Heey Guys! So here is my fanfic, Irresistible. i hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as i love writing it:) so here it goes...

Date: Thursday, December 6th

I walked along the sidewalk on a cold Thursday morning. The colorful leaves swayed along with the wind. My nose turning red as I blew into my hands to warm it up. I tightened my coat and crossed my arms as i got closer to Starbucks. It was 7am and i was walking to my early shift at work. Today was my turn to open the store since George, my boss, took his weekend off to visit his family.

I put my hands into my pockets leaving goosebumps all over my body. My arms twitched a little making me realize my bruised arm was still fresh. I couldn't help but let a tear drop along the way. The warmness of my tear made my cold cheeks shiver. I wiped it away and started fitteling into my pockets for the keys to the store. As i searched for it, I heard the sweet familiar voice calling out my name. It was . I turned around on my heels clearing my throat. "Hi " i forced a smile. "How is doing?" I added. "He is fine, thanks love. Well you better get going other wise you are going to freeze out here" she chuckled walking towards the opposite direction. "Okay take care" i smiled and waved her bye. I took the keys out of my bag and opened the door. Warm air hitting my face immediately. Sighing, I put my bag on the table and unzipped my dark brown coat.

It was really quiet here in the mornings, usually over the ages of 25 would come by. So my mornings would always be depressing. I went in to the supplies closet and took out the speakers. I plugged my iPhone in it remembering that Nicole had accidentally erased all of my songs. So I played the radio hoping something i loved would be on. As I pressed the play button, I heard the most annoying & irritating song ever. "Baby you light up my world like no body else, the way tha-" I quickly shut the radio off, groaning. Since there was nothing to do and there were no customers yet, I thought I would take out my sketch book out and continue working on the special sketch i've been working on for the past 3 days. I layed the sketch book on the table and took a deep breath. I turned the pages, having the same flashbacks over and over again.

( Flashback )

It was about 7 years ago. My parents and i were in a road trip to Cheshire, my grandparents' house. As far as i can remember it was a pretty bumpy ride and all my dad tried to do was a U- turn and as he turned the car around a huge truck ran over us. Both my mom and dad died. I couldn't eat, drink nor talk for months. I had to see doctors and therapists every 2 week. Did i mention that i had to live in an orphanage? Well that was until i met the rock to my life, the sister i always wished of having. Nicole Sumberg. I lived with Nicole for 5 years. Her parents loved me as much as i loved them. They were both incredibly kind and caring. So now I live in a resident right beside Nicole's which is right next to the collage we go to. Life was going great until I met the most disgusting, obnoxious creature. Daymien Torres. Ever since i went to a stupid party (which was a huge mistake) he's been ruining my life. Daymien Torres is every girls dream boy friend. He has the looks, the voice, and especially the "thing" that makes every girl fall in love with him. But behind those dreamy looks, he is nothing but a heartless jerk that likes to ruin every bodies' lives. By now you'd be wondering, what could a guy do to make someone hate themselves so much? Well lets go back to all the way to the beginning of this semester. It was my second year at Adams State College. Sure I wasn't that popular but I still had my best friend Nicky by my side every second of the day. Anyways, every story includes a spoiled bitch right? Well i have Jenny in mine. It was just a regular day at Adams State, and completely out of the blue, Jenny, the "hottest", and most popular girl in our campus invited me and Nicky to her party. Nicole was as shocked as i was. I knew that going to this party wouldn't turn out so good. But Nicole, as known as the 'party animal' really wanted to go, so i couldn't say no to her. Even if I did, she would still drag my ass to that party.

So we got there. Everything was going great. We were having the time of our lives. Until someone, that i still haven't figured out who, put pills into my drink. The pills made me dizzy. It made me turn into someone i was not. And this was where it all started. A total random girl came up to me while i was walking towards outside to get some fresh air, and gave me ... Drugs. I was still effected by the pills at that moment. So I took it. Just as I pulled my hand back, I heard Nicole call my name so I rushed and dropped the package of pills on the floor. From that day on, i never got to see that girl who gave me drugs. It's like she disappeared or something. But that wasn't the problem. Damien.. that asshole ... That jerk... he recorded everything. From the second i went outside to all the way i went back in the house when Nicole called me. Ever since that day, Damien had been blackmailing me, making me do things I did not want to do and has been using me for bunch of useless stuff. If I could ever go back in time, I would change everything.

{ Present Time }

"Uhmm excuse me.. Im trying to make an order here?" Someone called out with an annoying attitude. "Huh wha? Oh sorry!" I got up fixing my hat and my uniform. I guess i've been day dreaming the whole entire time. I walked up to the counter and asked "Sorry uhm, so how can i help you" i forced a smile rubbing my eyes. Working at Starbucks was not the best job. You never know who you can come across to. " Yeah uhm, i'll have a large hot chocolate with the mini strawberry pie." Said the blondie with a creepy smile in her face. I got her order ready in a maximum of 3 minutes and gave it to her. Man, what was taking Jaymi so long? He should already be here by now. Jaymi also works here at Starbucks. He is the cashier and since he's not here yet, i have to do his job too. But im sure he has a reason because Jaymi is not one lf those types of guys that dont give a shit about life. Actually Jaymi is the only guy i've met that is so responsible an caring. He isn't like Daymien. Actually no where like Daymien.

I turned my wrist over to check the time. It was 2:00, what was taking him so long? I sent him a text saying " What is taking you so long!? I can't handle all these customers all by my self. I dont know if you remember buy George is on his week-off! Hurry up!" I slid my phone back into my pocket and checked if there were and customers but none. I guess it's because it's only 12:00 in the afternoon. This place usually gets filled up in weekends and around 3 in weekdays because it's usually students and couples that are stopping by. *Ding* i heard my phone go on. It was text from Jaymi.

"Oh shit! I completely forgot. Sorry love! I'll be there in 10" i smiled reading and shut my phone off. I put my hands on the counter and started tapping my hands and making a beat. I took out my phone again & dialed Nicole's number. "Hey Sky! What's up?" Hearing her cheerful voice would just light up my day. "Nothing really, it's getting really boring here. Can you come stop by?" I begged. "I have a class in 10 minutes, i'll be terr in an hour" she responded. "Okay see ya" i took a deep breath. "Alright babe". She hung up. Just as i placed my phone back into my pocket, i heard someone come in. It was Jaymi. "Well, well, well. Look who decided to show up" i glared at him. "Im so sorry Sky! I had to meet up with my friends and finish this stupid project" he gave me a puppy face as he put his uniform on. "Plus the fact that George was on a break was completely out of my mind" he shrugged his shoulders tying to tie up his half cut apron around his waist. "Okay, okay i believe you, now get over here and help me clean these tables. "Will do Benson" he called out winking at me. "Hey do you know what time it is?" he shouted. I checked my watch, "It's 5:00" and continued wiping the top of the tables. Oh alright thanks" *Ding* i felt my phone vibrate through my uniform and check text. It was from Nicole. "Hey, i can't make it :/ i got loads of homework! I promise i'll make it up to you some other time. Love youu xx". Wow my day couldn't get any more depressing. I never felt so tired before."Oh Jaymi, im going to make my self. Coffee. Want one?" . "No thanks. I had a hot chocolate on the way". I heard him call out across me. He had his phone in his hand and his legs were layed on top of the table. If George had seen him like this, he would freak out and fire him in a heart beat.

A few customers came in, took their order and left. By the time all the customers were gone it was 7:00 which meant the end of my shift. "Hey Sky, can you close the store tonight? I gotta meet up with my friends again. Besides our shitf is done" he gave me his usual innocent smile that i can never say no to. "Yeah sure, im just going to-" before i could even finish my sentence i heard the door close. Boy, someone was in a rush. I swear something was up with him today. What ever, i'll find out somehow..

Just when i was throwing all the garbage away, i saw a huge crowd of girls pass by the windows, screaming and yelling. It looked like as if they were being chased by a guy with a chainsaw or something. I mean this was not normal. I continued throwing away all the garbage behind the counter just as spun around on my heels, i felt a pair of hands slamming my mouth shut. "I'LL GIVE YOU 2 BACKSTAGE PASSES IF YOU DON'T SCREAM OUT MY NAME" said the stranger pulling me down on my knees. I pulled his hands out of my mouth and screamed at the top of my lungs. "AAAAAHHHHH" he slammed his warm hands on my mouth again. This time making it impossible for me to pull them off. "MOVE YOUR FREAKIN' HANDS" i mumbled. I got up as soon as he moved his hand. I felt his hands pulling me back down. "Shhh can you please keep it down! Im begging you, just do this for me!" The stranger whispered to me. He looked really familiar but i just couldn't tell who. I was panting, trying to relax. "Who are you and what do you want from me!" I shouted at him and pulled his hands off of my elbows, trying to look serious. "You DON'T know WHO I AM!?" He asked looking all confused. "Uhmm am i supposed to?"

"Uhmm no no no, wait are they gone?" He asked still whispering on his knees behind the counter. "Who's they? What are you talking about?" I asked him looking lost as ever. Just then a maniac barged in "IS HE HERE? DID YOU SEE ZAYN MALIK?!" Wow how old was she? 12? Her mascara was running probably crying and her cheeks were as red as a tomato. "Uhm i don-" before i could finish, the little brat shut the door and ran away to who knows which direction.

"Uhm i guess they are all gone" i shrugged my shoulders still having no idea about what was going on. He finally got up off of the floor brushing his leather jacket and jeans. "Thank you soo much! I owe you big time for that" he winked and made his way towards the table for 2. He pulled a chair and sat there staring at me. "Uhm im sorry, I'm still lost. What is going in? Who were those people and why were you hiding from them?" I asked him as i tapped my right foot on the floor trying to make it look like i was serious and waiting for an answer. "Woah woah woah, aren't you going to treat me something? It was pretty cold out there" he pouted his lips giving me a puppy face. I groaned and got up to make him a hot chocolate. Why did he seems so familiar!? Wait, what did that little brat ask me when she barged in earlier?



{present time}

That's it! He's Zayn Malik! From that band.. One Direction! I grabbed the hot chocolate and slammed it onto the table he was sitting at making sure i didn't spill it any where. "I KNOW YOU! YOU'RE THAT GUY FROM THAT BAND.. what was it called? ONE DIRECTION!" I pulled a chair and sat down, staring at him trying to make sure this wasn't a dream. Not that i was a big fan of him or anything. He lifted his head up and took a sip of his hot chocolate. "Wow, took you long enough" he smirked at me taking another sip of his drink. "Uh excuse-me?" I asked raising one eyebrow. "Sorry it's just that almost everyone knows me" he looked back up towards me. I didn't want to make eye contact with him so i just stood back up. "Cocky much" i whispered to my self. Who did this guy think he was?! "Are you going to answer my question?" I looked at him again this time slamming both of my hands on the table. "What questi- ohh..yeah sorry. So i'm Zayn Malik and i was this close to being attacked by the fans". He responded lifting his hands up making his finger tips touch. "But thanks to you... I survived through the day" he grinned at me. I glared at him and made my way towards the front desk/counter and took out my sketchbook to do some sketches while the weirdo was drinking his hot chocolate. I could see him stare at me from the corner of my eye. The feeling made me uncomfortable so i asked "Can i help you?". "Oh sorry, uhm you sketch?" He asked me looking confused. Why did he even care? I mean no one has ever asked me this question. I quickly shut the book and slid it in to my purse. "Uh, that's not important. What's important is.. you, leaving here and me, going back to my resident. Other wise i'm going to have to spend the night outside." I responded to him, grabbing the empty cup of hot chocolate and putting it in the garbage. "Wait what? Why would you sped the night outside?". He asked me wrinkling his forehead. "Because! I go to college and live with my best friend in a resident. And the latest you can stay outside in weekdays is 9:00." I added, getting my keys out of my bag as i pushed him towards the door. Was i being too harsh? Well i don't care. I cannot spend the night outside. "Okay, it was nice meeting you, and again thank you" he responded giving me a kiss in the cheek. "Good night" he added. Who does he think he is ? He cannot just go around kissing random peoples cheeks. I scoffed, reaching to pull the curtains down and shut the lights off. "Good-bye" i responded making my way towards the door to lock it. The weirdo was gone. I peeked outside looking left and right then left again. He was no where to be found. I turned around to lock the door and saw something flashing. It was an iPhone laying on the floor. I picked it up and felt it vibrating. It was an incoming call from "Harry Styles".

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