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Chapter 1: On the Riverside

In a time with no cross nor broadsword around,

A barangay resides by the shores somewhere around Luzon.

Reigned supreme by a datu who rules by the light of Bathala.

A peaceful harmony and life to the fishermen and farmers delight.


Behold its name, Dagubatan, the land beside the flowing Bailagoon River.

A land between the wild nature and the sprinkling waters and fields

A thriving place around its riverbanks, the rice fields and near the vast sea,

Just refrain yourself from a forbidden forest named Samabawal and yield.


What holds inside the forest, they never know,

Only the old albularyo had its secret foretold.

He says that monsters and ghosts had dwelled inside,

He even advises the datu to restrict this area.


But an incident happened that in their minds they remain,

A drunkard happens to go inside the terrain.

After a few minutes, he was possessed by a spirit.

Thank the Supreme God, for the albularyo driven it away!


The datu I have told, his name is Bagwis of Dagubatan.

Rules and regulations that is all he is bound.

For all of his friends, whom he trusted most is Isko the Wise.

As the albularyo and a wise man, his knowledge is the best advise!


To the women he could choose, Ibalona is his queen.

Has a golden heart that shines and as busy as a bee.

She had bear children, handsome boys of three.

The elder twins are Bulawin and Sikatin, and the youngest is Dakila.


Bulawin and Sikatin have opposite sides.

To Sikatin he's as arrogant as a fiend to define.

And Bulawin prefers to play with Dakila in pure delight.

But to serve the elder Sikatin, he was forced to oblige.


Dakila meanwhile, has a full-hearted spirit.

A heart of gold is deep within him.

He helps his fellows and makes new friends,

And a lucky one, of course, for he loves the beautiful Marikit!


Marikit, a princess of Barangay Marilag.

She's good at heart and beauty is her main weapon.

Her flirts and charms work at every hour,

And her most beloved target is Dakila's heart!


Here is their story of the love and tragedy.

Here lies in the forest that it has to keep,

The hope and the sorrow is all but lost

For Dakila and Marikit, and the unsung hero.

[Re-edited, as of 5/25/13] There had been some mistakes in the story so I'm revising the 3 chapters (bonus chapter not included).


Albularyo- a healer usually found today in rural provinces in the Philippines.

Barangay- the smallest sections of the provinces.

Bathala- the Supreme God in Phil. mythology.

Datu- a tribe leader in pre-Hispanic Philippines.