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Chapter 3: A Meeting with the Babaylan? Maybe Not.

After ten days and Sikatin's dishonorable deed is done,

He and his brothers have gone to the sea by the docks.

To meet the babaylan while ten of their men stayed behind.

And a perfect time 'cause the balangay far out of the sea had arrived!


The balangay had just came from Mactan Island,

Families and loved ones came to greet their wayfarers.

Then a coquettish woman in white comes out of the vessel.

And greeted the brothers, proclaiming as the hired babaylan.


"My name is Maraya, and I'm the babaylan that you seek;

You call for my help and this is a mission I admit.

To prove I'm a babaylan, I could perform some magic,

So that you know that I'm the only one you could pick."


She showed her power by sending a flame in her hand.

The brothers accepted her, and with the soldiers they band.

But only Sikatin knew the true identity of this babaylan;

That Maraya is the mangkukulam, employed in exchange for the heart of Dakila!


As soon as they gathered, they went to the forest by crossing the river,

The catalonan, Isko, shows up to meet his granddaughter.

As he arrived, there's a scream and cries for help,

He goes into the balangay and found the source of the yelp.


A girl bound by magic, and her outfit is red that complements her rage;

With a spell from the old man, he broke her chains.

"Maayong bundag, o Isko lolo ko." She greeted as she releases her rampage.

Then she calms down and her outfit became purple as she begins her tale.


"A mangkukulam in blood red came to me while I was deep in sleep,

And I opened my eyes to see myself tied in magic chains.

The bitch put a curse for her to take my name,

But I give my thanks to Bathala for she didn't take my face."


"Now I need your help, and your wisdom of the golden days.

I received your message to alleviate the Prince's pain,

Yet we know that Samabawal is too corrupt to keep at bay;

Too much darkness for our magic to remain awake."


Isko replied, "That's why, my grandaughter, you have to go there.

Your gift from the gods is not to be taken lightly at play.

You, and the young generation, are able to take in my power;

For this anting-anting, is one of the last pieces to cover."


A silver necklace with a pendant of the cresent moon,

A simple piece, yet it shines clearly like a star without any gloom.

With the glittering stars and the radiant moonlight combined;

A perfect lucky charm to the little girl's delighted smile.


"Then I accept, Lolo, to find the sun so it'll rise;

And to be his guide to bring back the taken light.

For the tainted soul must again be purified!"

While declaring her virtuous promise, her clothes have changed with white.


To his surprise, the old man Isko had said nothing and beamed.

Grandfather and grandaughter, they gathered a harvest of supplies.

Herbs, food, water, and all other means to survive,

Takes a whole day to collect for her to travel by the morning light.


As the sun peeks out, they went to the Bailagoon River,

To greet the deity and to take seven bottles of the flowing water.

"Be careful with those for they are healing water," warned the goddess;

And they went forth afterwards to the entrance of the forest.


"Farewell my grandaughter," he cried in grief, "your time has come.

I prayed that the gods can protect and help you to go on;

I gave the prince an anting-anting of the crown, to give light to the moon.

And in due time, oh, may the courage shine upon you!"


She declared, "Farewell my grandfather, for you I won't lose my faith.

For my name is Adarna, their last hope and their aid!"

She trotted forward more, for her quest to commence.

And then looked back to her grandfather, to say her last farewell.


Babaylan- A Visayan version of a priestess.

Balangay- A large boat of the Malays.

Anting-anting- a talisman used to remove hexes and exorcise evil spirits