Beginning Overview / Author's Note: Some of these stories include slash, some include het, and some don't include anything of that sort at all. If you have a problem with it, don't read it. These stories are all from a webcomic that a friend and I are writing, called Cambion. It's not posted anywhere online yet, as it's not fully drawn, but I've been posting stories like this (little drabble vignettes) to try to gain interest in the story. Thanks, and enjoy reading!

The Festival of New Hope

Dezi's black hair flowed down his back in a long, wavy curtain, and shone like a raven's wings in the low moonlight. He gave it one more run through with his fingers, and then settled back into the water, thinking about the day's events. Today had been a good day, he thought. It had been the day of the Festival of New Hope, a festival to celebrate the births of new full-blooded children in their world, and the births of the half-blooded children in the next. This year their village was celebrating the births of two new succubi, one new incubus, and twenty three cambion… which, although not a large number, was much better than last year when the sickness had come through the village and left many of the adults impotent for half the year. His own child was still in the human world, as were many of the incubi's children, but the women's children were happily giggling and gurgling at the festivities. He was always astonished by how small the half-human babies stayed for such a long time.

Yes, this year's festival had been fun. The three full-blooded babies had been born near the beginning of the year, so they were old enough, too, to join the festivities, running about and begging candy from all the elders (although the oldest of the three was nearing his fledge-day, and probably shouldn't have been eating candy at all). Dezi had given each of them one of his favorite sweets, the rice candy that was made four villages over, and it was worth it for the grin on the oldest boy's face when he was given the expensive treat.

Dezi was startled from his reveries by a sound nearby, which was probably a good thing, as he had started thinking some dirty thoughts about what he'd like to do with that boy's pretty mouth (and what a mouth it was). To his right, Aric was slipping into the water beside him, the soft light highlighting his strong muscles and lean structure. The sight made Dezi forget all the thoughts he was having about the young boy, and was instead re-awed by the prowess of the much older man. Aric looked good for his 379 years, and his young body never ceased to amaze Dezi. He hoped he looked that good in three hundred sixty or so years.

"Hello, Dezi, my dear. You looked so deep in thought out here alone in this lonely pool that I just couldn't resist bringing you out of your reveries. How would you like to spend the evening celebrating this year's New Hope with me?" Dezi blushed a little, and looked away.

"You could have anyone tonight, you know, Aric. I don't know why you want to spend the night with me, of all people. Is it because I'm the elder's son?"

Aric frowned, and reached out to run his hand along Dezi's cheek. "Silly, silly boy. It doesn't matter to me how much experience you have. I love spending time with you!"

Dezi pulled away, and gazed down into the dark water, watching as it rippled away from his movements. "I don't think so, Aric. You need to be with someone worthy of you, not some twenty year old upstart who doesn't know anything. If you can't find anyone else, I'd be willing to spend the evening talking, but I am not worthy of sharing my body with you." Aric frowned, and dropped his hand from where it hovered next to Dezi's face. "If this is because I am a man, I can guarantee that it is just as good with a man as it is with a woman, love. You don't have to always limit yourself in such ways. As I always say, we could be good together!"

"Look. Aric. I know you are visiting my village tonight to be with me. And I know that you have wanted to spend this night with me for years, but as with every other year, I'm going to have to say no. Not this year. I'm just not ready." Dezi frowned, and leaned his head against Aric's shoulder. "You know I would love to spend this time with you, only, just cuddling by the fire with you and chatting. You're my best friend, you know. I really value your conversation." Aric chuckled a little at this statement.

"Dezi, love, I'm your only friend."

Dezi pulled away from Aric's shoulder, grinning, and smacked him lightly on the arm. "That's not the point, and you know it! If you'd rather I spend time with one of the girls, just let me know, I'll be sure to tell them that you sent me." He stuck out his tongue, and waded deeper into the pool, away from his friend. "Now, are you going to catch me, or not?"

Aric laughed and lunged after Dezi as he swam away from the shore and taunted his older friend. They swam around in circles for a while before Dezi laid himself upon the shore and waited for Aric to join him. Aric laid down next to him, and leaned down to kiss Dezi languidly before stretching out beside him and staring up at the stars.

"That was nice. May I kiss you some more, my young friend?"

Dezi turned his head to look at Aric, and sighed. "You're not going to let me off if I say no, are you." Aric shook his head. "Of course I'm not going to say no, you big bully. You can kiss me anytime. I love kissing you."

Aric rolled over on top of Dezi, pinning him to the sandy ground. "We're going to have lots of sand stuck in our hair after this." Dezi giggled and nodded. "Yup."

Aric's hair brushed lightly against Dezi's face, a long straight counterpart to his own wavy hair. "Now, kiss me, Aric."

Aric leaned down and did so, pressing hungrily down on Dezi's lips, and making the younger incubus moan lightly, clutching at Aric's shoulders. "You're so delicious, Dezi. You truly live up to your name. There is no-one I desire more than you."

"Shut up," said Dezi, and then pulled Aric down to kiss him harder, rolling over in the sand so that he was on top. He ground his hips into the taller man's, their hard members straining against each other, their naked bodies sliding together in a delightful way.

After kissing for a while, Dezi rolled off of Aric and sat up. "Come on, let's go talk by the fire. It's getting a little cold out here. You just have to tell me your opinion on that sexy young man whose birth we celebrated today."

And they did.