Because my bestfriend drew all those pictures of Chase and Shane for me, I told her I'd write any story for her! She chose a story with the characters Leo and Michael, her and my male alter ego's, who are gay with one another. This is kind of an odd story, I guess, but I hope you enjoy it!

I have no idea how long this story will be, and I refuse to put an estimate on it, because I'll probably be wrong.

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Chapter 1

Michael, Prince of the Snow Clan, sighed in boredom, staring out at the snowy lands before him. He was supposed to be at class right now, learning battle techniques, but he'd skipped out. He'd been to that stupid class every day for like, two years, and he hadn't been taught a single new thing since day three. It was pretty much the same thing over and over. He knew that they were probably going to go to war with the Lunar clan. He knew that as the prince, and with his father gone, he'd have to lead the army. He knew that to survive, he'd have to know how to fight.

So they really should teach him something new.

He smelt something in the air, and his ears perked up, and his tail twitched with interest. He sniffed the air.

It was a human. He jumped up, getting ready to run off. Humans would kill him, even if he did look like them, besides the ears and tail. They didn't trust the animals who looked like humans. They thought they'd try to overthrow them, and take over their world, which couldn't be further from the truth. All the animals wanted to do was be left in peace. But they didn't understand that.

Why couldn't they let them live in peace? They looked exactly like humans. Take him for example. He had blond hair, with brown tips. If it wasn't for the white ears and tail, they wouldn't ever think that he was a white tiger.

A pack of humans suddenly came into his view, and after a minute, they shouted out, having spotted him. He watched them lift their weapons at him, and with a mocking laugh, he darted off, blending into the snow, his speed and pale skin quickly taking them from their weak human eyes.

When he got back to his castle, it was only a matter of minutes before he was scolded by his teacher. He let it go on for a few minutes, then decided to silence it was a harsh glare. His teacher floundered, then told him he'd see him tomorrow, and took off. Michael watched him go, thinking, weak, so weak. Don't let me control you, fight back.

But he knew he wouldn't. Nobody would dare. Not when he could easily banish them to no-man's land, where members of the Lunar Clan stood 24/7, protecting their land. He sighed again. This conflict was getting out of hand.

Humans were taking too much of their food, and now, the two clans were fighting over land and food, each of them running low. It was up to him now, and the leader of the Lunar Clan, to come to a peaceful resolution, before there was an all out war.

He hoped he could do right by his people. He didn't want to lead them to their deaths. He didn't want anybody precious to him to die again.

"Michael, there you are." said a sweet voice, and he turned to see his mother. She was very beautiful, with long white hair that she liked to pull into a ponytail, and let it follow behind her like a cascading waterfall.

"Hello mother." he said, reaching for her hand, giving it a quick kiss on the hand. She bowed her head in reply, then ruffled his hair affectionately.

"Why don't you go out and play?" she asked, and he raised an eyebrow at her. Since when did she figure he had any friends. He wasn't very pleasant to other people around him, and he was the prince. Not a very good combination. But she gave him a look that left no room for argument, so he shrugged and went back outside.


Leo was bored. He'd been standing in this same spot for hours, and he hadn't seen anyone from the Snow Clan. But there was nobody around here except for him, and if he did leave, and somebody got in, he would be responsible for anything that happened afterward. So for now, he'd stay.

But a second later, a rabbit jumped out in front of him, and his ears perked in interest instantly, his limbs readying to run after it. His wolf instincts kicked into high gear, and a second later, he was tearing after the small animal, his blond hair flying behind him, with his bushy black tail and ears. Even though he was hunting, he laughed, happy. Running always put him in a good mood, even if it was through all this snow.

Still, he couldn't wait for the snow season to end. Even though he was good in the snow, the white tigers were better, and if things did get bad between them, they would have the upper hand. Not only would they fight well, they would camouflage, and it wasn't likely that they could do well against an enemy of such.

The rabbit was gone suddenly, and he stopped running, panting, his tail swishing slowly against the ground. He straightened up from the hunter's crouch he'd been in, and shook the snow from his head. He sniffed the air, looking to see if maybe the animal was still around, but it seemed it was gone. A shame. Any food was appreciated at the Lunar Clan, and he'd feel especially good if he was the one who brought it. Everyone in the pack was nice enough, but...

He'd been so caught up in his thoughts, and looking for the rabbit, that he didn't even here the humans until they were behind him, shouting, "Look! A wolf!"

He whirled around, snarling fiercely, baring his sharp fangs, his hair bristling up in warning.

"Shoot him!" one man shouted, lifting his own gun, and the men around him did the same. Leo ran quickly, knowing he was a disadvantage. He took them in the direction away from the other wolves: they were heading right for his pack. And even though he wasn't one of them, he'd protect them.

His foot suddenly fell through the snow, straight into a rabbit hole. He fell face first, and even though he scrambled back up as quickly as he could, he heard the humans surrounding him, and when he looked up at them, he froze, watching in horror as the man closet to him shot.


Michael's ears perked up at a sound in the distance, and he swung around, looking for the source. He knew that sound. A gun. The humans were still close.

He'd barely set foot of the village, and already this was happening. Behind him, a child ran up, ears perked like his.

"What was that?" the child asked, and Michael glared at him and shouted, "Get back inside!" harshly. The child's eyes widened, and he turned and ran back to the village, looking like he might be about to cry. Whatever, he didn't have time to spare the child's feelings. There was a gun out there.

He hated guns.

He would destroy it.

He ran quickly, but after a few minutes of heart pounding anger, he started to calm down. The shot hadn't come from his territory, it was from the land of the wolves. And he shouldn't care about them, they were the enemy.


Nobody should die at the hands of those retched humans. He'd just check and see if anybody had been hurt, and then he would go. That was his decision, and he was sticking to it. So he started looking, sniffing the air, and listening for anything. Suddenly, he picked up the scent of blood. Somebody was hurt. After another minute, he saw the blood, and he followed it, looking around cautiously for anyone that might hurt him.

After another minute, he saw the body, laying in the snow, blood trickling out from a wound in his chest. It was a wolf. He looked to be the same age as Michael, with blond hair, and black ears and tail. What a weird color combination, he thought, leaning down and putting his hand against the young wolf's neck. After a second, he felt a low beat.

What should he do? He could take him back to his pack, but it didn't like the wolf had the time. His village was closer. But, what would the others think if they saw him? He'd have to sneak him in, away from prying eyes. Whatever he did, he wasn't going to leave him to die. So, he reached down and tried to lift him, but the wolf was heavier than he thought, even though they had the same tall, lean body build. But the wolf was slightly taller, and with a few more muscles.

He took a deep breath, readying himself for the tiring journey ahead of him.

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