Disclaimer: This poem is almost like Florante at Laura's "To Selya/Celia". A dedication poem.

To My Flight of Fancy

To my inspiration, whom I can never

Entitle to you as my dearly beloved.

I'm fully aware that I can never be with you forever.

So I must not fall for you, my 'friend' Diether.


The others that made me blush was only slight,

The time I had for them was no longer than a sight.

I wonder why I look into you, like you have an aura of light?

Like you set a barrier so I can't hold you tight.


Muses will forever be female, yet you are not,

You are the shining prince that I cannot touch.

Why am I falling for you with all of my heart?

But I can stand alone, and never be caught by all.


I wrote this story that you will never see.

Derived from my fantasies of the couple like you & Hitomi.

Please let me be the guide to the power of love,

With the wings on my back and the heavens above.


Please forgive me, for what I have done.

I just can't do anything for me to remain calm

'Cause other men stroke your face to lose my composure.

I cannot get rid of this feeling freely, I need some closure.


I'm sorry, I'm sorry, that I made such a mess.

To you and Athena, and Hitomi, your friend.

I just can't stand it, and my melancholy needs to end.

And I hope in the future...that we can be friends.


I'm telling the truth Diether, I have no lust.

'Cause I know that love is a matter of trust.

Songs and movies taught me about love,

But I will not know of which path you will start.


Who is my inspiration? You, my friend!

We're ignore each other, you don't have to pretend.

So please let me start my story, and never let it end.

Unless I say so, but I won't allow you to attend.

A/N: Diether, Athena, and Hitomi are not their real names, for copyrights. And the line, 'a matter of trust', I was inspired by Billy Joel's song of the same name. Please enjoy and review!