"You mother fu...fluffing son of a bi...biscuit..."

Varian looked up from his book over at Nathan who was seated on the floor, practically glued to the television as he played his game. He'd been tuning out his cussing for the most part, until he started switching them up that is.

Now, he was having a hard time stifling his laughter. "Son of a biscuit? I wasn't aware biscuits had genders, let alone children."

"Well, now they do. Son of mother Jesus Hell!" Nathan growled before rolling his eyes and sighing loudly.

Curious as to what was troubling Nathan with the game, Varian set his book aside and got up to sit on the floor next to him watching the screen.

A horse that looked suspiciously like Epona was being ridden by Link, which was Nathan as he raced some creepy guy with a mustache. Nathan was losing.

Varian noted how Nathan was making Link ride Epona too far from the fence. The creepy guy, whom Varian was fairly sure was named Ingo, was winning.

"Try steering her near the fence on the turns. Make sure she isn't going full speed so you can make her gallop past him and you should be able to slow him down enough to win."

Nathan glared towards Varian slightly and sighed before shaking his head and trying it.

Varian watched in amusement as Nathan guided Link and Epona past Ingo, music signaling his victory congratulating him.

"...I hate you." Nathan murmured, glancing over to him. Varian noted he wasn't glaring this time.

"I do what I can." Varian said, lying back on the floor and crossing his arms behind his head as a cushion.

Raising an eyebrow, Nathan set the controller down in front of him slowly. Varian felt him still watching him and had to struggle to hide the grin. Instead, he closed his eyes and just relaxed.

They hadn't touched since before Nathan had graduated. Because Nathan was ridiculously stubborn and hadn't kissed him yet. That wasn't going to last much longer, not if Varian had a say in it.

Apparently Nathan was thinking the same thing, because Varian sensed his smirk before he paused, leaning over and laying across him, giving him a light peck on the lips before pulling his head back.

Varian figured Nathan was watching him again, and he could sense it too. Opening his eyes, he found Nathan was indeed watching him, with an eyebrow raised.

No way was Nathan getting away with that. Uh-uh.

Welcoming the light weight of his boyfriend, Varian reached up and ran his fingers through Nathan's hair affectionately before gripping him by it, kissing him and biting his lower lip a little harder than he should have.

Nathan inhaled sharply at the bite, returning the favor by biting Varian's lip harder and putting his arms on either side of his head.

Moaning into Nathan's mouth, Varian kissed him hard. It'd been forever since they'd last done anything like this, and he was going to make the most of it.

"What happened to not kissing me?" he asked, pulling away from Nathan's mouth enough so that he could speak. He didn't want to stop kissing, but taunting Nathan was an equally good alternative. It meant he'd probably get a decent response. Not something he minded.

Snorting, Nathan pressed their foreheads together. "Roughly two months. I think that's long enough."

Oh yeah. Varian could agree to that.

Grabbing Nathan, he pushed him over and climbed on top of him, straddling him. "And now you're at my mercy. I can't believe you made me wait that long."

"Your own fault. You're the one who said I couldn't touch you."

Varian bent down, hovering so his mouth just barely brushed Nathan's. "And who wouldn't kiss me?" he murmured softly. He was itching to kiss Nathan, but he wanted him to know how much he hated having to wait so long.

Nathan frowned slightly, putting his hand on the back on Varian's neck and leaning up slightly, lightly kissing Varian's cheek.

Growling, Varian turned his head and pressed his lips to Nathan's, holding back the gasp from the electric connection. He loved it.

As a response, Nathan dug his fingers into the back of his neck, pressing Varian's head closer to his and lightly nipping at his bottom lip.

With absolutely no hesitation, Varian opened his mouth and shifted closer, inviting Nathan in. This, this he was okay with. Nathan wasted no time in shoving his tongue into his mouth and Varian moaned softly, meeting his tongue with his own. Bracing himself with one hand, Varian reached down and slid his free hand under Nathan's shirt, running his fingers up his stomach slowly.

Nathan arched his back and pressed against Varian, moving his hand from Varian's neck down his back. The close proximity gave Varian a good opportunity to smell him, which he took the liberty of doing. He'd always liked the way Nathan smelled, but lately it'd been a little more appealing.

His train of thought was cut off sharply as he felt Nathan's hand trail his back from his neck, causing him to shiver. He wasn't used to feeling much back there and the tingles it brought went straight down his spine and settled lower. Further than he'd felt them before. Going right to the one place he least expected it.

Gasping softly, Varian pulled back and away from Nathan, trying to imperceptibly hide the glance downward. Nothing had changed, but he knew he'd felt something. "Strange..." he muttered.

Nathan frowned. Varian didn't think he was too pleased at the sudden ceasing of the making out. "What?" he asked.

"I'm not sure." Varian replied. He really wasn't. But he'd felt something. "I just...when you touched me...I don't know. It felt different. I don't know how else to describe it."

He really didn't. He wasn't even sure he was right about feeling it. It was probably a trick of his imagination.

"...Like...good different, or...?"

Sitting up straight, Varian looked down at Nathan and regarded him quietly. "Not sure. Doesn't matter. I'm just being silly."

Nathan raised an eyebrow back at him, sitting up and leaning on his arms. "...Uh-huh...if you say so..."

Varian sighed. There wasn't much more to say to him on the subject. He didn't understand himself, so he decided to just brush it off. "Now that you've got Epona, you can continue saving the rest of Hyrule."


After Varian's rather...odd response to kissing, which Nathan despised highly, he'd gone back to "saving Hyrule". Except he was getting bored with it. He'd rather be kissing Varian. But no, someone gets a weird feeling and all of a sudden it's back to saving Zelda. Figures.

Nathan sighed quietly, leaning his elbow on his leg as he sat Indian style, using one hand to slowly push buttons on the controller. He started clicking his tongue, glancing over to Varian. Varian was still on the floor next to him, watching him play.

"What are you thinking?" he asked suddenly, glancing over to Nathan.

"...That I should have some responses from various colleges coming in the mail soon."

Not entirely what he'd been thinking, but it was true. Roughly two months ago he'd begun applying to any college in the state of North Dakota that had some sort of medical field.

Varian frowned slightly, staying silent for a moment. "Do you know where you want to go?"

"Wherever accepts me, I guess," Nathan replied with a shrug, looking back to the television, "I made a point not to apply to any out of state though."

Varian nodded. "I don't think I could stand it if you went out of state, but I'm happy you want to go to college."

Nathan smiled, snorting quietly. "You don't think you could stand it? I'd be a wreck within the first week. I'd be calling you crying, in a little ball in a corner somewhere." he laughed.

It was funny, but true. Nathan didn't think he'd last a week without seeing Varian, if that. He was too use to seeing him every day, or damn close to it.

Varian smiled at him, chuckling softly. "What an interesting picture. I don't want you crying. That would be unsettling."

Nathan smiled wider. He didn't cry often, but, under the right circumstances...or if he was drunk...he got emotional when drunk.

Varian noticed Nathan's widened smile, becoming suspicious, for whatever reason. "What?" he asked, "You better not jump me. I swear I'll bite you if you do."

Jump him? Is that was impotent people think of all the time? Sex?

Nathan looked over, raising his eyebrows. "Actually, I was thinking about how emotional I get when drunk, but uh, now that we all know where your thought process goes..." Nathan trailed off.

Varian grinned. "Nobody ever said I was innocent."

"That is painfully obvious," Nathan chuckled. Oh no, Varian wasn't innocent in the least. Nathan dared to say Varian might even have a worse mind than his own.

Impotency didn't suit him. Not at all.

"Pain..." Varian snorted, "Alright. You get emotional when you're drunk. Does that mean you'll be getting drunk a lot when you're away from me?"

"...Maybe...I certainly plan to on my 21st birthday."

Who didn't plan to get completely shitfaced on their 21st birthday? Not that he hasn't been drunk before then, but still. That's when he can be drunk in bars.

"At least you'll be legal." Varian said. "Do what you like, I don't care. Just don't go trying to give me any alcohol."

Nathan smiled slightly to himself. "Oh no...I'd never dream of such a thing..."

Varian smiled back. "I can't get drunk."

"But it does something to you, is the point. I never said I wanted to get you drunk." Nathan pointed out. Though, a drunken Varian would be interesting...

Varian was smirking now. "Oh yes, it certainly does something. But I have no intention of you finding out just what it does."

Nathan looked over to Varian slowly, glancing over him quickly. "...Hm. We'll see about that." he mumbled, looking back to the game. He could see it happening, at some point. It might be years away, but most likely, it would happen. If just to shut Nathan up.

Varian, however, didn't seem to take that comment too well as he scoffed. "You're incredible."

"...I'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult. So I'm not going to ask, and remain blissfully ignorant."

"Insult? Never." Varian responded, moving to sit closer to Nathan and peering at the television. "What are you doing now?"

"'Never' my ass..." Nathan said under his breath, thought he wasn't sure why. Varian heard basically everything. "And now, I am about to enter the domain of blue, anatomically incorrect, naked fish people."

"The Zoras?" Varian asked interestedly, leaning closer to get a good look. "I like the Zoras."

"They're weird..."

Varian laughed before leaning against Nathan lightly. "Maybe that's why I like them so much. Because they're different."

"They're naked! All of them! And they have no genitals! How do they reproduce if they have no genitals?"

It really didn't make sense...the women had breasts...or at least breast shapes...but why? If they're fish, then the "breast shapes" were completely pointless. The Zoras just didn't make sense to him.

"We're all naked at some point in our life. But the no genitals thing is pretty strange..." Varian began, smiling. "Maybe they have children like fish." then he paused, frowning. "Where's the fun in that? How boring. Bella has a better sex life than that."

Nathan rolled his eyes. "There's the sex again. Maybe they have more things to do than have fun sex. And what in the...what does Bella have to do with Hyrule? Keep that cunt out of this conversation."

Oops...hadn't meant to say that...

Nathan paused, blinking a few times before humming to himself. "...Venerra's not around, right?"

Varian paused for a moment. "Not anywhere near hearing distance." he said, then grinned and turned to Nathan. "You'll miss my wonderful comments when you're gone. So deal with them."

'Wonderful'. That's a word and a half.

"Yeah, well, lately they've mostly been sex related. And somewhat ADHD. It's like you've traded personalities with Justin." Nathan mumbled.

Varian didn't reply to that; instead, he seemed to stare off, beyond the television. Then he got up, walking over to the couch and sitting down before going back to reading his book.

Well damn. Nathan didn't think the comment was offensive. So what the hell was that?

Nathan frowned deeply, glancing over to Varian without turning his head. He opened his mouth to say something, but didn't know what to say about the odd behavior. So he only closed it back.

That was possibly the oddest thing he'd seen Varian do. And he didn't even know why he did it.

Varian flipped the page of his book, sighing before just closing it and setting it on the floor. He laid back on the couch, staring at the ceiling. "I think it's just because I'm tired." he murmured softly.

Nathan's expression went from a frown to highly confused, sighing before twisting around to see Varian fully. "...Uh...excuse me, but...what?"

Did he mean that he was tired, which was causing him to talk like that? Because if so, it's still no excuse to just get up and walk the fuck away.

Varian turned to look at Nathan. "I don't really know. I think I'm just tired, but I can't sleep. I get that way when I can't. Sorry."

Well that made absolutely no sense. Nathan shook his head to himself, raising his eyebrows. "Okay then...and why can't you sleep?"

"Pretty sure we've been over this," Varian began, "But, I can't sleep because it takes too much energy. I don't get blood very often, so I can't sleep."

Well then.

Nathan turned back to his game, humming to himself. "Sorry. Not used to people randomly getting up and walking away." he commented.

Varian laughed, getting up from the couch to sit beside Nathan again. "I can't sit still for very long. It irritates me, so I have to get up and move."

"Little warning would have been nice." Nathan mumbled, and then sighed, tapping on his controller. "I don't feel like saving Hyrule anymore."

"I'll remember that." Varian said, leaning against Nathan's shoulder. "What do you feel like doing?"

"...I don't know. What about you?"

Varian mulled it over. "I don't care. But, I kind of like sitting here, touching you. Feels nice."

"M'kay. Sitting here, touching Nathan it is."

Touching Nathan was nice. He was warm and smelled good. He always smelled good, but it was still nice to be near him like he was. He also felt kind of bad about leaving him hanging with the kissing thing.

He'd make it up to him. But, where to begin? He'd never actually sat down and touched somebody just to touch them. Sure, he'd touched Nathan plenty of times, but this seemed a little different.

Laying his cheek against Nathan's shoulder, Varian smiled softly. "So...you just gave me permission to touch you."

"Pretty much, I guess."

Pulling away from Nathan's shoulder, Varian looked him over. "Which means you'll do what I want?"

Nathan raised an eyebrow. "Well, I didn't say all that...what exactly does that imply?"

Varian hummed as he thought that over. "Haven't decided. I'm kind of curious to see how sensitive you are."

Nathan frowned slightly. "That...would depend...are we talking sensitive in a sexual way, or a ticklish way, or in general?"

"I think more in general." Varian said. "I don't want to make you uncomfortable."

Which he didn't. If Nathan didn't want him doing something he wasn't about to force him. But he did want to touch him. Apparently Nathan found this humorous, because he snorted and smiled slightly.

"I think if I'm going to be touching you, perhaps we should move..." Varian brought up. "I wouldn't want Venerra to catch us in a compromising position."

"Yeah...that would be rather awkward..." Nathan agreed.

Varian couldn't imagine explaining to her about that. Especially now.

"Then my room will probably be best." he said, getting up and heading towards it. The door was open. He usually left it that way, unless it was slightly messy.

Nathan nodded, though Varian assumed it was more to himself, slowly getting up and cracking his neck and hands while following. Not a good habit, but Varian wasn't about to pick on him for that.

Heading in, he waited patiently for Nathan to enter. Which he did, and then Varian shut the door.

His room held many memories in it. Many of which were times he'd spent with Nathan. There were fun times and emotional times and he was happy for them all.

Once inside, Varian headed for his bed, and sat down at the foot of it looking up at Nathan expectantly. "You coming?" he asked, smiling softly.

Nathan walked over and sat next to Varian, putting his hands on his lap. "Alright, now what?"

Looking at him, Varian turned a little and reached out to smooth some of Nathan's hair. Leaning in closer he paused. "Can I kiss you, or do you not want me to do that?"

Nathan smiled slightly. "You know, you don't have to ask my permission if you want to kiss me."

"Force of habit." Varian chuckled. Which it was. He was used to asking Nathan if it was okay to do something. "I like to be sure of my welcome." he finished before leaning in the rest of the way and kissing Nathan softly.

Sighing quietly into the kiss, Nathan brought his hand up to the back of Varian's neck.

Resisting the urge to deepen the kiss, Varian struggled to think of something else. Deciding thinking was getting him nowhere, he ran his fingers through Nathan's hair, enjoying the texture before breaking the kiss and smiling at Nathan. "I think I want your shirt off."

"You think?" Nathan laughed back, shaking his head slightly before pulling back and clawing off his shirt.

Skin Varian could work with. Reaching out, he ran his fingers over Nathan's shoulder, towards his back and down over his shoulder blade.

Nathan sat calmly, glancing around on occasion. He seemed pretty content to just let Varian do whatever he decided to do.

Varian decided he wanted to explore the area near Nathan's spine and shifted so he could get behind him, placing both hands on his shoulders before dipping his head and resting it against the back of Nathan's neck, kissing the skin there lightly.

No doubt Nathan had some sort of expression, probably raising an eyebrow, but rolled his shoulders, not saying anything.

Varian couldn't decide if that was a good or a bad response.

"Not sure how to take that."

"Take what? I didn't say anything." Nathan replied with a small laugh.

Well, no, but he hadn't exactly made it seem like he enjoyed it either...

"Hm...I think I've changed my mind." Varian said. "I can't touch you just to touch you." Which was true. He didn't have the willpower to touch Nathan and not have it end up being sexual.

Nathan frowned slightly. "What does that mean?"

Pulling away from behind Nathan, Varian got off the bed and stood in front of him, bending down so both of his hands rested on the mattress, his face inches away from Nathan. "It means you're in my room with me, and you currently don't have a shirt on." he said with a grin. "So now you're stuck and at my mercy, because I'm not going to let an opportunity go after two months of nothing."

Varian was treated to a slight smile from Nathan. "These things never end well for me."

Failing to see how these circumstances never ended well for Nathan, Varian found himself smirking. "Most people consider having an orgasm a 'happy ending'."

Considering Nathan's previous statement, Varian didn't think he was too adverse the situation, so he leaned in the rest of the way and kissed him, pressing on him slightly to encourage him to scoot back on the bed.

Nathan pulled away slightly and snorted as he indeed moved back. "I vaguely remember saying something a while back about sexual exhaustion."

Climbing on the bed, Varian smiled at Nathan as he got closer to him again. "A minor fluke. I'll make sure it doesn't happen." he replied softly, capturing Nathan's mouth with his again.

Humming quietly into the kiss, Nathan put his hand on the back of Varian's neck. Aware of the all too familiar gesture, Varian tilted his head and deepened the kiss, pressing a little harder on Nathan so he'd scoot back further.

Complying, Nathan started to move back again, but this time he did it while lightly nipping at Varian's bottom lip. Groaning softly, Varian pushed on Nathan further. They were a little past halfway up the bed now. He could start to do as he pleased. Pulling away from the kiss, he ducked his head and went right for Nathan's neck.

It'd always been a sensitive area of his and he intended to get Nathan excited. Kissing, he quickly decided to alternate to sucking, and that's what he did.

Nathan sighed quietly and closed his eyes due to the attention to his neck, still moving back up the bed. Situated where Varian wanted him, he pressed down on him, getting him to lie back before pulling away and looking at him. "I'm not liking how much clothes you still have on."

Holding his upper body up with his arms, Nathan laid back like Varian wanted him to. "Really?"

"Definitely." Varian said, looking him over. He wanted to see more skin. "I'm not satisfied with you dressed like you are. Too much cloth in the way." Pulling back, Varian slid a little further down the mattress and looked at Nathan. "Do you mind?" he asked, reaching for Nathan's pants.

Nathan shrugged, putting his arms behind his head, now fully lying down. "Do what you want."

Varian smirked. "I'd be careful what you say. I might just get ideas." he said, swiftly unbuttoning Nathan's pants and pulling the zipper. He wanted to just take them off then, but decided to give Nathan a chance to change his mind. He didn't think he would, but he wasn't going to be mean and just go for it.

Nathan laughed. "Yes, because there's so much we haven't already done..." He replied sarcastically.

Nope. He hadn't. Good.

Hooking his fingers over the waistband of Nathan's jeans, Varian pulled down. Once they were off he dropped them over the edge of the bed and turned back to look at Nathan.

Not ridiculously muscular, Nathan had a nice build and was attractive to Varian. That's what mattered.

In response to Varian's appraisal of him, Nathan raised an eyebrow. That had Varian smiling at him.

"You said I could do what I want. If I want to look at you, I can."

Nathan sighed quietly and held his hands up. "Didn't say anything about it. By all means, do what you will."

He most certainly would. Feeling his smile morph into an impish grin, Varian moved up and bent down, going for Nathan's neck again before deciding that no, he wanted to kiss Nathan. He hadn't quite figured out what he wanted to do to Nathan, so he needed some time to stall. He just knew how it would end.

Pressing his lips to Nathan's, Varian watched Nathan close his eyes as he kissed back softly. He didn't mind, but he wasn't exactly looking for a soft kiss. Closing his eyes, Varian kissed back hard.

Nathan smiled slightly before wrapping his arms around Varian's neck, lightly nipping at his bottom lip. Smirking at the nip, Varian pulled back slightly, opening his eyes while refusing to open his mouth for Nathan.

Glaring slightly, Nathan used his arms to pull Varian back down. "Excuse me, sir. I was not finished."

Varian let out a small laugh. "Never been called 'sir' before. Must be a bedroom thing." Bending down, he kissed Nathan again, parting his lips to let Nathan in.

Nathan growled quietly in response, roughly shoving his tongue into Varian's mouth. Moaning softly, Varian welcomed the aggressiveness, his tongue meeting Nathan's.

Pressing up against Varian, Nathan ran his hands down his back. The contact had Varian feeling the heat from Nathan's body. Every touch was heightened, he couldn't really understand why, but this was supposed to be about Nathan, not him.

Breaking the kiss, Varian ducked his head and went for Nathan's neck, trailing kisses down to the small hollow at the base of his throat where he sucked. Nathan sighed quietly in response, lightly scratching Varian's back.

Catching his breath, Varian growled lightly. "This is meant more for you, not me." he whispered softly, licking a line up Nathan's neck to his ear lobe which he grasped lightly with his teeth, avoiding his fangs, and tugged gently.

Nathan inhaled sharply and smiled. "You're complaining?"

Varian took a brief second to mull that over. He was. How strange. "Only a little." he replied, releasing Nathan's ear lobe and planting a kiss on his neck, lifting his hands to run up Nathan's stomach and settle on his shoulders.

Moving his hands from Varian's back to his arms, Nathan watched him. Well, now Varian felt like he'd done something wrong. He didn't particularly like that feeling.

"Probably shouldn't have said that." Varian mumbled, averting his gaze.

Nathan paused for a minute before laughing and shaking his head, rubbing Varian's arm. "Not that big of a deal." he replied, leaning up to kiss Varian's jawline. Pulled out of his musings, Varian sighed softly, both in relief of his frustration not being a big deal, and the sensation of Nathan's mouth on his skin.

It was the last part of his thought that triggered a memory. Mouth. On skin. Nathan.

Unable to check the grin, he gently pushed Nathan back down and pressed his forehead to Nathan's. "Hey Nathan." he started, suddenly very excited to get to the point.

Nathan raised his eyebrows. "Yes Varian?"

"I recall a certain somebody requesting a certain act to be done later while leaning against my door a while ago." Varian continued, pulling away slightly to look down at him.

Frown slightly before understanding what Varian meant, Nathan hummed quietly to himself before speaking. "Yes...I suppose a certain somebody did request a certain act. Is that a certain somebody else's way of saying that said certain act will be performed?"

Not quite. Varian had other ideas. He voiced the last two thoughts out loud for Nathan.

"Damn." Nathan mumbled, then raised an eyebrow. "...'Other ideas'?"

Varian smirked at Nathan's comment. "Are you disappointed?" he laughed. "I'm not throwing said act out of the options, but I'd like to request a modification."

"Disappointed? I'd say so. And what type of modification, exactly?"

Varian mulled over exactly how he was going to present the idea to Nathan. "It's still a blowjob. Just...more like one on steroids."

"...A blowjob...on steroids...I'm not sure if I'm highly interested or highly afraid..."

Varian arched an eyebrow at Nathan. "Why would you be afraid? I've never hurt you. Besides, it's not something I've ever volunteered. It's rather unique to Changed vampires."

"Well...could you explain it better than 'a blowjob on steroids', maybe?" Nathan asked.

"Not really. But it leads back to a rather interesting fact that the book didn't tell you about my kind."

Nathan rolled his eyes. "You say you want to give me a blowjob on steroids, and then wonder why it worries me." he murmured. "Are you at least going to explain this 'fact'?"

"I don't have a gag reflex." Varian stated simply, bending down slightly to lightly kiss Nathan. "Which means I can take certain objects further into my mouth and back into my throat without a problem." he finished, pulling away to meet Nathan's gaze.

Nathan raised his eyebrows interestedly. "...Oh...so... Oh... Well, that's interesting..." He mumbled, seeming to actually understand what Varian had meant earlier with his description.

"Seems like you're interested." Varian said softly, his mouth quirking into a smile. "You going to get it up for me then? Or...is help required?"

Faltering slightly at Varian's straight-forwardness, Nathan thought about it for a second. "Well...help won't be rejected if it's offered, I suppose."

"You give me too much freedom." Varian commented, shifting back slightly on the bed, bending down and planting a kiss on Nathan's collar bone, licking the skin afterwards.

Nathan snorted quietly. "You say that like it's a bad thing." He mumbled.

Sliding lower, Varian kissed down Nathan's chest and stomach, making his way towards his boxers, pausing to speak. "Maybe I like a little more of a firm hand." he said, running his tongue around Nathan's navel before continuing the downward motion. He intended to have the boxers removed rather quickly.

Humming quietly in response, Nathan closed his eyes and relaxed. Good. Varian wanted him relaxed.

Sliding back further, Varian kissed down to the waistband of Nathan's boxers. Grinning momentarily, he gripped it with his teeth and pulled down, backing up to slide them off all the way, letting them drop off the bed and onto the floor. As soon as he heard the sound of fabric hitting the floor, he crawled back up to Nathan and bent down. Running his tongue along Nathan's exposed hip and the front of his pelvis, not stopping until his face was where he wanted it to be.

Nathan twitched slightly at Varian's ministrations, opening his eyes and glancing down to look at him.

If he wanted to watch he could watch, but Varian wasn't about to quit. He was where he wanted to be, he just needed Nathan to get hard. Fortunately, Varian could fix that.

Smiling softly at his thoughts, Varian licked Nathan, sliding down the shaft towards the head, pausing every other moment to suck at him. It didn't take long for Nathan's body to respond, as Varian felt him harden. Well, that was fast.

Shifting, Varian took him into his mouth and sucked harder than before, flitting his tongue against the tip, teasing it. He was going to have fun with this. Nathan's immediate reaction of moaning quietly and closing his eyes had him struggling to not bite him as he forced back the laugh. Oh yes. Fun.

Settling on the bed, Varian gripped Nathan's hips gently, using his elbows to hold himself up a little and bobbed his head down, forcing Nathan back further into his mouth, minding his fangs carefully. This was the most awkward stage. He had to be very careful not to bite.

Nathan moaned a little louder before subconsciously lifting his hips slightly. "Holy shit..."

Swearing was a good sign. Pulling his head back, Varian swirled his tongue along the tip, sucking harder before bobbing back down and pushing Nathan back into his throat.

"Fucking Hell...God damn..." Nathan moaned out, lifting his hips again as one of his hands went down to run through Varian's hair. "...Why the fuck don't we do this more often? Shit..."

Thoroughly enjoying his reaction, Varian slid off of Nathan partially to tease him, also to respond. "Sexual exhaustion maybe?" he offered, flitting his tongue against the tip of Nathan's erection again before taking him in his mouth and pushing down all the way, feeling him strike the back of his throat.

Nathan responded simply with a loud string of cusses and moans while pushing up into Varian's mouth. This forced him further down Varian's throat and he pulled back to bob swiftly back down, swallowing to tighten further around Nathan, gripping his hips a little harder.

He wanted Nathan to feel good, and so far it seemed he was doing fine.

"Fuck!" Nathan said in a combination of a yell and moan, tightening his grip on Varian's hair. That seemed like confirmation enough.

Sliding back, Varian bobbed back down quickly, repeating the process, finding a steady rhythm. Every bob of his head had Nathan striking his throat harder and harder. Continuing with a quiet string of swearing, occasionally interrupted by a moan, Nathan rocked his hips in time with Varian. "...Can't do this m-much longer..." He growled out.

Varian had no intention of stopping. Gripping Nathan's hips harder, he pulled, encouraging him to move more.

Nathan brought his other hand down to run through Varian's hair while beginning to rock his hips faster and more erratically, still saying his quiet string of swearing. Working faster to keep up with Nathan, Varian pulled harder on his hips.

The hip-rocking of Nathan's faltered for a second before becoming more erratic, and he inhaled sharply. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum..."

Varian stilled himself to allow Nathan to do so, pulling his hips again and forcing him deeper. Nathan's movements faltered frequently and he moaned loudly. Varian was aware of the release, since Nathan was already down his throat there wasn't anything he had to do. Then Nathan slowed down to a gentle rocking while breathing heavily.

Giving Nathan a moment, Varian pulled off of him and sat back, wiping at his mouth and smiling at him. Staring at the ceiling while waiting for his breathing to even out, Nathan finally voiced his thoughts. "...Holy fuck..."

"Blowjob on steroids." Varian commented with a small laugh. "Understand?"


Well, what an intelligent response, Varian mused.

"I'll let you sleep if you want." he said, understanding that it probably took a lot out of him. Getting off the bed, he headed into his bathroom and grabbed his toothbrush.

Nathan snorted loudly and took a second before finding his boxers and jeans, pulling them on and staring at his shirt on the floor. "...Fuck you, shirt. You're too far away." He commented to himself.

In the process of brushing his teeth, Varian smirked before spitting into the sink and rinsing out his mouth and the sink, putting his toothbrush back where he'd gotten it from.

Striding back out into the bedroom, he grabbed Nathan's shirt and tossed it to him. Nathan hummed quietly and put it on, inside out, then sighed and took it back off, fixing it, and putting it on correctly. "Fucking shirt..."

Varian laughed quietly, shaking his head to himself.

Nathan was fairly content.

Who wouldn't be after getting a blowjob from a guy with no gag reflex?

So it was officially decided- Vampires were awesome.

However...he was pretty tired... He debated taking a nap as he sat on Varian's bed, rubbing the back of his neck.

Varian made his way over, climbing onto the bed and sitting next to Nathan, leaning against him lightly.

"Tired?" he asked softly.

"Shockingly." Nathan responded sarcastically. When wasn't he tired from something sexual? At this rate, if he ever actually had sex again, he'd pass out. He yawned widely before sighing, thinking over the event.

"That was fun though. When are we doing that again?"

"When you're least expecting it." Varian laughed. "But not too soon, it's kind of hard to keep from biting you."

Nathan frowned at that. He couldn't imagine that being in any way a nice feeling. "...Yeah...I'd rather you not bite down there...a pleasant feeling or not..."

Varian smiled, pushing Nathan gently. "Come on. We've got work to do."

Nathan groaned loudly in response, rolling his eyes. He didn't feel like doing work.

"You've been over here how many times and still think I'm going to let you off of work?" Varian said teasingly, getting off the bed and heading over to the door where he turned, crossing his arms over his chest as he stared at Nathan.

"False hope. I know." Nathan sighed back, slowly getting up and cracking his back. There was rarely a strictly relaxing day on the farm. Which, on days like this, was very unfortunate.

Varian opened the door and headed for the front door of the house, pausing at Venerra's room and saying that he wanted her outside where he could see her. She came bounding out of her room, with the kitten (Belle Fleur, the animal has a name, Nathan) right behind her.

When they'd all gotten out, Nathan couldn't help but noticing a very familiar car in Varian's driveway.

Well great. There went his good mood.

Justin and Andrea had just gotten out of Justin's fairly new car, which he'd gotten after graduation. Varian arched an eyebrow in an amused expression before shrugging, turning to Nathan accusingly. "How do your friends know where I live?"

Nathan frowned. "Don't look at me, I didn't tell them." He replied. He hadn't. He had no clue how they'd managed to get here.

Justin and Andrea walked up then, and Justin smiled while wiggling his fingers. "We know things..." he said in a low voice. Typical Justin.

Andrea rolled her eyes, elbowing Justin in the ribs.

Varian turned to them, staring Justin down. "Sure you do." he said.

Justin glared back.

Andrea sighed quietly. "First we went to Nate's house, but he wasn't there. Then we went to your aunt's store, and you weren't there either.

Like that was a big shocker. So we asked her where you might be, and she told us to come here."

Varian shrugged again, heading toward the barn. "Well, now that you're here, you can help me muck out stalls."

Justin groaned loudly, hanging his head, much to Nathan's amusement.

"Not what I came here for."

"And what did you come here for?" Varian asked curiously, heading into the barn and for the wall with various tools hung upon it. He reached for one shovel and plucked it off the wall, handing it to Nathan before going for another one. "Because you're on my property now, and that means you work."

"Oh, you know..." Justin began, glancing to Nathan and smirking. "Just came to harass my bestest friend in the whole, entire world..."

Nathan internally sighed. Justin could be so frustrating.

"I think you harass him enough." Varian replied, giving Justin the shovel he'd just grabbed. He turned to Andrea then, quiet for a moment. "Your choice. You get a shovel and get stuck with them," he pointed to Justin and Nathan, both of which glared back, "or you get a pitch fork and help me with straw."

Oh, so Andrea got a choice. To be with Nathan's boyfriend, no less.

While he was stuck with Justin.

Andrea looked both Justin and Nathan over, snorting quietly. "Yeah, I think I'm gonna have to go with the pitch fork." she mumbled.

That bitch. How dare she go with Varian and leave Nathan alone with Justin.

Nodding, Varian flashed Nathan a grin before handing Andrea a pitch fork, then looked between Nathan and Justin. "No injuries. I don't want to have to deal with blood."

Nathan glared harder as Justin laughed, causing Nathan to stab him in the stomach with his shovel. Hard. Justin doubled over slightly, groaning. "Oh, you dick..."

Varian smirked, shaking his head. "I mean it. Behave."

"Not likely." Nathan sighed quietly, making Justin laugh again as the pair walked away from Andrea and Varian.

Watching Justin and Nathan wander off towards the first stall- which would be Cana's- the horses were all out to pasture, leaving Varian with a relatively easy chore. Turning to Andrea he gave her a friendly smile.

"The straw and wheelbarrow is at the back of the barn. You don't have to help me pitch it yet if you don't want to. Until we get to a stall."

Andrea nodded and put her hands into her pockets, clicking her tongue while glancing around the barn. "This is a...pretty big place you've got here."

"I guess so." Varian replied, glancing around. "For farm standards, it's actually pretty small. Still hard to maintain though." he finished, heading towards the back of the barn where the wheel barrow stood.

Andrea shrugged slightly. "...Farm...interesting." she mumbled.

Gripping the wheel barrow, Varian moved it to the straw and set it down, gripping the pitchfork and digging it in the straw. "I took over the farm from my parents. It's work, but it's my home. Do you and Justin live in town?"

"Uh...yeah. With our parents. Town house." She confirmed, watching him work. "...So...you do this...every day?"

Pitching the straw into the barrow, Varian nodded. "Yeah. Horses can be quite messy." he paused in lifting another forkful of straw from the straw stack. "But I like them."

A quick toss of the straw had the load in the wheelbarrow.

Andrea nodded in response. "...Nate help often?"

"Whenever he's over." Pausing, Varian smiled. "Sometimes it takes some work to convince him to stop being lazy."

"Yeah. Nate's never really been big on manual labor." She'd comment, not returning the smile and instead glancing around again. "Well...when should I start doing...something?"

Varian glanced her over. Andrea was pretty, as far as his standards on women went.

"You can help me pitch the straw into the barrow." he said. "With both of us working, it'll get done pretty fast."

Ignoring the uneasiness of being around somebody he didn't really know, Varian went back to pitching straw. Andrea nodded and started to help Varian with the straw, averting her gaze from him.

Curious, Varian decided to ask her some more questions. "You and Justin are twins right? What's that like?"

Andrea shrugged. "Like having a brother that looks exactly like you. Not much different than regular siblings."

Varian took a moment to mull that over. How did regular sibling interact? He'd only had his sister, and he'd raised her from a baby.

"I don't know a whole lot about regular siblings." Varian offered. "I just have my little sister."

Pausing, Andrea continued with the straw. "Annoying. Frustrating. Stupid. Idiotic. A few adjectives to describe life with a sibling your own age."

Finding himself laughing, Varian smiled and shook his head. "Doesn't sound that bad to me."

"You don't have to live with him." She mumbled.

"I could barely deal with him for one hour. I cannot imagine the sheer levels of idiocy you have to deal with on a twenty-four hour basis." Varian replied, pitching more straw into the barrow. It was almost full.

"Oh, you have no clue. He has reached levels of pure stupid that I didn't even know existed."

Varian looked at Andrea again. How she put up with Justin he had no clue, but he had to commend her. "Well, to put up with that, you must be a pretty strong woman." he noted.

Andrea raised an eyebrow at that and look over to Varian. "...I suppose."

Shrugging, Varian pitched the last bit of straw into the barrow and looked at it. "Well, it's full. I'll take it back to the stalls and we can get to work. Hopefully those two haven't killed each other yet."

Snorting in response, Andrea shook her head. "Unlikely..."



"One wrong thing and I promise you, I will carve your eyes out of your skull with this shovel." Nathan warned, raising an eyebrow at Justin. It was bad enough Varian was making him do work. Justin had to show up and annoy the shit out of him too.

"I was just asking how your day was going." Justin laughed. Nathan gave him a disbelieving look, to which he sighed. "Alright, alright, I came to bug you. Can you blame me? By best friend is leaving for college after this summer and I'll never see you again because whenever you come back you'll be too busy fucking Varian."

Well. Fucking his mouth, maybe. Nathan laughed at his own thought, catching Justin's attention.

"Oh? Did I say something funny?"

Nathan dropped his smile, going back to his original annoyed expression. "No. Now stop talking about us fucking all the time."

"Well who else am I going to bug about it? I have no sex life. Andrea has no sex life. So that leaves you."

"Well... Go make new friends then." Nathan mumbled, starting on the stalls like they were supposed to. Of course though, since he was with Justin, he was willing to bet they wouldn't get done.

Justin rolled his eyes, and surprisingly, started helping Nathan. "You, sir, are a bitch." he sighed. Nathan frowned at that. Did he really just get called a bitch, of all things?

"...Well you're an asshole."



"Penis breath."

Really? That was like...the first serious insult Nathan had ever said, when he was ten. "Elton John."

"Low blow." Justin deadpanned. Nathan smiled, looking over at him.

"Speaking of your sexuality," he began, "Any closer to being less confused about it?"

Justin snorted. "We are not talking about my sexuality."

"You're no fun."

"And you're gay."


"Oh, big difference." Justin said, rolling his eyes. Nathan sighed, choosing to not continue the conversation in favor of actually getting something done. No doubt Varian and Andrea were probably already finished. Then again, the two didn't seem to get along very well, so he didn't imagine them talking quite as much.

"So...how long are you gonna be with Varian?" Justin asked suddenly, shocking Nathan with the question. It was odd, and wasn't something he'd really thought about.

"Uh...I don't know...as long as possible, I guess... Vampire bond-union-things aren't quite the same as humans'. You can't really just say 'I'm breaking up with you' and leave, I don't think." Nathan replied uncertainly. Justin hummed quietly, thinking that over.

"So...do you ever think you guys will get married?"

"...Well, considering it's illegal in what, 50 states? Hm. Good question." Nathan said while rolling his eyes. "Besides, I'm 19. I just got out of High School, and I'm about to go into college. Not exactly the best time to think about marriage. Hell, why are you thinking about it?"

"I was just curious, God." Justin laughed, shaking his head. Nathan sighed in response, using the end of his shovel to stab Justin in the side, making him fall onto one knee.

He'd probably get hell for it from Justin at some point, but right now, it was too entertaining to pass up.

After finishing up with pitching straw into the wheel barrow with Andrea, Varian led her back to the stalls where he noted Nathan and Justin were having a friendly argument. Justin looked to be in some pain and on one knee.

Pausing, Varian set his pitchfork against the wall of the stall and arched an eyebrow at Justin. "Gay marriage is illegal in North Dakota."

Nathan rolled his eyes while Justin laughed. "Oh, that's ironic." Justin mumbled.

Instantly curious, Varian shook his head. "As much as I want to know, I'm kind of afraid to ask."

"Please don't." Nathan replied, raising an eyebrow at Justin as he stood back up.

"Oh, we were just discussing the fact that gay marriage is illegal in, what was it, Nate, 50 states? And for your information, it's more like 40." Justin said.

Sighing, Varian glanced at the stall and then back to Justin. "I don't want to know. Don't tell me. Don't even bring it up again." he began. Then, as an afterthought, "You guys didn't get as far as I was hoping."

"Yeah, thank this dickhead for that." Nathan said, gesturing to Justin who smiled back.

"Oh, you know you love me."

Rather annoyed with Justin, Varian grit his teeth before deciding to correct both him and Nathan. "It's illegal in forty-four states. Six states allow and recognize gay marriage: Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont." Grabbing a shovel from the wall, Varian dug the point in the muck of the stall. "Washington D.C. and two Native American tribal jurisdictions also allow marriage. California used to, but it was repealed in 2008. Washington and Maryland are currently under scrutiny."

"Why are we still on this conversation?" Nathan asked, glaring when Justin smiled back at him. "One more word, Justin. I dare you."

Scooping some of the muck, Varian tossed it out of the way, digging the shovel point back into the stall. "It's a subject rather important to me." Varian began. "And you both had wrong information. As for you, Justin." he said, looking up and training a stern gaze on him. "We are currently surrounded by dirt, and if that isn't enough to make you shut up, I have a shotgun. And I'm not afraid to use it."

"What? I was just talking to Nate about you-" Justin started, but get cut off by Nathan digging the end of his shovel into his stomach, glaring.

"There. I hope I've ruptured something. Maybe it'll get you to shut up for five minutes." he said, mumbling the last part.

Exasperated at this point, and not really wanting to deal with them all at the same time, Varian set his shovel down and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly before speaking lowly, straining to keep calm. "Alright, all of you. Out. Now. I can't deal with you all like this, go find some place to go, just leave me alone and let me do my work. Nobody else is going to pay my bills."

Nathan sighed and glanced over to Varian before silently leaning his shovel against the wall, leading the twins away from the stalls, with Justin limping.

Alone, Varian covered his face with one hand, taking in a ragged breath. It was a bad day for the twins to show up on top of Nathan already being there. He needed blood and as a result his temperament was very strained. It was better to make them leave than to struggle to control himself around them. Looking around for a moment, he grabbed his shovel and got back to work.


"So how is it that after not even five minutes with you two, he's pissed off?" Andrea asked as the three of them walked back up to the house. Nathan snorted indignantly, looking over at her.

"'You two'? I didn't even do anything! This jackass over here is talking about fucking getting married and shit! I'm so sorry if that idea doesn't appeal to me at the moment."

"Hey, you can't blame all this on me! You said '50 states'."

"Well you're the dumbass that brought it all up in the first place."

"Guys. Shut it. Before I find that shotgun and shoot both of you." Andrea threatened. Justin frowned as Nathan sighed, shaking his head.

"I understand that the subject is important to him, being gay and all, but I don't think it warranted that sort of reaction." Justin murmured. Nathan glanced over at him.

"Well he's been a little off lately. Hungry, I think. So I suppose getting facts wrong on something like that would irritate him a bit."

"A bit? The guy looked like he was about to bite our heads off." Justin snorted, making Nathan roll his eyes. The trio walked up the porch, but instead of going in the house, stayed outside. Nathan didn't really feel like going back inside anyway. He felt a little bad that they'd made Varian angry.

"Alright, so we've covered that you guys were talking about gay marriage. Any other interesting topics?" Andrea asked. Justin thought about it for a second.

"Let's see...my sexuality, Nathan's sex life, Nathan and Varian's relationship...yeah, that's about it."

She rolled her eyes. "You guys are ridiculous."

"You know, you say that so often, yet you still associate with us." Nathan commented with a small smirk. Reaching over, Andrea lightly punched his shoulder.

"I have other friends, you know. I only choose to tolerate you."

"Oh yeah. You certainly 'tolerated' him while you were kissing him." Justin smiled. Andrea adopted an unamused expression.

"I thought we had agreed to not bring that up again."

"No, you said to never bring it up. We never agreed to anything."

Nathan smiled as the twins continued to argue over whether or not it had been an agreement. He sort of regretted them coming over, but when it was just the three of them, it wasn't too bad. Varian's personality just didn't really...go well with them. Well, with Justin at least.

Listening to their conversation halfheartedly, Nathan let his own mind wander. Pretty soon it would be his birthday- in roughly a month. He'd be twenty years old. And then he'd be going to college. Assuming one of them accepted him. Then he'd only see Varian and the twins on holidays, and some weekends if he was close enough.

He didn't like the idea of being away from Varian so often, and leaving him to take care of the farm on his own. Not that he was being much help right now, but still.

Most likely he'd be in college for roughly eight years, for being a doctor. It was sort of weird to think about, in a way. It also made him slightly nervous, and he wasn't in the mood for feeling nervous about college. He was nervous enough concerning Varian's behavior.

Nathan nodded his head to something Andrea had said, keeping his eyes fixed on the stalls that Varian was in. He'd probably be out soon. Or he might wait until the twins were gone.

He'd have to yell at Millie later for giving them Varian's address...

Varian hadn't planned on getting mad. That was the last thing on his mind, but for some reason Justin just wasn't the right person to be around. Nathan, he had no problem with. He'd been around Nathan for a while and they meshed pretty well.

Andrea was still an odd one out. He could deal with her fine, but he didn't know how much he could bring himself to like her.

Wiping at the sweat above his brow, Varian sighed and pressed his forehead to the wooden divider of the last stall. He'd made Nathan leave. He felt really bad about it. He shouldn't have done that, but then again...he didn't think he would have been able to control himself either.

No. It was a good thing he'd made him leave, but separating on such a bad note left him feeling unsettled. Why did Justin and Andrea decide to show up anyway? Justin ruined whatever good mood he'd had earlier.

Scowling at the wall, Varian sighed again and pulled himself away from the solid structure. Might as well go and face the music. Venerra was outside somewhere and he wanted to make sure she was all right.

Peeling his outer shirt off, Varian left the barn and walked towards the small group of people at his porch. If Justin said one more thing to irritate him...

His thought was cut short as Venerra came running into view, chasing a butterfly and giggling as it fluttered around the yard, finally flying off near where he stood. She made her way over to him and stopped, looking up at him.

Varian noted her violet eyes automatically shifting to silver in worry and she tilted her head. "Are you mad?" she asked softly.

Giving Venerra the best smile he could manage at the moment, which he knew was pretty feeble, he paused. "Rough day. I'll be fine."

She nodded, her eyes shifting to blue instead and reached for his hand. He took it firmly in his grasp and closed the rest of the distance between himself and Nathan and his friends. He opted to remain quiet.

Nathan and Andrea opted to remain silent as well, while Justin frowned and tilted his head. "You have a daughter?" he asked. Nathan hung his head.

"Sister." Varian said, glaring at Justin.

Justin held up his hands innocently. "...And what a lovely sister she is..." he said as Andrea hid her face, trying not to laugh.

Letting the comment pass, Varian let her go and she went right for Nathan, hugging him.

Nathan hugged her back and sighed quietly, glancing over to Justin who shrugged back slightly. "How was I supposed to know it was his sister?" he mumbled to him.

"Ask." Varian replied simply.

"Well, maybe if you didn't look like you were about to kill me." Justin mumbled.

What is it with Nathan and his friends mumbling all the time? If he wasn't Changed he wouldn't be able to hear half the stuff they were saying.

"Then stop being so intrusive with everything you have no right to pry about and ask me normal questions!" Varian snapped, regretting it instantly. Frowning, he sighed and shook his head. "Nevermind. You're really irritating me today Justin. Besides, I have a personal beef with killing anything."

Nathan frowned slightly, leaning back to look at Justin. "It might be a good idea to stop talking. Just a suggestion." he mumbled, and Justin scoffed.

"It's not my fault that your boyfriend finds me irritating. It's his ridiculously low tolerance to my unique brand of..." and then he stopped.

"Stupidity?" Nathan suggested.

As amusing as Nathan's comment was, Varian had had it with Justin. "How long are you planning on staying?" he asked through the teeth had hadn't realized were clamped together.

"Um...hm...well, I don't have to be anywhere for a few more hours..." Justin said thoughtfully as Nathan groaned quietly to himself.

Fighting the urge to growl in frustration, Varian turned sharply on his heel to stalk off somewhere when he realized he was making himself a prisoner in his own home. Freezing, he turned back to fix Justin with a steely gaze. "I would advise you don't stay here for that long. You're pushing your luck as it is."

Justin stared back silently as Andrea leaned over to him. "I'm waiting for him to punch you." she said to him, while Nathan pinched the bridge of his nose.

Venerra, who'd been silent throughout the recent exchanges looked up at Varian, her eyes silver again with green ringing them this time. "Varian?" she asked, lower lip quivering.

Now he felt awful. He'd forgotten she was there. She didn't need to see him so upset. He couldn't imagine how much she was picking up on him, but if she was getting sad through her worry, he was dangerously teetering at the edge of sanity.

If Justin said one more thing he'd explode. Even if it was a compliment or a joke.

"Venerra, why don't you go find the kitten and play with her?" he asked. It was hard to determine exactly what he was feeling at that moment, but he wanted her out of harm's way.

She nodded before running off, leaving Varian alone with the trio once again, regarding Andrea and Justin specifically. "I would really appreciate it if you would leave. Today is not a good day for more than one other person."

Nathan's expression changed as he looked up at Varian, noticing something that he apparently didn't like. He stood up from the porch, trying for a light tone of voice. "Alright, c'mon. Back to the car. Let's go." he said, much to Varian's gratitude. Justin rolled his eyes before he and Andrea stood up.

"Alright, that's fine. We understand that you want to spend time with your bipolar boyfriend instead of us." he commented, making Nathan hide his face in his hands.

Varian didn't even have time to register the sudden shift internally before something painful snapped inside of him. Glaring at Justin, he felt the snarl rise in his throat as he went for him and grabbed him, yanking him from the porch onto his feet. "You have no right to judge. This is my home, my property. The only place I feel safe and you're an asshole for showing up and being the biggest fucking idiot you could possibly be!"

Nathan quickly stepped over, putting his hand on Varian's wrist and the other on Justin's shoulders. "Okay, I think we've had enough social interaction for one day, guys." he said quietly. Varian knew it was mostly geared towards him. At the same time Andrea watched with her arms crossed over her chest.

Releasing Justin, Varian stepped back, away from both him and Nathan. His anger dropped away, filling him with the sense of grief that told him he was going to cry. Swallowing, he forced it back. Justin and Andrea would not see him cry.

Watching Varian for a second cautiously as the twins walked to the car, Nathan slowly followed. Varian could see him say something to them, but he didn't catch the words at all. Afterwards the twins got in the car and drove off, leaving Nathan standing near the driveway and sighing.

Relatively alone with Nathan, Varian's last shred of willpower faded and he brought a hand up to cover his face, unbidden tears welling up and running down his face as he sniffed quietly. He couldn't still the trembling either.

Nathan hesitated before slowly walking over, pausing and putting his hand on Varian's shoulder. "...I'm sorry, Varian. You know he's not usually that...irritating. I should have told him to leave earlier."

He wasn't usually so irritating, but he'd struck a wrong chord at some point. It didn't help that he was strained already. "Can I ask for that hug now?" he asked, sniffing again and pulling his hand away to look up tentatively.

Frown slightly, Nathan reached around to hug Varian tightly. "I really am very sorry." he mumbled.

Clinging to Nathan very much like a child to their parent, Varian held onto him until he was calmed down. It took a moment, standing there very exposed, but eventually he was able to breathe without a hitch in his chest and the tears stopped.

"You didn't do anything." Varian said softly. "It's my body's way of telling me I'm past my limit."

"I still feel bad about it. Maybe I should have stabbed him harder..." Nathan mumbled thoughtfully.

Varian found himself smiling despite the sensation of exhaustion, then it faltered. "That would have been disastrous." he said, pulling away from Nathan. "I don't know what I'd do if he was bleeding."

Nathan rolled his eyes and snorted. "I wouldn't have gone through his skin...just bruised a few organs...possibly create a need for an appendectomy." he said, shrugging slightly.

Not having much energy to actually muster a laugh, Varian settled with a small smile and closed the distance between them, kissing Nathan softly. He responded by placing his hands on both sides of Varian's face, kissing back lightly.

Sensing the heat of Nathan's blood through his skin, Varian broke the kiss before he could bite his lip, pulling away sharply.

Nathan frowned slightly. "...What?"

Feeling rather sheepish, Varian forced himself to respond anyway. "Narrowly avoiding biting your lip."

Looking a little confused, Nathan nodded in understanding. "Ah, right. You'd said you hadn't had blood in a while..." he mumbled, visibly thinking.

Leaning in, Varian ducked his head and gently nuzzled Nathan's neck, where he'd bitten him before. "Your permission?" he asked.

Varian sensed Nathan's slight smile as he put his hands on his shoulders. "Go ahead."

With nothing to bar him from continuing, Varian shifted and bit down on Nathan's neck. Puncturing the flesh easily, he moaned softly, tasting the coppery richness of the fluid his body craved as it welled up into his mouth.

Nathan stood still, lightly rubbing Varian's shoulders.

Almost instantly accompanied by that familiar heady warmth, Varian took from Nathan what he needed before disengaging his fangs and licking the puncture site. Watching it for a moment, he was satisfied when it healed without a mark before pulling back and pressing his forehead against Nathan's, gazing into his eyes.

Leaning in to kiss Varian's cheek quickly, Nathan put their foreheads back together, watching him. "Feel better?"

Varian hummed affirmatively, enjoying their contact.