Date: Thursday night, December 6th. (the same day)

It was an incoming call from Harry Styles..

My mind went blank as soon as i saw the caller ID. Should i answer it? Or should i ignore it? My thumb was tracing over the slide button on the iPhone. Ignoring all the thoughts and questions I had wondering around in my head, I slowly slid my finger on the screen and answered it. "BRO WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! DO YOU KNOW HOW WORRIED YOU GOT US?!" I could tell how anxious the person through the phone was by the tone of their voice. There was a moment of silence between us. "ZAYN? ARE YOU OKAY!? RESPOND T-" Before he could finish his words, i interrupted him not knowing if that was the right thing to do. "Uhm Zayn isn't here, he-" i heard him cut my words. "Ohh oops my fault, hold on a second" I waited for a while and heard a few different voices through the phone. "GUYS IT'S A CHICK! I guess Zayn wont be coming home tonight" i heard laughters and muttering through the phone.

What the hell was this guy talking about? Was he out of his mind? Did he actually think that i was..I heard the person get on line again. "Sorry, babe. Just tell Zayn to be home by 10 tomorrow. Enjoy the night" he said with a flirtatious voice. "Excuuuse me? No wait dont hang up!" And he didn't. "I am not with Zayn nor doing anything with him tonight. I dont even know who he is." I stated. "What?! What do you mean you don't know him, You have his phone right? Okay im confused. Who are you?"

"Yes! i have his phone. I'll explain you everything just hang on a second"

I picked up my bag locking the door of the store. Then i picked the phone up and headed for the resident before it was too late.

"Hello?" I asked making sure he was still on the line.

"Yeah im still here. So go on babe". I sighed and continued walking.

"I work at Starbucks as a waitress and today was my turn to close the doors not exactly but whatever. So, i was all alone in Starbucks cleaning the place-" i was interrupted again.

"Yeah yeaah yeah i dont have time to hear your life story, can you just tell me where Zayn is?" Wow what a jerk he was. I took a deep breath trying to control my anger.

"Look i dont give a single damn about you or your little friend Zayn. I have a resident to get to. I could just hang up and keep the phone to myself. But I won't cause I'm not rude like SOME PEOPLE." I responded, defending my self. Realizing the fact that i still had to give him an explanation just made me sick.

"Okay I'm sorry, Please go on" it was funny how his tone of voice changed from husky and irritating to sweet and innocent. I smiled to my self, feeling proud at how i stood up for myself.

"Yeah what ever, so AS I WAS SAYING.. I was throwing away all the garbage and waste and just when i turned around, i saw your beloved friend Zayn. He slammed his hands on my mouth shut cause apparently he didnt want fans to see us. Well.. just him. When all the fans were gone. I treated him hot chocolate and just when he was about to leave.. He dropped his phone on the floor and thats when you called me. He was gone by that time" i sighed in relief.

"Wow that's one heck of a story.." I heard him chuckle. What the heck did that mean? That he doesn't believe me?

"You know what I'm just going to hang up because i have better stuff to do. I dont need to get you to believe me. I couldn't care less about this crap. It's getting annoying." I hissed.

"No no no, wait i didn't mean that. Please dont hang up." I rolled my eyes. Why is it always me that have to deal with phycos in life? Why? I groaned.

"Okaaay finee! What do you want me to do?" I was getting close to my resident. It was just 2 blocks away now.

"Do you realise you're on the phone with Harry Styles? One of the members of One Direction?" He asked me sounding cocky as ever. I scoffed at how lame he sounded.

"Yeah, so?" I asked not caring a single bit.

"Wow now i really want to meet you" i could sense the weirdness. I think it runs in the band. I rolled my eyes and opened my mouth to respond but then he cut me.

"Tell you what, why dont we meet tomorrow. You can give Zayn his phone and i could see that pretty face of yours."

"How do you know if i have pretty face or not?" i heard him laugh at my question.

"Well we'll see about that tomorrow. I'll send the address as a text to Zayn's phone. Oh and what time do you want to meet?"

"My class ends at 3. So I'll meet you at 4:00" i groaned.

"So it's a date." What! This guy was out of his mind.

"You're redicilous. This is not a date. I'm just going to hand you the phone and leave. Okay?"

"Yeah suureee" I was forcing my self not to curse at him. He was so annoying! I hated guys like him. He made me remember Daymien. I shivered feeling the cold wind hitting my face.

"I cant wait to get the details from Zayn. " he added.

"What details?" I asked curiously.

"You know, just details." He laughed nervously.

"okay well i gotta go. I'm almost at my resident. I dont wanna wake Nicole up."

"Who's Nicole?"

"NO ONEEEE" i yelled at him. This guy seems to love asking questions.

"Okay, okay I'll text you the address. Just check the phone kay?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah what ever. Good night."

"Sweet Dreams" he responded flirtatiously again.

What a cheeky boy. I tapped on the decline button and slid the phone in my pocket. It was getting dark, but was still 8:20. I thought about the conversation i just had with 'Harry Styles' and the whole scene at Starbucks with as much as i can remember, Zayn. I digged my hand into my purse looking for the keys of our resident. Then i unlocked the door, peeking my head in to find Nicole sleeping on the couch. With out making much noise, i placed my bag in the corner of the armchair an unzipped my coat. Just then i heard yawning and turned around to find Nicole getting up and rubbing her hands on her eyes. "Hey!" I smiled watching her get up and walk wobbly with her eyes half closed and half open.

"Heey, How come you're so late?" She stopped and faced me.

"You cannot believe what happened today at work!" She sat down waiting for what i was about to say. Her reaction changed from sleepy and exhausted to a hyper freak. She nodded for me to go on.

"You might not believe me but you know that band One Direction? The one that your 10 year old cousien wont stop talking about?"

She nodded. "Yeah what about them?"

"Well, Zayn Malik, one of the members of the band, came in today." Nicole's mouth dropped open.

"No way! Shut up!"

"Yes way! Apparently he was running from his crazy fans so he needed a place to hide. He stayed for about 10 minutes then left."

"Wow what a coincidence. Do you realize that there are about 8 millions of girls that would die to be in your place right now?" She stated grinning. She was right though. But i just dont feel lucky. I mean they are just 4 or 5 regular guys. I actually dont even know how many of them are there.

"I know , Nicole. But that's not something i want to argue about. He uhm Zayn, dropped his phone on the way. And i found it" Nicole's mouth dropped again but this time she was smiling through it.

"So i picked it up and felt it vibrate. It was a call from Harry Styles." Nicole burst out laughing. "You're joking oh my god! Please continue!" She continued laughing and clapping her hands. "So he wants to meet up with me tomorrow at 4 to pick the phone up. And Im guessing his friend Zayn will be there with him sinc it's his phone. " I responded picking my bag and coat to hang it up in my closet. "Wanna come with me tomorrow? I really dont want to be stuck with 2 weirdos!" I asked walking towards my room feeling Nicole getting up and following me. "Wow i wish i could come! But i have a test at 3:45" she pouted laying on my bed. "That's fine. Plus i'm just going to hand the phone and come back. I dont wait to wait any longer" Just then i heard a noise come from the pocket of my coat. I reached over and noticed it was Zayn's phone lighting up. A text message from Harry. I slid it open.

"Hey, meet us at this address; 12 Bloordale 799. I can't wait to see you to be honest. ;) xx" Some one please hand me a bucket. I tapped on the reply box and responded to him.

"You are such a flirt! What do you mean by 'us' who else is coming with you?!" I hope he only meant Zayn. *Beep* Another text. I tapped it open.

"No x's at the end? :( and it's only me and the boys. xxx" i groaned reading it. "Sky, is that his phone ? Oh my god!" Nicole squealed and got up to sit beside me. "Yeah and the other one is pissing me off. He is such a flirt, he needs to understand that I'm NOT going to flirt back" i rolled my eyes trying to get her to understand me. Nicole just patted me on the shoulder giggling. She seemed to be enjoying this. "Aren't you going to respond to him?" She questioned me.

"Oh yeah right" i pressed on the reply button and started typing. "Sorry, I dont do x's in conversations :) and i would love it if you stopped doing it too." I smiled at myself while i tapped on the send button. "Wow Sky, i think you're forgetting the fact that he's HARRY STYLES! I mean i know you're not a fan and im not a big one either but dont you care even a bit?" I knew what she meant by that. " I understand you Nic, but at the same time no matter how much i remind my self that they're huge and famous and all, i just cant seem to feel it. I dont feel like they are internationally famous. I feel like they are regular b-" *Beep* i checked the text.

"Nah, it's a habit. Zayn told me a few things about you ;) XXXXXXX" wow and now he capatilizes it ? This guy must be a joke. Wait what did he mean 'Zayn told me a few things about you'? My eyes went wide and i started typing faster then I normally would. Then I heard Nicole call out. "I'm going to bed Sky, could you turn off the lights when you're done?" I looked over and found her placing herself in her bed. "Yeah sure love, give me a few seconds. I'm just going to change into my pajamas" i picked up the phone and continued typing. "What do you mean? What did he tell you?" I sent the text and within 10 seconds i got another one. "He told me how you're really pretty but grumpy at the same time and also that you have a small ass. i'll see about that tomorrow ;) x" I just really wanted to punch this guy right now! He's really starting to get on my nerves!

"You are one obnoxious person. Oh and tell your friend Zayn that he better not come near me tomorrow because i took Karate lessons for 5 years and have experience. You two are freaks! I feel sorry for your fans." and i sent it to him. I changed into my pajamas and curled up in my bed waiting for a respond. It has been 5 minutes, i think i really pissed him off. Oh well, this should tell him. He chose the wrong girl to flirt with. *beep* i quickly checked the text.

"Ouch! You really are grumpy. Zayn is a bit scared of you now that you threathened him. Oh and i forgot to ask you, What's your name? :) x". I started typing to respond.

"Tell him to grow some balls. And you don't need to know my name. I gotta sleep! I will sadly see you tomorrow." I shut my eyes hoping he won't answer and that i will finally get some sleep. *beep* i groaned and checked the phone. The brightness killed my eyes. It was another text by him.

"Hahaha i told him that. You are so cute :D and okay, I'll let you get some sleep. Sweet dreams xx" I couldn't help but blush. I turned off the phone and rolled over my back and finally shut my eyes. Tomorrow was going to be one interesting day.