7 minutes.

That's all it took. For the Greenfield household to tear apart. Piece by piece, Josie's world came crashing down, tumbling on after the life she longed to have. The life that was disappearing out through the door right now, her father was leaving. Storming angrily in a flash, he spun round one last time to glance back at a heartbroken little girl, his daughter Josephine Greenfield. With tears building up in her sharp, emerald eyes, she drifted on after him. And he smiled, acknowledging her presence for one last moment, before the door slammed shut roughly behind him.

But life in the Greenfield household wasn't always as dramatic. It was a long process, that led the family to the peak of the difficult stages. And it only seemed to last about 3 months. Though, each fault was progressing as rapidly than anything humanly possible.

3 MONTHS AGO - 26th April

''How was school, darling? Did you take Lily to Kayla's in the morning, like I told you,'' Josie's mother asked her sternly, placing utensils cautiously, on the dinner table and serving equal amounts of Chicken Casserole onto each individual dinner plates.

''Yes. I did,'' Josie forcefully blurted out, gritting her teeth together to prevent herself from erupting up with severe rage. It really annoyed her, at first. Her mother's attitude towards her father. She kept analysing his behaviour carefully, being observant was never one of her best qualities. For the last few months, her father never appeared to be present in his own home. He was always somewhere distant, somewhere far away from where he should actually have been.

The first incident occured 3 days ago, on Lily's birthday. Lily was Josie's younger sister, her father had promised to return to visit his other daughter for her own 6th birthday. But he didn't. Leaving little, innocent Lily left bawling her eyes out, when she was asked to blow her birthday candles out. Because, the only thing she could have ever wanted to wish for would be unlikely to come true. Since then, he had rarely returned home. Occasionally. That was the right way of describing how often he had appeared in his own home.

'' I don't understand why you are doing Johnson won't be able to replace dad, for Lily,'' Josie mumbled sadly, finally managing to pick up the slightest piece of chicken. Since dinner had been served, 20 minutes ago, Josie seemed to lose her appetite once the conversation had returned to a topic, which she found unsatisfying. Her stomach churned with anxiety. Every time she tried to swallow down a piece of food, the hollow empty feeling in her stomach would return, making her feel nauseous to the maximum,''Mum, it's like you've completely wiped him out of our lives. I know he's gone, and probably never going to come back. But still,this isn't how it should've happened."

''It's not like I'm not letting him see you and Lily, he's your dad and what goes on between you both is none of my concern. I just don't want Lily to feel neglected when you and I are not around. Maybe, this will all die down soon. It won't stay like this forever, darling,'' Josie's mother leaned down to kiss her daughter swiftly on her head, whilst pulling her close into a little hug.

''If only it was possible...,'' she whispered softly into her mother's brunette waves, the smallest wish seemed to give her so much hope.

1 MONTH LATER - 27th June

It was a regular, mid summers day. Josie and her closest group of friends, the Riley Crew had met together in their local park. Sitting down beside each other, embracing the shade offered by the grand oak tree, stretching over them for about a metre. Encapsulated in the peaceful beauty of the wondrous greenery and flowers dispersed in their surroundings, they were trying to study for their latest exams, coming up in the following weeks. One thing Josie and her friends had in common were their interests, they were all fairly obsessed with a famous teenage celebrity called Jake A. Riley. The Riley Crew consisted of 5 girls, Jamie, Sam, Rebecca, Emily and Josie.

Jake A. Riley was a regular teenage boy, who had become immensely successful once broadcasting his amazing vocal talents over the worldwide web. The Riley Crew had discovered Jake Riley, before he was famous, they all considered this to be a very special aspect of their loving side for him. Since that point, Jake A. Riley had been signed various record deals and produced a fair amount of albums, as well as, singles.

''Shall we start with Trig questions first? They're the easiest, what do you lot say?'' Josie offered with added enthusiasm, that no-one else in her small circle of friends seemed to find. She scanned through her exercise book, searching for a suitable question to attempt. But, soon suddenly stopped when she heard a rapid outbreak of laughter coming straight from the corner of the circle. Rebecca had broken out into a wild case of giggles.

Josie's emerald green eyes flickered on to meet her best friend Rebecca's hazeley brown eyes, which were glistening with vibrant energy and happiness. ''Well.. I have a great idea! How about we talk about Jake Riley's new album. I've heard it and it's beyond amazing!'' She twirled her caramel brown curls with her fingers and fluttered her eyelashes, mimicking a little child's behaviour.''Jam, Em, Sammie wouldn't you rather check out my CD? It's brand new! Come on, guys, Maths is completely boring. Josie is starting to sound a lot like Mr. Henley.''

Sam shrugged, nervously playing with strips of her own blonde hair. Her dazzling blue eyes shot open, when she realized Josie's expression had dropped. Emily mimicked Rebecca's starstruck expression, twirling her ginger bob in her fingertips. Her green eyes flashed open, when she realized what was going on. Tears were spilling out of her eyes. In unison, both Rebecca, Emily and Jamie rushed over to comfort their friend. She let out a little sob, wiping her eyes on her cardigan sleeve.

Unsure of why she had reacted in that way, she bravely passed a little smile to all her friends, reassuring them that she was alright and gesturing towards the exit, to show she needed to leave. Every time she tried to occupy her mind with something other than her personal life, the problems just kept catapulting dangerously back towards her. That's what had caused the tears. The attempt for escapism.

Rebecca nodded in response, but after only a few second, her worried expression suddenly froze in something less ordinary. A stoic expression, lips firmly pressed together in a straight line, eyes showing a neutral edge to them.

Josie frowned, raising her eyebrows curiously, ''What's going on?'' she mouthed, ''It's not him, is it? Please, tell me it's not him.''

Her father could not be here. It was impossible.

Rebecca shook her head, ''No hun, don't worry,'' she smiled sheepishly, leaning across on Josie's shoulder, silently burrowing her face. Josie mentally brushed away the wonderful relief, she had overcome, facing her father right now would be anything but easy. The lump fixed in her throat enlarged, just thinking about it.

Close to tears, she took a deep breath and focused back on her friends.

Jamie sighed, rearranging her strawberry blonde ponytail, which had become quite messed and tangled,''It's newspaper boy, Josie. I think he wants something.''

''Okay, guys. I'll be right back,'' she quickly waved goodbye to her friends, watching their faces morph into sweet, loved-up smiles.

Newspaper boy was the nickname given by Rebecca to Matthew Johnson, Josie's neighbour, Mrs Johnson's son. From a young age, Rebecca had always felt feelings towards him, she envied the relationship Josie shared with him. Though, Josie believed that there was nothing really possible for Rebecca to envy. Matthew was only a friend, nothing else.

Matthew regularly went on a morning shift to deliver newspapers, 30 minutes after the sun had risen,on the break of Rebecca had established the fact that Matthew was coming by her home, she casually waited about 20 or so minutes,by the door, pretending to be searching for something. When all she was searching for, was a glance. Occasionally, Matthew often stopped by Rebecca's house to make conversation. The nickname Newspaper boy grew from that point, instead of saying hello normally, she greeted him with his nickname.

Matthew was standing near the stump of another big oak tree, directly opposite her friends. He nodded his head, when he saw Josie approaching him, acknowledging her presence But.. there was something wrong. It wasn't entirely clear, though definitely something wasn't right. Even from the way he was standing, slumped against the tree, with his face bowed down. Staring at the grass, reluctant to make some sort of conversation.

As he lifted his head, Josie noticed there was a small brown bruise on the side of his left cheek. He eyes were swollen and rimmed with a sore redness, that looked totally unnatural. Clearly, even eye-liner wouldn't be able to achieve such a look. Josie gasped, placing a hand over her mouth and taking small steps forward.

''What is going on?'' She managed to stumble out. Though with the amount of fear and worry gorging out continuously in her head, it suprised her how calm she was being, right now.

Matthew stopped, stared into the distance, pondering over his thoughts for merely a second. Then, he looked Josie straight in the eyes, whilst placing his hands on top of her shoulders. Something intended to reassure her, instead it only made her stomach go wild and her mind to scream out for danger, ''It's Lily. There's been a accident.'''

''What?'' Josie said, in a inaudible voice, for what it seemed like hours, she stood still. There was no mortal feeling inside of her, she didn't feel alive, she was completely numb from head to toe. Then the world came crashing down once again, Josie fell to the floor almost automatically like she knew what was coming. And it wasn't good.

The last thing she heard before the lights went out was the ambulance siren, wailing viciously in her ears.

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