Okay first of all i know that i usally wright poems about how much my mum (and/or other members of my famly) toatly wreck my life but because its christmas soon i wanted to wright this for my mum (coz beleave it or not i dont ALWAYS hate her) pleese tell me if you think she'll like it or not and if you guys liked this feel free to use it this/next christmas.
Pleas injoy, review and have a mary christmas (and GOD i have to edmit even i think this sounds kinda corny)

To Mum I wish to say
Today is Christmas day
A day for us to be together
A day for us to laugh

Today is Christmas day
A day for presents and cheer
But the only present I want
Is for us to both be near

I hope your day is full of love
I hope your day is great
I love you so much Mum
You are like my saint

Christmas is a time
For family to be together
I hope I'm always with you Mum
Forever and ever and ever

To Mum I wish to say
You are my shining star
and you always will be
No matter where we are

Thank you so much Mum
For all of your love and care
Thank you so much Mum
For always being there.

Have a great Christmas Mum love your daughter Natalie

Well i hope you guyse injoyed reading this and i know my mum will love it (No matter how corny it is) and like i said if anyone wants to use this in a card/ say it to there mother / ect, they can (After all if anyone tryse to steel this as there own they cant because its on hereI OWN ALL!) So without further to do "I hope you all have a marry christmas and a happy new year!"