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Upbeat music, barely understandable words, fast-changing fashion, groovy dance steps, and heart-melting dramas…. These are just some of the powerful tools that Korea uses to invade the world. Korea's boy groups and girl groups had us singing and dancing to their catchy music which is popularly known as K-Pop. Korean drama, also known as K-drama, had us hooked up to every episode. The fever never stops that it reached to the point that we remake those TV hits.

Who doesn't squeal when Gu Jun Pyo smiles? Who didn't cry for Cholo and Jodi? Who didn't know about Jewel in the Palace? Endless Love? Princess Hours? Coffee Prince? Kim Sam Soon? My Girl? Only You? Lovers in Paris? Full House? Jumong? And just recently, Sunkyunkwan Scandal? I bet I haven't even mentioned half of your list of K-drama. A number of our favourite dramas are mixed with traditional Korea yet we still find them amazing. Between Philippine history and Korean history, many would choose Korean history.

Today, Seoul Korea is considered one of the most modern places in the world. However, despite this, they still kept in touch with their rich culture. You can easily see it in the dramas they produce. Even with the historical touch, k-dramas are still a hit.

It is so amazing how Korea could influence so many even with language as a barrier. Well, no one can deny that not even half of those who love K-Pop could understand a single word. Without any knowledge of the lyrics and its meaning, we dance to the beat of K-Pop's catchy tunes.

Wonder Girls, Super Junior, Girls Generation, U-kiss, f(x), Big Bang, 4minute, 2NEI, SHINee, 2PM, 2AM, and B2ST are just a FEW of K-pop's international singing groups. K-Pop's been so powerful that even countries in the west have the fever. Who didn't dance to Wonder Girls' Nobody? Who didn't sing along with 2NEI's Fire? What about Psy's horse-like dance in Gangnam Style? Just recently, the famous Gangnam Style just reached a billion views which is the first-ever video that reach 1 billion views. Although they use Korean in their songs, no one really cares. Music is language that everyone understands.

Yet, have you ever wondered how Korea can be so famous when only a few actually can understand and speak the language? Do ever wonder why K-dramas can be so touching that you wouldn't want to miss a single episode? Do you ever wonder why even with the flashy, colourful and flamboyant clothes, you find them really stylish? Do you ever wonder why you dance to the music despite with the alien-like words?

Can't answer those questions? Try this. Have you ever wondered why only a few Filipinos, even with the bursting talents, aren't recognized international? Do you ever wonder why Filipino dramas don't reach the television of other countries? Do you ever wonder why we, Filipinos, don't have our own fashion that we can appreciate with the world? Do you ever wonder why Sarah Geronimo was the only Filipino who got an award in the MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards)?

Why can't we be just as popular as those Korean stars when we have so much talented fellow Filipinos too? Filipinos can sing too, they can act really good, they can dance really well, they can make good music too. Yet, we are so many levels below Korea.

Well, that is because they have something really important that we don't. It is patriotism. Korea produces its own and appreciates its own. Koreans show so much compassion for their own products so that others may imitate that compassion too. They are proud of their race which is something that most Filipinos do not have. We have this lack of patriotism that allows other countries to invade us easily. We welcome imports with open arms that we can almost forget our own.

Composing our own music, writing our own songs, popularizing our own dance steps, creating our own fashion, and making our own dramas are easy tasks. Filipinos have a lot of talents and we could be bigger than those international stars. That is quite an easy task. The real challenge is appreciating our own. Playing our own music, singing our own songs, dancing our own steps, wearing our own clothes, and watching our own dramas are tasks that we find so hard to do.

We might not notice it, but Korea has started to invade the Philippines. You don't really care? Maybe. Well, it is true that their music is catchy, their fashion is stylish, and their dramas are unforgettable. However, as we keep our arms open, welcoming the Korean invasion, there might be a time we do not have our own attractions that we can be proud to say Filipino-made. Still don't care?