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Chapter 1

I curl my fist and took a swing at the punching bag, almost knocking it out. I sigh and decided to take a rest. I took my water bottle and chug out the content.


I almost spit out the water out of my mouth. What the heck was that? I glanced around and noticed my phone beeping. I scurried off to collect my phone.

"Yo, Ally! You've got to hear this. Rick's having a party tomorrow and I want you to come." he rushed out the words.

It took me a while to let it sink in.

"Yeah yeah I hear you. No way in hell will I go to Rick's party. Ever. His parties are the worse ones." I let out an involuntarily shudder at remembering the time.

Rick Shadows' parties are always wild and definitely the opposite of under control. There's one time when some idiot mixed up cocaine with vodka in the punch bowl and everyone at the party nearly knocked their head off like doofuses. I mean, who does that? Moronic, irresponsible, stupid idiots thats who.

"Please Ally," he paused "How about I take you on a date. I know you want me." Logan said. I rolled my eyes. I bet he's waggling his eyebrows right now. He has this theory that the only reason I hang out with him is because I have a massive crush on him. It's not true of course. He's like a brother to me. He has been my best friend for as long as I can remember.

Logan is your typical American boy with blond hair and blue eyes .He has this boy-next-door charm that manages to knock off females of their feet. When I mention females, I meant like of all ages. In other words-hot. The female's population's sayings not mine.

"For the last time Log, I don't have a freaking crush on you!" I shouted into the phone.

Logan chuckled, "Who said anything about crushes? " he responded while guffawing. See what I tell you. He's infuriating. But he's my best friend nevertheless. Hearing that I didn't replied he said "Fine be that way." with a mock sulking tone, " Oh ally, I'll have you know that you're officially not my best friend anymore." he sulked. Beep.

I looked at my phone. Did he just hang up me? That idiot.

"Allison's in the gym" I heard Jerry, my butler said to a person who responded with a 'thank you'. Shuffling noises of footsteps echoed through the crack of the gym's door. Who would want to see me? Why would Jerry not notify me of the identity of this pe-


I gave out a startled cry, then somehow lost my footing and fell down on my butt. I heard laughter ringing in my ears. I looked up and saw none other than Logan himself.

Currently, he's clutching his stomach while laughing. Oh might i inform you that its not the small hahaha laugh, oh no, its the HAHAHAHAHAHA laugh. Like the spits-milk-out-of-my-nose laugh.

This went on for about 3 minutes.

So like the patient person I am, I just sat down staring at Logan's laughing face. When the laughing subside, Logan wiped the tears that sprang out of his eyes.

He finally notices me on the ground and grinned his 100 watts smile. I gave him a sarcastic smile which made him grin more. "What happen to not wanting me to be your best friend anymore?" I asked.

He smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck, "Well..."

"Well..?" I pressed while raising my eyebrows. He childishly stuck out his tongue and huffed. I rolled my eyes at his childishness.

Before I could say anything else, an elegant voice interrupted me, "Alison, may I speak to you for a moment?"

I froze but quickly recomposed. I kept my face blank, zero of emotions before facing my mom. I nodded, bobbing my head like a robot.

It's been, three weeks since I last saw my mother. I should feel excited, happy even, but I felt nothing. Its like all the happiness attempted to resurface but it's blocked by an impenetrable wall. I felt empty.

My mother smiled, the tips of her mouth tugged slightly. If I didn't know better, I could've sworn she looked sad.

A crash followed by an 'oof' brought our head towards the ruckus. Logan was sprawled on the floor with a couple of weights beside him. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what happen.

"Ah, Logan, what a pleasant surprise. I'm sorry for interrupting...whatever business you're doing." my mother said politely.

Logan looked at my mother sheepishly before recollecting himself.

"Oh, you're not interrupting anything Mrs. Hill. I was just here to visit Alison." Logan replied as equally polite. He tends to treat my parents like royalties. Weird, i know. He says they give off a powerful-ish vibe. "Well, I'd best be off now. Goodbye Mrs. Hill, bye Ally!"

I waved as he walked out the room, smiling slightly at my mother. My mother faced me and gestured to follow her with her chin. I hesitantly follow her down the hall.

My mother turned into a hallway which directs us to the library. A massive double-oak door stood majestically in front of us. I know what you're asking, why have huge mega size library doors. The answer is well... I actually don't know. I guess for my parents to show off their wealthiness or something.

A loud creaking noise interrupted my thoughts. The loud creaking noise was resulted by the doors opening, i realised.

"Move along, Alison."

I nodded, as I shuffled forward towards my doom.

OK, not actually my doom, but this does look like it's from a movie where me, the good guy was caught and brought into the headquarter; towards the mafia-leader of some sort to determine whether I live or not then miraculously with my mad ninja skills, I escape and destroy the headquarters and k-

"ALISON!" a loud voice boomed, intercepting my rambling. I chuckled meekly and examine my surroundings. I realized that we have reached a wide area; our backyard I assume. I also realized my mother and I aren't the only ones here.

There were a bunch of old men, large dogs and my dad.

Wait, large dogs?

My eyes widened as I Iet out a blood curdling scream.