Welcome to Hell


I walked down the hallway trying to get used to living here but I really don't think that I'll be here for that long. You see I'm weird and not just your average teenage weird I'm talking weird as in I can transform into any animal I want. People call me a shapeshifter and I guess that is what I'm called. I don't really know or care. I just know that I have yet to meet anyone else like me. And that I can't control myself when I shift.

You see when I shift into an animal I basically become that animal in all way I have human feelings at all. I can't even remember anything when I shift and the only reason I know I shift is when I wake up to hear everyone screaming and pointing at me.

It really isn't the terrified people that I have a problem with. It's the fact that most of the time I wake up with blood on my hands and I have a full stomach. Once when I was young I search the newspaper for anything and I found an article about an animal attack near the spot where I blacked out.

But enough about that for now, I just noticed that I never said my name or anything about me. Well, I'm about to change that. My birth name is Rayne Wildberry (I know weird last name right), but my name today is Jade Jewel. You see I had to change my name after so many animal attacks around my house people would start to get really weird around me. And it didn't help that I don't age like everyone else. Today, is my birthday and I am about hundred and something years old and to be honest I stopped counting after my 50th birthday but I look around twenty years old. You can see where this is a problem when you stay in one spot to long. Enough about that, I'm more focus on my problem of not controlling my shifts than anything else.

I have tried everything to control it. And I know I would get back to this later but it is killing me. And I mean really killing me. The shifts have been getting longer these pass few months and I know it's all about the moon cycle but for some reason I'm really worried about this one. It just feels different but I have plenty of time to figure it out I don't shift for another five month. But let's forget about that right now.

Back to my background, I was born in a very small town and I only had ten years of a human life before I was captured and taken to some lab where they put someone else's blood into my body. They said they were trying to perfect life and make everyone perfect. What they didn't say is if you only get half of the blood sample you turn into an imperfect human being. Well, I guess you wouldn't call me a human being right. Now onto the story enjoy!