by the sea
So I send to my beloved
In hopes you shall see
The horrible monster I have come to be.
A corpse.
Someone who isn't me
You never truly loved
And I never truly died.
Why yes my dear, I have lied
You stare at me, eyes blank in shock.
Now who is the one keeping stock
I shall cut away
The love you sway
The bitter sweet words
I send to thee
My sweet, sweet beloved
Who never saw his end blowing near.
Let the angels weep and the devil dance
I have taken my last stance.


Walking into the empty room
No feelings of dread and doom
Left alone to my own
Dark thoughts that have grown
To something joyous
I smile through the loneliness.
Fly away all the pain
Wash it down the drain
Let's all gather around and see
What kind and great things we can be
In a world thrown into chaotic bismal
Let us chisel
Away the bad
And let the good be had
Its time to show the world
What we can do
Spinning around in sensuous circles
No more hurdles
For now
I have let go all that made me bow
And cower
As if a shower
Of pain was washing over me
I am strong and willing to see
What I need to change
Who I need to stand up for
Hear my call
Before we can do nothing at all
Show me that we are
More than something to spare
Let's create a better world
From the one that has been lost
Where no one is worried about the cost
No more greed, anger, or war
Its time now to open that door
That will lead to happiness
I am letting myself choose
I have nothing to lose
No more doubt or self pity
I have started to become wity
Gained my senses and have started to show others
The greatness we can become