It's not the rebellion behind the lyrics, or the screaming that echoes in the dark and gloomy silence. But it's the numb feeling that the chords bring along with them. Chords that raise goose bumps on my arms and send merciless chills down my spine. It's a feeling that halts the cruel world around me and jolts me into the world I wish I had.

The music flows through my ears, speeding my heart to match the bass and moving my head to shredded guitar behind the liquid velvet vocals, smooth and silky. These vocals toy with my mind, tearing my consciousness away from me piece by piece until I can't feel a thing except the chills in my bones.

Music is the escape. Delicate souls find music as therapy; someone who understands the pain.

My eyes snap open and I pull the small blue ear buds out of my ear, winding them tightly around my ghetto Mp3. It's no iPod, but the sound is so much better. Shame nobody knows that.

The still silence of my old home creates an eerie buzzing in my brain. I guess the sound of metal clashing in my ears was a bit too loud. But it didn't matter.

Because I was numb.

And I was alone.