Pondering #2

Insignificant Greatness

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be president? Or maybe something less conventional, like a superhero?

We'd have all this power and so much to do with it, but what can we really do with it?

We have become almost oblivious to the fact that we are on a planet that is orbiting a star, on the outskirts of a galaxy, surrounded by so many others, and we are just a blue dot. It's like a fantasy novel.

But, we must ask ourselves… what is our life compared to the sun? To the stars?

In comparison, we live a life that is shorter than a mayfly's.

We dream of being president of the mayflies, something that we take great pride in, actually. We dream of doing something great, whilst in an office working on the new, revolutionary phone. We dream of doing something great while being so small.

We are the dust on the dust on the dust on the dust on the dust on the leg hair of a dust mite.

What makes us so special? What does it matter if we win a spelling bee, or become CEO? Make a million a year or have fifteen children?

In the end, we will never compare to the fantasy of our universe.

…but, we are the universe.

We are made of the stars, of the elements around us. We live on Earth, the planet we were born on, somehow ignoring the fact that we are made of it. This is our home.

We are earthlings.

That's what makes us special.

Not our achievements, not our materialistic wealth, or our honor.

We are the universe.

Isn't that an amazing, insignificant greatness?