I realized I should probably let you know how to pronounce the names of the characters, especially those in the Lunar Clan.

Cleou- Klee o ooh.

Praio- Pa rai oh.

Corui- Core ooh e.

Asyu- Ah su.

Okay, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

Chapter 4

Leo stared as Asyu for a second, shocked. If this had been yesterday, just yesterday, he wouldn't have questioned this decision, but now, he wasn't the same. His friend was over there.

"Um...Asyu, have you had a talk with the leader of the Snow Clan?" he asked. "You should wait first, and see if an agreement is possible."

Asyu took a seat in a chair, and thought this over. "Of course, you are right. I should not jump to conclusions without even meeting with the young prince."

Leo sighed, and Corui patted Asyu on the shoulder. "I am sure that whatever you choose to do will be the right thing."

Leo nodded supportingly, feeling relieved. He trusted in his leader, and he trusted in Michael too. He knew that the Prince would try his best to bring these issues to a peaceful resolution, and maybe the two clans could be friends, and he and Michael could have fun together. He left their little home and instantly Praio and Cleou were there.

"Do you want to go hunting with us?" Praio asked, and Cleou wagged his tail hopefully.

"You must be hungry."

Actually, Leo was full from the rabbit he and Michael had shared just this morning, but he knew he couldn't say that, so he nodded.

"Sure." he said. "Let's go."


Michael was sitting in his room, and he sighed, bored, and kind of lonely. Leo was the only person he knew around his own age, and it had been nice to talk with him like they were friends. There was a knock on his door, and his mother came in a second later, without even waiting for him to say she could come in. Thank the heavens that Leo wasn't still there. She would have been shocked out of her skin.

"Michael, the leader of the Lunar Clan has sent a message to you." she said, holding out a letter. "He is hopeful that the two of you may sit down and talk."

Michael got up and took the letter, reading over it. He nodded and handed it back to his mother. "Alright. Tell him to be here today, when the sun has set. If he feels uncomfortable being over here, tell him he may bring guards." Michael loved his people, but he wouldn't put it past at least one of them to try something to the Lunar leader, especially if he was on his own.

His mother nodded, and backed away, shutting the door behind her. He sat back down, staring out the window. Should he bring his own guards? Maybe two or three, just in case. He trusted Leo, but that didn't mean he had to trust the others. He was sure Leo had felt the same way, since anytime he thought someone was around, he'd growled and his guard would go up.

The meeting came quickly, and Michael found himself sitting in his large meeting room. Two of of his guards were standing behind him, and two more were standing on the other side of the room, in the spot where the wolves would be sitting, just in case any of them tried something funny.

They arrived on time, the leader, Asyu, coming in first. He was followed by a female, who Michael assumed was his mate, and then, his guards. There were four of them, but Michael only recognized Leo. His ears perked up in interest, and his tail twitched, and when Leo saw him, he smiled happily. The other three guards didn't notice, and Michael looked over at them. One had white hair, ears, and a tail, and the other was all brown. The fourth one was much bigger then the other three, though the brown haired one had a good build. But he seemed more like a bodyguard then the rest. Michael didn't see how the white haired one might offer any protection, he seemed very nervous, and he was skinnier then even Michael himself.

"Young Prince," Asyu said, stepping around the table, and Michael stood to shake his hand. "I am pleased that you agreed to meet with me."

Michael nodded, and motioned for him to take a seat. The wolf guards all moved to stand behind him, and when they did, Michael's guards followed, standing behind the wolf guards. Michael saw that this didn't go over well with two of the wolf guards, the brown haired one, and the buffer one, both of them looking over their shoulders and growling lowly. Leo and the white haired one paid no mind, and were simply talking lowly to each other, laughing about something. Michael unexpectedly founds himself feeling jealous of the white wolf.

"I am pleased aswell." he said. "I strongly wish that this can be resolved peacefully."

He saw Leo smile again, giving him a thumbs up.

They chatted for a few minutes, asking about the weather, and other stupid things that didn't matter. Asyu complimented the castle and village, and Michael responded by saying that maybe he could see the Lunar village. The female mate mad a joke, and Michael found himself laughing. Leo was smiling widely, happy about how well it was going.

As they were talking, Michael thought he heard something from the guards, a small whimper, but he ignored it.

Finally, the got down to business.

"I think we should focus more on the humans, then each other." Michael proposed, and the Lunar leaders ears perked up in interest, and his mate nodded beside him.

"I a-" the wolf leader started to say, but suddenly, a low rumbling came from the guards. Michael, Asyu, and his mate turned to see what was the problem. The brown haired wolf was growling loudly at one of Michael's guards, his hair sticking up in warning and threat. Michael looked at Leo, expecting to see him trying to calm the other down, but he too was growling, teeth bared.

In response to these threats, Michael's guards were hissing and growling back, reaching for their weapons.

Michael's eyes widened. The problems didn't seem to be between him and the Lunar leader, but between their guards.

The other guard was growling now too, reaching for his own weapon. The only one who wasn't growling was the white haired wolf, who was standing behind the brown-haired wolf, ears flat against his head, and shaking.

What had happened?

"What is going on here?" Asyu demanded loudly, trying to get his guards' attention, but none of them looked over.

"Answer me!" he shouted, and Michael and he rose from their seats simultaneously.

"Guards, stop this at once!" Michael ordered, but his guards ignored him too.

Things were about to get bad. He could sense it.


Leo had been pleased with how well the meeting was going. Maybe peace between the two clans was possible. But then Cleou, who was standing in between him and Praio, whimpered. He and Praio both looked over, confused and worried.

"What's wrong?" Praio whispered to him, but Cleou shook his head, and whispered back unconvincingly, "N-nothing."

But Praio and Leo could read body language, and Cleou was clearly worried, and scared. His ears were against his head, and his tail was between his legs. Leo tried to ignore it, going back to watching the meeting, but then Cleou whimpered again, and Praio's voice cut through his thoughts, a threatening whisper.

"You better stop touching him, fucking cat."

Leo's heart pounded, and he looked over just in time to see one of the tiger guards pull his hand away from Cleou's back. Leo's stomach swirled in disgust. The tiger had been touching his friend!

Instantly, he and Praoi had swiveled around, and were growling threateningly at the guard, and their fourth guard, Sicou, had joined them. The other tiger guard looked confused, so maybe he didn't know what was going on, but before anyone could explain, the two other guards were making their way over, and all four were growling back.

Leo vaguely heard the leaders ordering them to stop, and tell them what was going on, but none of them listened. Their blood was pumping, and their weapons were being drawn, silver swords flashing in the ice white room.

Leo wasn't even sure exactly what followed. All he knew was that the tiger that had been touching Cleou made some sort of movement, one that was apparently alarming enough for Praio to jump on him, attacking. Instantly he went to defend his friend, but he was tackled from the side by one of the other tigers.

In seconds the room was alive with wild sounds, biting and scratching, and snarls and growls and howls.

"Stop!" he heard somebody shouting, maybe Michael. It sounded too young to be Asyu.

But they didn't stop. He couldn't even if he wanted too. He was being attacked, so he had to fight back. Cleou was beside him, fighting with all his might, and Leo was impressed. He wasn't dead yet, at least.

Suddenly, there was a howl, and it was a terrible sound, and they all stopped. They looked over, and Leo's heard speed up when he saw Sicou on the ground, clutching his stomach, which was pumping blood onto the floor. He had been stabbed. Cleou scrambled over and tried to stop the bleeding, but after a second shook his head in despair.

"Sicou!" Asyu shouted, and he was joined by the others.

"You've killed my man!" the Lunar leaded shouted, turning on Michael, who was scratched up. Had he been fighting too? Had he been the one who had killed Sicou.

"It was my guard!" he shouted back, anger rising in his voice.

"It is the same as if you had done it yourself!" the wolf leader replied. Leo's heart was pounding harshly. What had they done?

"Your guard was the one to attack first!" Michael responded, and Leo knew this to be true, but they had just been attacking to protect Cleou.

"You have killed one of us, and that is an act of war!" Asyu declared, and he turned and started to march from the room. "Guards! Take Sicou, and let us go! We must prepare!"

Praio went to pick up Sicou, Cleou helping all he could, and they all started to leave the room. Leo was the last to go, the guards crouched and ready to attack him. He looked at Michael, who was watching him with an expression that was probably close to his. Regret sketched into his eyes.

"I'm sorry." Leo said quietly, and Michael turned around.

"You should go. We are enemies now."

Leo's tail dragged on the floor as he turned too, leaving with a heart full of horror.


Michael really had no idea what had happened. One minute they had been chatting, about to come to an agreement, and then the next thing he knew, the gaurds were attacking each other, fighting and fighting until somebody had died.

He turned to his guards, none of which had died.

"What the hell just happened!?" he screeched, marching up to one of them, and even though he was much smaller then all of them, they shrunk back.

"I do not know, Your Highness." said the guard. "They suddenly were mad at Cory."

Michael turned to Cory. "What did you do to make them mad?" he asked, and Cory shook his head adamantly.

"I did nothing, Young Prince. They turned on me without warning."

"That is impossible! They would not attack for no reason!" Michael shouted.

"How can you be sure, my lord?"

"Because-!" he started to shout. He knew Leo. Not very well, but well enough. Leo did not seem like somebody who would attack for no reason. They must have had a reason! He had to talk to him, and see what it was, see if he could fix this.

He did not want anybody to die.

Not again.

The thought of his father made him sad, but he quickly brushed it away. He had much bigger problems. When would the Lunar Clan attack? He had a feeling it would be soon.

"Assemble the army." he ordered. "Prepare for attack."


"They have murdered Sicou!" Asyu shouted to his clan, and angry growls and mournful howls filled night air.

"This is an act of war!" he continued, and they howled in agreement. Leo was standing by himself, watching. What should he do? Should he point out that they were the ones to attack first? He didn't have to, because another wolf did it for him.

"Why did they attack in the first place?"

"They didn't!" Praio admitted. "We did! But it was because the tiger was assaulting Cleou!"

More angry howls and snarls.

"Those tigers are sick, and must be killed!" somebody shouted.

Asyu turned to his soilders and said, "Tomorrow is a full moon. Our strength will be at its peak. We attack when the first star shines!"

I do not actually believe of course that the full moon makes wolves stronger. I also know that they are not actually howling at the moon. I just thought it would be a nice touch to add.

The time has come

Our friendship, so quick

Seems to be done

The thought, it makes me sick.