A/N: This is the prologue to yet another story I have been toying around with. It's set in a world where vampires, demons, witches, werewolves, and more are all real and the humans know about them. In this world, they coexist, the supernatural attending their own private schools to train, and the humans learning in 'Supernatural Studies' more about them and their culture. Of course, for Jessica 'Jess' Fury, she's going to get a more in-depth view of their culture and world when she becomes one of them.

Enter Jess Fury, the Wolfgirl.


It was a Tuesday when my life started to spiral and everything change. Isn't it always a Tuesday when the worst crap happens to you?


I was currently walking home from school, having just finished with softball practice, and I had three textbooks. I had three tests to take tomorrow- Chemistry, Trig, and Global. I wasn't looking forward to any of them and really needed to study for them. I heard a howl in the distance and I froze, wondering if it was what I thought it was. I shook my head and started to walk faster, truly worried now. What if it really was a werewolf? Werewolf attacks didn't occur as frequently as they once did but every once in a while, a newly turned will attack the unlucky one to be wandering around.

The howl sounded again, closer this time and I started to walk more quickly, looking over my shoulder. I couldn't see anything and I started to scan the shadows of the forests and houses, looking for any sign of movement. Nothing stood out to me so I walked a little faster, starting to get very nervous. Could it be a werewolf? My head kept telling me no while my gut kept saying yes. My gut was winning this war- especially since there were no wolves anywhere near here!

The howl sounded for a third time, this time coming from the right. I twisted around to see a figure breaking loose from the shadows. I dropped my books in fright and clutched my softball bag closer, yanking out my bat as I went. The figure was now only twenty yards away and coming fast- unnaturally fast. The figure was on all fours and my heart sank, my body feeling as if it was plunged into ice water. That's when it came true for me, when it became real- this was a werewolf attack.

See, werewolves are actually very common- nearly just as common as vampires, witches, demons, super humans, ghosts, and more. Usually they were separated from society- sent to special boarding schools- and then were integrated back once they had been trained. Sadly, it didn't seem as if this one had been trained. As I had said before, werewolf attacks weren't very frequent at all- maybe once in a while- with the exception of those rarities.

It seems I wasn't lucky this time. The man-wolf charged at me and I lifted the bat onto my shoulder, breathing quickly from the fear. The wolf charged and I swung the bat forwards as hard as I could, catching the werewolf in the head.

I stood there, frozen, staring down at the werewolf. I had always heard about them, and would occasionally see one on the streets but I'd never seen a transformed one. It was scary. The werewolf was definitely humanoid- that you could tell from its body structure. Though it seemed to run on all fours, it could also stand on two legs. It had a distinctly human-shaped head with the exception of wolf ears, fur on the face, and large, sharp, fangs.

It let out a growl like groan which tore me from my reverie and I turned, running down the street as fast as I could. The werewolf, though it wasn't a full moon, was obviously not in control of itself. We had a supernatural class at the high school that taught us about the other 'intelligent' species sharing the earth with us. We had covered werewolves, of course. Besides the full moon, werewolves could transform into a state that was part man part wolf, leaning heavily towards the man part. The werewolf could control himself in this form. On full moon nights, werewolves would transform into, not quite a wolf, but a creature that was leaning much more heavily on its wolf part than man. This werewolf, however, must've been newly bit and was out hunting. Sadly, I just happened to be the nearest prey… just my crappy luck.

A growl sounded from right behind me and I spun around, bat out in front of me. I was glad I had the bat in front of me as the wolf, which had been lunging towards me, bit down on the bat instead of my arm. I pushed with all my might as the werewolf, fangs caught in the composite bat, hovered above me. It was pressing down on me and I knew that pretty soon, it would get its fangs out of that bat and it would bite me next. There wasn't much I could do seeing as it was a supernatural creature and far stronger than I, a human.

The werewolf shifted slightly, still trying to get its fangs out of the bat, and its hot, putrid breath was fanning across my face. I gagged slightly and twisted my head, breathing in the fresh air as I struggled a bit under the weight of the wolf. Obviously I was not the only thing it had been hunting today. I took another deep breath, mustering my strength, and as the wolf pulled back, vehemently shaking its head, I kicked it with all my strength. The wolf rolled off due to it being off balanced, and I scrambled to my feet, tearing off down the block. I cursed slightly as I ran as hard as I could. I had left my only weapon behind but it had to be done. After all, it was either that or wait around for it to get its fangs out of the bat and sink its fangs into the nearest thing- me!

I cut across a neighbor's lawn as I turned onto another block. A fourth howl sounded through the night and I knew the wolf was once more chasing me. I looked over my shoulder to see a shadow leap over the roof of the house on the corner. "Shit," I mumbled as I turned and ran head down, as fast as I could. I could hear the pounding of feet (er- paws?) on the pavement and I glanced over my shoulder again to see the wolf less than fifteen feet away. I turned, running harder when I saw the wolf leap. I felt its weight crash into my back and couldn't help but curse as I fell forwards, just barely caching myself from bashing my face. I rolled across the pavement as the werewolf skidded to a halt next to me.

I groaned, staring up at the starry night before the werewolf appeared in my vision, glaring down at me as it snarled. It reared back and I brought my arms up to cover my face as it lunged forwards. I closed my eyes as unbearable pain flared through my arm, the wolf's fangs sinking deeper into the muscle. I cried out in pain as the fangs scrapped my bone and I watched in horror as the blood spurted out around the fangs. The wolf pulled back and I cried out again as the pain in my arm flared again.

I stared up at the werewolf, its face and fur bloody, its fangs dripping with my blood. Still, I couldn't find it in myself to hate such a cursed creature that obviously didn't choose this life- he didn't know any better. I watched the werewolf snarl as it reared back and I couldn't help but close my eyes and twist my head away, preparing myself for the next blow. I waited a few seconds only for it to never come. I heard a crash and my eyes flew open to see a figure holding the werewolf against a car, the car's metal creaking from the sheer force.

I used my good arm to sit up, leaning against another car as I watched the man yank the werewolf back and throw it into the car again. The wolf howled in pain and I watched as the man threw the wolf nearly twenty yards away. The werewolf skidded and rolled across the pavement before it finally stopped moving. It whimpered and howled pitifully in pain before struggling to its feet and half running half limping away into the forest at the end of the block.

My attention flew back to the man standing several yards away next to the car. He was still staring at the forest and he waited a good few minutes before he shook his head and turned around. He was gone, reappearing by my side in the space of a second- not even! I knew then that he was not a man- werewolf, vampire or possibly a demon but not a human. I couldn't help but flinch away in fear, closing my eyes and causing my arm to flare again in pain.

"Relax, Jess, just relax," the man said and my eyes flew open to look at the man. I sighed in relief when I realized just who he was. It was my Supernatural Studies teacher, Mr. James, and I relaxed immediately. After all, everyone knew he was a vampire, working part time at the school as a Supernatural Studies professor and part time at the local Supernatural Academy. We were in upstate New York, located in a small town with friendly people, and the Supernatural Academy was less than twenty miles away. It was also common knowledge that Mr. James boarded there, as a professor, and would travel to the high school Monday and Friday mornings for Supernatural Studies class. During the summer, when school was out of session, Mr. James would say at the Academy full time since the Academy never had break. It had a few short vacations but it was open all summer long as training young supernatural creatures was important. The reason Mr. James was our Supernatural Studies professor was due to the fact that our principal thought it best to have an actual supernatural person teach the subject than a biased human.

"Oh god… Mr. James," I mumbled as I trembled. I knew I was going into shock from being attacked and terror filled me, latching onto my heart. I was fearful that I might slowly be turning into a werewolf myself.

"Just relax," he said again as he shifted next to me, looking at my arm. "Look, I'm going to pick you up now, alright? I'm going to bring you to my car… is that alright, Jess?" he asked again and I nodded my head, the pain keeping me from saying anything.

"Yeah… fine," I managed to spit out. He carefully lifted me up from the ground, careful so not to touch my arm, and ran to the car. He opened the door and carefully put my in the seat, leaving me to buckle the seat belt with my good left hand. He was already in the driver's seat and shifting the car into gear before I even had the belt on. The car lurched forwards, the tires squealing on the pavement, and I watched the forest fly by- far too quickly for comfort.

Trying to calm my nerves, I turned my head to focus on the interior of the car. It was nice and sleek, probably black leather interior, and there were cool neon floor lights. I looked at the dashboard and felt queasy again when I noticed the speed we were traveling at- 150 mph! I tore my gaze away and instead decided to focus on Mr. James, probably the least vomit inducing sight to stare at. He was, as characteristic of most if not all vampires, drop dead gorgeous. He was hot and nicely muscled with his brunette and blond streaked hair, tan skin, and piercing green eyes. My feelings, however, stopped there. Though I could admit and agree he was attractive, he was my teacher. Something about that stopped me dead in my tracks. You couldn't and just didn't like your teachers like that- it just didn't happen.

"Staring at my charmingly good looks?" he asked with a bit of a smirk, though I could tell that the joke was forced- he was worried about me. I nodded slightly and forced out a strained grin.

"It's the least vomit inducing thing to stare at- don't let it get to your head," I shot back as I closed my eyes, leaning back against the seat. "Where are we going?" I asked as I felt the car turn sharply and heard the tires squealing again.

"The Academy- they'll know just what to do and they'll probably be the best to treat you. They deal with this kind of stuff all the time," he replied and I nodded in response before stopping quickly due to the pain and nausea. He continued to drive in silence and I kept my eyes closed. "So… besides your arm, is there anything else that's injured?" he asked and I shook my head no without opening my eyes. "Okay… I know you're in a lot of pain, but just relax- we'll be there in a minute," he said and my eyes flew open at that. It took at least twenty five to thirty minutes to get to the Academy and now we would suddenly be there in barely six minutes! How fast was he freaking driving? "Relax- your heart rate just spiked," he commented.

"How the- you are driving way too fast!" I exclaimed, panicked. He just shook his head and rolled his eyes in response.

"I'm a vampire- did you expect me to drive so slowly?" he asked.

"Sixty is not slow!"

"It is for me and most supernatural creatures… get used to it because it'll soon be too slow for you too," he replied and I felt my heart sink. So, I was right. I was going to turn into a werewolf after all. My life would never be the same- hell, would my parents or friends even still look at me the same way?

"We're here," he said as the car screeched to a halt. He was out of the car and my door was open in a second flat. He pushed my hand out of the way and unbuckled me himself, seeing as I was fumbling with the locking mechanism, before lifting me up again and taking off at a sprint. I closed my eyes as I was so dizzy and nauseas, and tried my best to ignore the pain in my arm, which seemed to be dying a bit- just a bit. I heard a door creak open and I cracked my eyes open a tad to see walls flying by at ridiculous speeds. I closed my eyes again and kept them closed until a second door creaked.

When I opened them this time, he had slowed to a walk and I could tell we were in an infirmary. There was the matron sitting at the desk that glanced up and gasped in shock. She directed us to a bed and Mr. James carefully placed me down before backing up a few steps.

"My- What happened, Darien?" The matron asked and I could only guess that Darien was Mr. James first name.

"A werewolf attack- it must've been a newly turned one," he said quickly and I saw the matron pull a bottle of liquid out of her pocket along with a long, thin wooden stick. It dawned on me then that she was a witch.

"Dear Hecate- please drink this, darling, it will help," she said as she handed me the vial. I quickly uncorked it and drank it as quickly as possible, ignoring the taste as it went down. Some of the feeling started to return to my right arm and it wasn't quite as cold. Sadly, the pain also returned with the warmth. The matron handed me another vial which I took quickly. I found that this vial relieved me of my pain, which I was grateful for, as well as my dizziness and nausea. I stared down at my right arm and could see that it was already starting to heal, slowly, but heal. The blood had stopped flowing and I could see muscles and tendons slowly reattaching themselves. I inhaled sharply in alarm, thoroughly catching Mr. James' attention.

"Just relax, Jess. This is completely normal. It's the turning process- your body heals itself before you turn for your first time. It will be painful yes, as will transforming back, but steadily after that it will become much easier and far less painful to the point of no pain whatsoever," Mr. James explained and I nodded, not being able to say anything else. It was real- it all was! I was turning into a werewolf. In no time, my body would heal itself only to be thrust into pain yet again as I transform into the half man half wolf form the werewolf earlier had taken.

I suddenly became very nervous and anxious. Would I be very hungry? Would I be in the right mind? Would I be able to control myself or would I go off on a rampage and hunt the nearest thing like that other werewolf? What was going to happen? Would I still be myself or would my personality change? Would I look the same? Talk the same? Would I even think the same way or would it be more animalistic- like a canine? Would-

"Jess, relax," Mr. James said, thoroughly interrupting my thoughts. "Nothing is going to happen- you'll be fine. We'll help you through this. Everyone here at the Academy will help you, don't worry," he said and I froze. Was I now going to have to go to school here? Would I no longer be allowed or welcome at the old high school? Would I have to leave my family or friends behind?

"I… I have to a-attend school here now, don't I?" I asked and I watched as he nodded. My stomach dropped again and I nodded in response, favoring glancing back at my wound over watching him stare at me in concern. I noticed the wound seemed almost fully healed, a few more tendons needing to be reattached before it would scar over and become the mark I would forever bear- the mark of the wolf, many called it.

"Now, Jess, when the mark fully heals, you'll start to transform. Just close your eyes and try not to think of it- you'll know it's over when the pain subsides," he said and I stared at him in shock. That's it? That's all the advice he can give me? Some reassuring words they are! I glanced around for the matron only to notice that she was no longer in the room.

"I…" I trailed off and glanced at my wound, noticing it was scarring over. It was almost healed! I would be transforming any minute now!

"Just relax," he said, gazing calmly at me. I opened my mouth to speak when pain flared through my entire body. If I thought the bite was bad, it was nothing compared to now. I could hear screaming and I dully registered it as my own screams as I rolled off the bed, dropping to my knees on the floor, doubled over in pain. I could feel a light pressure on my back and I screamed from the all consuming pain. It felt like hours as I knelt there, screaming in pain, before my screams suddenly cut off and was replaced by guttural howls and growls instead. Within another few seconds, the pain slowly started to subside and I found I could now open my eyes.


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