Being a soldier at a young age was a little too much for me, but not as much as my love for communication.

I'm Laurence Dalton, aged 17. I was the average young adult with the usual look; black eyes and black hair. I loved combat, which is why I joined the armed forces.

I reside with my team, which was part of the group that I was part of: Group for Specialized Tactics – AKA Ghosts. I managed to be recruited into the GST by my mother's approvement. Ghosts could customize their weapons with a little system called 'Gunsmith', where you could change a gun in an instant via an interface. We did missions whenever one could pop up, and we were off on the weekends too.

We were one of the strongest special forces organizations in the world right now, and I think they should consider making us the world's force instead of a military. We were so rich that we had everything: equipment, gadgets, vehicles, hell, even platoons. We could take on anything, and anything we can't take on, we'd just call in our boys in the air - HAWx.

"Wake up, nappy cut." a voice called out. It came from my driver, who was taking me to meet my unit, Sierra. I was riding in a Humvee, and I must say, it was more comfortable than a normal car. Overhead, two Blackhawks fly in the same direction.

Eventually, an outpost came into view, and the Blackhawks landed there ahead of us. "This is your stop." the driver notified. I exited the Humvee, and walked towards the outpost. On the side, Bruce Carter glared at me. Inside, Jester Gonzales, Edward Hanson, Matthew Milford, and Anthony Jorge listen to a speech given by Dana Lopez on a view screen. Dana was our adviser, and was the aunt of Jester and Karma.

"Gizza Factory, manufacturer of electronics in Canada, was knocked out of contact at 2100 hours last night. Police officials have investigated, but found nothing. Marine squads were sent in, but we lost contact with them. No one knows who, or what, has caused this disturbance. We believe it was a local terror group; patrols disbelieve that." I walked in, and was stopped by a female; Karma Gonzalez, Jester's older sister, reached her arm out, and looked at me in the eye.

Her skin was white, lips were plum and glossed, hair was orange, and eyes were pale blue. "Sir." she called out. Anthony turned and looked at me; he had brown hair and tannish-brown skin. Edward turned around to look at me, "Took long enough." Anthony commented, as I shrugged. "Karma, you got his weapons?" Matt asked. "Only the latest." Karma replied, typing into a tablet computer; her manicured but unpolished nails glinting.

"It is imperative that tomorrow, you carry out this operation with ease. Get us the information you can, IF you can." Dana ordered. "Oh, hello Mister Dalton. Welcome to briefing. Anyways, I would like to announce that Karma and Jester are being moved to another team - Sierra. They are composed of my four daughters, who you will now be working alongside." Dana finished, smiling, as the screen turned off. "More ladies, huh? Just what we need." Matt said. He grinned at Jester, with the latter rolling her eyes at him in return.

An SUV pulled up outside, and out came four females. I'd figured that since they were the same number as the four names Dana just said that these were her daughters.

Dana's face appeared on the screen once more, "Team Sierra, meet Team November - Sylvia, Evelyn, Kristen, and Gretchen." The order of names said corresponded from their positions from left to right. All four of them looked stunning! For starters, they all had green eyes, and Sylvia, Evelyn, and Gretchen each had black hair, while Kristen had brunette.

Their fingernails were well manicured, with, once again, the exception of Kristen; Sylvia's nails were acrylic french manicured, with flower paintings. Evelyn's nails were naturally manicured with metallic pink nail polish. Gretchen's nails were naturally french manicured. While Kristen's nails were, as previously noted, unmanicured, but polished with clear nail polish.

They walked up to us and interacted with us. Various greetings ensued between the boys of our team and the cousins of Karma and Jester, while I just stayed back and watched. That was until, Kristen, the second youngest, noticed me. "Hi," she started, as I shook her hand. "I'm Kristen. What's your name?" I grinned slightly, "Laurence Dalton, but you can just call me Laurie."
"Hello Laurie. Ahehehe. Nice to meet you." Kristen chuckled, and walked back over to the rest of the crowd.

"Okay everyone. Have a good night. But remember; stay ready for the mission on Monday." Dana said one more time, as the screen cut off.

The conversation stopped, as we all exited the outpost, waving to each other. The four sisters enter their SUV, and immediately pulled off. Jester and Karma simply got in their own car, and followed behind the SUV. The boys and I got in our SUV, with Edward driving. "You see those girls, man?" Bruce asked, "Damn, I want to beat that up." Matt said. "You guys should say the right things when talking to them." Anthony judged, with Matt sighing.

Later, Edward stopped at my home. "Stay safe." he acknowledged. "Sure." I acknowledged. So, now that we're with another team - of girls - it looks like I've just gotten luckier. I stretched, and immediately opened the door with my key, entering, and locking it behind me.

I went to my room and sat down in my wheeled chair, turning on my computer.

"Laurie!" a voice called out, it was my mother, Sharon Dalton who walked to my room, opening the door. "Hey honey." She said, coming over to sit in front of me as I rotated the chair towards her.

Mom was kind, polite, and open-minded; she also spoke the correct way - not Ebonics. She was a strict and prioritized person, and was also very beautiful, I liked everything about her; caramel skin, long black hair, pearl blue eyes, and perfectly shaped lips. She melted my heart just looking at her. Whoa, this was my mother I was talking about. I don't care; I have the right to say she's beautiful.

Mom had been real healthy, and took care of her own design. Her fingernails were naturally manicured and perfectly clean, with white cuticles that were a single centimeter long, and were polished with clear nail polish.

My mother came to sit down in front of me, crossing her legs, and taking off her slippers. My eyes instantly came into contact with a pair of absolutely luscious bare feet before me. I never really saw my mother bare-foot that much, since whenever she went to bed, she always had socks on, but right now, I'm fascinated. I glared at her soft size 11 feet placed before me, and I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Her toenails were beautifully tended and polished with metallic red nail polish; oh god, I think my mouth was about to water.

"Dana called, and she said that you guys were getting paired with a new team – November. While you're at it, you could try and ask one of them out sometime." Mom proclaimed. "Oh, I'm alright." I expressed, "You sure?" I nodded. "That's all, sweetie. Good night." She got up, putting her slippers back on and leaving the room.

I was too tired, and decided to turn the computer off. I then dropped onto my bed, slipping under my covers and closing my eyes.