I couldn't remember anything when I woke up. All I knew was that I was shirtless, and once again in a white room. Not the first time this has occurred, as you know.

I glanced around, squinting when the bright light in the room hurt my head. I noticed that the sheets were off the bed, and so were the blankets, which was odd. I also noticed that I was alone in the sheet-less bed.

Well isn't that odd.

Slowly I sat up, holding my head. The headache only increased, and I sighed quietly. And while I tried as hard as possible in my current state, I had absolutely no clue what happened the previous night that would explain my being shirtless, the bed being bare, and waking up alone.

I ventured out into the living room quietly, taking small shuffling steps. In the kitchen was Chris, with a phone book on the counter while on his cell phone.

"Mhmm. Yeah. I guess. I have to work that night though, so... Yeah... I can, but I'd rather not. I just took a whole week of vacation... Because, mom, I don't want to call out just because of some party. I don't even know who they are..."

Chris was shaking his head as he spoke, and glanced up before noticing me. "... Mom. I gotta go. I'll talk to you later."

He put the phone down and looked back to me, raising an eyebrow. "Morning. Or afternoon, should I say. Sleep well?"

I frowned, looking to the clock on his stove to see that it was one in the afternoon. I had slept for, I'm guessing, twelve hours. Fuck.

Chris snorted, I'm assuming at my lack of response, and leaned on the counter. "I will say, out of all the ways I've been asked to sleep with people, last nights was the most interesting."

My eyes widened as I glanced back to him. "... What happened?" I asked quietly.

"Well," he began, looking down, "First you came here drunk off your ass, and started complaining about your, I'm assuming, ex-girlfriend. It was more of a jumble of 'how could she say that', and 'what a bitch'. Then you pulled me into my bedroom and said we should sleep together because you were sad and I was, quote, 'adorable and in a shit relationship anyway'. So you managed to get your shirt off, and then violently threw up on both me and my bed."

I was sitting on the couch by the end of Chris' recount of last night, holding my head in my hands. "Fuck... I am... So sorry."

"I know. You wouldn't stop saying it last night."

I sighed as the couch shifted beside me, peeking out from between my fingers to see Chris folding his hands together. "However, I will say that if you ever call me adorable again, I will cut your balls off and hang them on my wall."

Fucking sadist...

"I don't think River would like another man's balls on your wall." I mumbled back, hiding a small smile.

"Cheap shot."

I laughed, dropping my hands and sighing again.

"And you should stop drinking like that. You'll get alcohol poisoning." Chris commented, making me look over to him and raise an eyebrow.

"Are... Are you worried... About me? Aw Chris, I knew you loved me!" I leaned over and hugged him tightly, feeling him struggle for only a few minutes before giving up and rolling his eyes.

"Go fuck yourself."

"Eh. Maybe later."

I got elbowed in the ribs for that one. I groaned quietly in pain, letting Chris go and trying not to smile as he put at least a foot of space between us on the couch. "C'mon. You can have sex with me, but not give me a hug?"

He only glared back.

"Meanie." I pouted.

"You're so immature."

I smiled again and leaned back, crossing my arms over my chest. "True. So, what fun have you had today?"

"None. Now get out. River's coming over later. I don't need you here if he decides to be early." Chris mumbled. I frowned, and a question suddenly popped up.

"... Hey Chris?"


"... Do you and River have sex?"

Chris' face got red, and he stuttered for a second. "T-that's not any of your business."

I shrugged as I stood up. "Just a question."

"Get out."

"Alright, alright. Jesus." I mumbled, holding up my hands as I walked back to the bedroom. The guy could be a real bitch sometimes.

I grabbed my shirt off the floor, pulling it over my head and pausing. I probably smelled like vomit. That's not a good smell. Damn.

Walking back to the living room, I noticed Chris wasn't on the couch anymore. Instead, he was standing by the door, waiting for me.

"Pushy." I commented. He glared, opening the door for me. I was halfway through when I stopped, turning back to him. "What? No goodbye kiss?"

He glared harshly. "Fuck you."

I laughed as he slammed the door behind me, heading down the stairs and out of the building.

This is short, and it's just some fun between Chris and Arden. It's a filler because right in the middle, I got an idea. But I couldn't put it in this chapter. So... Yeah.