What's underneath us

We are burying people slower than the rate of people who are being born.

Seven billion people populate this earth.

They say it's not space we need it's resources.

Don't believe them because they didn't calculate for the corpses underneath our feet, rotting away as easy as we breathe oxygen, as easy as we go about our daily lives.

They are weighed down with earths muddy tones, as the living are joyful.

They occupy the earth beneath our flesh padded feet.

They stare and mock us for while we are on the ground we try to find ourselves and understand what we are here for, and why we live.

But their bodies wreak with the pungent odor of dead knowledge.

We forget, though, for we only think about what we know and it's what gravity and mindset hold us to.

We only think about up.

Humans don't think about bones.