First off, even though nobody mentioned it, I feel the need to defend Leo's black ears and tail, even though I described him as blond. Well, the characters of Leo and Michael are based off me and my best friends male alter ego's, which I've stated, but their animal features are based off as a game we played as kids, where she was a white tiger, and I was a black wolf. Which is why Leo is blond with black ears and tail.

Okay, sorry for the long wait. I actually did start writing the second chapter almost as soon as I was done with the first, but I forgot to save it, so now I'm starting over.

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Chapter 2

Michael was able to get the unconscious wolf pretty far, but he had to stop every now and again to catch his breath. As he was dragging the wolf, his enemy, he kept his senses on high alert, listening for any sounds that didn't come from the forest creatures. Finally, he reached the village gates, and now came the real problem of trying to get the wolf past all the village people.

"Your Majesty?" said a voice, and when Michael looked down, he was greeted by the sight of a child, looking up at him in awe. The little boy saw who he was dragging, and his ears shot straight up.

"A wolf! Your Majesty caught a wolf!" the child said proudly, beaming up at him. The child was shouting, and Michael knew that people could hear them at any moment, so he bared his teeth at the child and growled lowly, a ferocious tiger snarl.

"Quiet!" he ordered, and the young child instantly shut up, eyes filling with tears, then ran off. Michael felt bad, but he didn't have time for apologies. The wolf in his arms could die at any moment, if he didn't hurry. The snow behind them was stained red with blood, and he was glad that it was snowing now, because it could cover up the blood. He wasn't really quite sure why he felt the need to hide he was doing. Even if it was their enemy, what could they really do to him?

Still, he could tell it wasn't a good idea.

Michael looked up, and saw his castle, far beyond the village homes that were in front of him, looming over on a hill, towers practically touching the sky. He sighed, but then remembered the secret passage he'd been told about years ago. His teacher had showed it to him, telling him that if there was ever danger to his life, and no way for him to save himself, this was the secret way for Michael to get away, and let their clan live on.

He quickly located it, beaming proudly when the secret door, located under the snow, and grass, and leaves, opened.


Getting through the castle was easy. He knew all the secret ways, since he'd been exploring here since he was just a cub. Once they got to his room, he lay the still unconscious wolf down on his bed, staring at the wound. What was he supposed to do now? He didn't know much about first aid, or medicine and stuff.

"Stay here." he told the wolf, even though the other boy couldn't hear him. He peeked out his door, and when he was sure nobody was around, he ran out, quickly heading to his doctor's room. The royal doctor was out today, helping with a slight illness going through the village. Hopefully, he'd left something that could help Michael.

Once he found everything he thought he needed, Micheal quickly ran back, and set to work. He pulled the wolf's shirt off, flinching when he saw all the blood on it. He quickly removed the bullet from the wolf's chest, ears flattened on his head, feeling squeamish. He set to washing the wound, and rubbing as much healing ointment as he thought was needed, doing all he knew how to do. When he was done, he tried to bandage it up, but it was very hard to do, since the wolf could not help him by sitting up, or rolling over for him to be able to get the bandages all the way around. Still, he gave it his best shot, and after an hour of painstaking work, he was done.

He sat back on one of his chairs, letting out a loud sigh of relief. He watched the wolf closely for awhile, tail perking up in interest whenever the other boy moved. Without meaning too, he felt himself starting to drift to sleep, tired after all he'd been suddenly had to do today. A few minutes later, he was fast asleep.


Leo opened his eyes slowly, confused. Where was he? This wasn't the forest, or his home, or any place he knew of. And it smelled strange. He sat up on his elbows, grunting in pain, remembering a second later. He'd been shot. Shouldn't he be dead? He looked down, and saw that his wound had been cleaned and bandaged, though the bandages had clearly not been tied by a professional.

Who had saved him?

Leo looked around the room, and a second later, he spotted a boy sleeping on a cushy chair. For a second, he noticed nothing, but then, he saw the ears, and the tail, and he gasped, senses running into high alert, the fur on his tail and ears bristling. He'd been captured by the enemy!? Leo shot up out of the bed, swiftly getting into a crouch, teeth bared, as he prepared to attack the boy.

The boy's eyes flew open, and a second later, he was on his feet too, in much the same position as Leo, hissing threateningly in reply to Leo's growls. They stared at each other closely, the tigers sharp cat eyes locked on his alert golden ones, waiting for the other to make a move. Leo knew he was at a disadvantage. He might be slightly taller, and probably stronger, but right now, he was weak, and he had a bullet hole in his chest.

Wait. Did that mean this boy was the one who had saved him?

"Do you save me?" he asked, and the tiger nodded briskly.

Leo instantly felt bad, and he got out of his crouch, watching as the tiger did the same. Neither of them was fully relaxed though, and were ready to attack at a moment's notice.

"I did." the tiger said. "And you have a funny way of showing gratitude."

"I'm sorry." Leo said, scratching the back of his head sheepishly. "I thought I'd been captured by the enemy."

The tiger scoffed, crossing his arms. "Of course not. I found you in the snow, bleeding to death, so I had to sneak you in here, so that I could repair your wound."

Now he really felt bad. "I'm sorry." he repeated, then he looked around the room. "Woah. Is this your room?"

"Of course."

"Damn. What are you, the king?" he joked, but the cat nodded.

"The Prince, actually."

Leo's eyes widened. "You're Prince Michael, of the Snow Clan?" he asked, and the tiger nodded.

"Why did you...why did you help me?"

The cat looked flustered suddenly, and he looked into the fireplace, the red fire reflecting in his blue eyes, and he mumbled, "I don't want anyone to die."

Maybe this guy wasn't half bad. It seemed like he had a heart, at least, even if he did seem a little cold. Suddenly, a sharp pain burst in Leo's chest, and he clutched at it, leaning over in pain. The tiger was there quickly, pushing him back onto the bed.

"Stay down, you idiot! You're hurt!" he said, and Leo let him push him down without protest. The tiger mumbled under his breath, "Dumb wolves, need to think a little."

Leo smiled at him without a word. He knew he shouldn't be so relaxed, but the tiger didn't seem to have any plans to hurt him. Leo realized he'd yet to introduce himself, so he said, "I'm Leo."

The tiger, the Prince, stared at him for a few seconds, then held out his hand to shake. "I'm Micheal."

Leo grinned and shook his hand as firmly as he could.

"Good to meet you, Your Majesty."

Their eyes locked again, but this time, Leo felt drawn in, and he could tell Micheal felt the same thing, by the way he got on his knees so that they were face to face, staring at each other intently, eyes searching each others.

Leo's tail swished softly against the smooth bed blankets. For some reason, he felt happy. Even though he knew he should be wondering why he felt this way, he didn't. He'd always been one to just run with his thoughts and emotions, not stop and think them over.

For Leo, even though he hadn't really known it, was love at first sight.


Michael felt strange. Something about this wolf made him feel different, less cold in his heart. Was it just because it was the first time he'd come face to face with somebody outside of his village, somebody who nothing of his problems? That had to be it. Right?

Before he had the time to think it over, there was a knock on his door. Instantly, the spell between them was broken, and Leo was tensed in fear, snarling lowly. Michael shot up, shaking away the strange thoughts and feelings. He'd just been caught in the moment was all. He ran over to his door, putting a finger to his lips, and Leo nodded silently, and his warning growls cut off.

Michael cracked the door open, smiling tightly at the doctor, who was standing the other side.

"Doctor Yourel." he said, and the doctor smiled back, bowing slightly.

"Your Highness, I went into my office, and some of my things seem to be missing. I detected your scent, so I was wondering if you were alright." Doctor Yourel said kindly, looking Michael up and down for injuries. The doctor had his long black hair pulled into a ponytail behind him, almost as long as Michael's own mother's.

"I'm fine. Just a cut on my foot."

"Do you want me to look at it."

"No. I've taken care of it."

"Oh, alright. Are you sure?"

"Of course. You may go now." Michael dismissed him, and with no other choice, the doctor bowed and started to leave. But just as he turned away, he sniffed the air, and turned to look back towards Michael's room.

"Do you smell that?" he asked, and Michael's heart jumped, Inside the room, he felt Leo shifting on the bed, preparing to attack. Wow, he thought. This wolf was wound tightly.

"What?" he played dumb, and doctor Yourel said, "I smell wolf."

"I went near the wolf territory earlier, to make sure everything was okay."

The doctor nodded, buying the lie, since the truth was clearly not something the tigers would consider. Why would their prince have a wolf, the enemy, inside his room? He started off, and Michael shut the door, sighing in relief. When he turned back around, Leo was starting to calm down, laying back down, panting from the pain in his chest. Michael saw that the bandages were getting red, which meant he was still bleeding. Maybe he should call the doctor back. If he swore him to secrecy, would Yourel go against him? He had no way of knowing, which is why he shouldn't. But he had no idea how to be a doctor, which is why he should.

"Hold on." Michael said, going back over, and cutting the bandages with a swift movement of his claw. He went back to tending to it, and Leo was silent under his hands, watching him. Michael realized that the wolf was sweating, and his skin was hot. He had a fever. Was that good or bad? Was the wound infected?

Leo shut his eyes, tired again, and within moments, he was asleep, knowing that he was safe.


It was love at first sight.

When we locked eyes.

I didn't want to fight.

I thought, you being my enemy, must be a lie.

There, a stupid poem I made up on the spot. Maybe I'll end every chapter with a poem, if I have the creative energy. Please let me know what you think, and thank you for reading!