25 September 2020

A girl with long buttermilk blonde hair reaching her shoulder blades silently lay in entombed in soft cotton composed of brightly colored stripes that of which brought out her ashen complexion. The only thing about her unmoving figure that showed she was still alive were the deep systematic compressions of her lungs, and the horrible high pitched beep of machines, a group of machines that were managed by a young nurse. A nurse that of which had been hired by the young woman's distraught relatives.

Not one those individuals wished to approach her sleeping form with the exception of a young teenage girl who was nearly identical in looks except for her mist like form, and the fear encroaching upon wide viridian eyes. She hovered by a curtain draped window to the left of the slumbering girl missing the dark mass just outside of the window watching and waiting. A chill ran down her spine.

She could hear the shrill voice of the bell from across the street signaling to the young children in school, that the abandoned playground calls. The children were completely unaware of the events about to play out. Viridian eyes shifted to look at the peaceful looking girl and opened her mouth. Nothing left her dusty pink lips. Instead she turned to look back out the window pushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear and nibbling on her bottom lip. Her eyes glanced at the young children pointing up at the charcoal grey clouds and a sky changing from an innocent light grey to a malevolent purple. It seemed to the young woman as if the heavens knew. Just the thought of a small group of gods and goddesses standing at the edge of the heavens, watching the events that had begun to play out weeks ago, forced out a bone chilling set of words from her lips to an unheard melody, "Has no oneā€¦"

The teen standing next to the window moved in such a way towards the resting girl, that she appeared to hover slightly above the ground. She slowly reached out a blue tinted hand to touch the slightly warm left cheek of the near identical girl lying in bed only for the soft wisps of air to stop. Loud beeping soon followed causing a nurse and the young woman's mother to rush into the room, with a frantically whispered 'Amelia'. The woman stood by the remaining teen, not noticing her presence as the teen waited to be verbally addressed by the woman. No words came.

20 May 2020

Amelia Suhdoni stared out at the darkness in front of her as she drove while her best friend, Kyle talked about the concert they had just attended, while attempting to find a decent station on the radio. He found one and proceeded to tap his fingers along to the loud and violent song. It matched their attire perfectly.

"Did you notice how distracted Macy has been lately, Amelia?" Kyle asked out of nowhere. Amelia didn't get a chance to respond as the sickening sound of metal colliding with metal assaulted her senses before black overwhelmed her and the cold terror of a fractured soul. A woman walking her dog quickly dialed 911. It would be nearly three weeks later before she found out a black Honda Accord had whipped around a corner on the passenger side and slammed into it. The driver would turn out to be a wasted college student, Kyle had died on impact, and the passenger of the Accord who had a skull tattoo on his ankle survived.

3 June 2020

Murky hazel eyes took in the heartbreaking scene before them. An unusually pale girl lay in an elevated bed covered in a sterile white blanket. Under that pristine blanket rested highly bandaged legs with slivers of skin peaking through, barely concealed by a flimsy hospital gown, a gown that which hid a multitude of bruises, covering the expanse of skin from her pelvis to her clavicle. Attached to that clavicle lay scarred arms only slightly hinting at the damage's origin.

What an origin the scars had, thought the middle aged woman attached to the glittering eyes observing the sleeping child. Small shimmering lines descended down her ashen cheeks as she gritted her teeth, thinking about the scum that lay in a hospital bed down the corridor. Hazel eyes saw red before a firm hand gripped her shoulder.

"Mrs. Suhdoni."

"Yes," a barely there whisper answered.

"I have some rather unfortunate news for you. It seems that due to some still undetermined cause, my colleagues and I have come to the conclusion that were your daughter to receive another serious head injury, she will fall into a coma."

The doctor left the room and disappeared down the corridor purposely oblivious to the broken sob launched itself into the room. That soon had hazel eyes taking in the bruised face of her daughter, surrounded by a halo of blonde, a blonde that reminded her of a long buried memory.

A young Amelia ran around a field of tall grass, followed by a man with curls of buttermilk blonde hair, a rarity in their small town and laughing emerald eyes.

"Bet you can't catch me Daddy!"

"Of course I can Peanut," he amusedly spoke.

The banter carries on back and forth for hours until they all went inside their house. While inside the pair had large glasses of milk and chocolate chip cookies, before a sound of tinkling resounded into the peaceful atmosphere.

"Peanut, I have to go. I'll be back to tuck you into bed tonight. Now give me a kiss for good luck." A half a second later he was gone, never to return, leaving behind a grieving widow and a buttermilk blonde child, unaware of his fate.

22 August 2020

A young teenage girl dressed in a brightly colored uniform ran around a grassy field. In her company were twelve other girls around her age maneuvering around with black and white checkered balls at their feet. One girl in particular hovered at her side. The girl wore clothing of the exact opposite in color and tone in comparison to her companion. Both of the young women wore their long hair in messy ponytails and head bands.

Not a single uniform clad female thought it odd that the two teenage girls were identical in looks. In fact it seemed that everyone chose to ignore the teen instead looking directly through her as if she wasn't even there. It didn't help that she looked liked she was ready to attend a heavy metal concert, with her red lipstick, blackened eyes and multiple piercings, something that just wasn't done in the small town of Hazel.

The girl was shouting and violently waving her arms at the girl she was following. The pink covered girl continued on doing what she was doing, not noticing the growing anger spread across the other's face like an angry fire.

"Answer me, Bitch! I said-" the lurking girl addressed to her companion.

"Amelia. Hey, do you know what coach wants us to bring for her retirement party." Another girl wearing a matching uniform addressed her teammate Amelia.

"Not a clue," was Amelia's response.

"That's not possible, I'm Amelia." Spat out her shadow.

"That bitch is not me! What's going on!" the girl being ignored screamed when no new information was forthcoming.

11 September 2020

A blonde walked down a dark abandoned street on her way home from a trip to the movies with a group of her closest friends. A purse swung at her side as it hung from her left shoulder. It was unusually quiet for a Friday night, especially when it's the start of a summer vacation.

The quiet was broken with a sharp crack as a wooden baseball bat made contact with blonde. A dirty man covered in filth snatched the purse as viridian eyes glazed over before closing, with the image of a skull clinging to a pale ankle imbedded on her irises.

25 September 2020

The girl watched as Amelia's heart ceased to beat and that the phoned medics were not going to make it in time to save her. Instead of watching Amelia's life fade from existence, the hovering girl looked out the window. She saw a male with long obsidian hair, hypnotic crystallized purple eyes, and corpse-like skin. He was dressed in dark colors and held out his long fingered hand out to her in a welcoming gesture.

She went to open the window only to pass through the glass. She grasped his hand, only for her body to solidify and whispered the words, "Who are you?"

"I'm Leyzander Craven, Amelia, your new older brother. You've been chosen for great things. Welcome to the family."

The two of them then disappeared leaving behind the shell of a young woman with viridian eyes and long blonde hair as well as a woman crying in agony that startled the group of young children playing.