Chapter 2

"Everyone I would like you to meet Blaze Stone a new transfer student that's coming all the way from Athens" spoke the teacher in a clear voice that I thought he memorized that introduction.

I watched as the girls swooned over him and the guys glared. School is such a weird place. And even if this school is weird that girls weren't wrong on how hot this new guy is. But I didn't care about how the outside of a person looked. My thing is how they look on the inside. And I haven't ever met someone that was handsome on the inside. But hey I always give everyone a fair shot so I'll be friendly to this guy.

As I finish my little monologue speech, I heard the teacher say "Well Blaze, pick a seat and lets begin the lesson." The teacher clapped his hands and went to write something on the board. But no one really watched the teacher everyone watched Blaze to see what seat he would sit at. Blaze looked around for a while and I swear you could see that he was checking off all the people he hated. But when he looked at the empty seat beside me he snapped his fingers and started walking over to me I guess I won. Take that you stupid girls.

I was giggling at my own little joke when I got tapped on my shoulder. I turned to see the person who tapped me and it was Blaze "What?" I asked.

"Hey I'm Blaze. Well I guess you already know that if you were paying attention. What your name?" He smiled at the end and waited for me to speak.

"Hey I'm Jade. And I was half paying attention so good call telling me your name again. And I have to ask but why sit by me. There are plenty of other girls for you to sit by?" I had to ask it was starting to bug me.

"Well to be honest you were the only one not undressing me with your eyes. And I'm really thankful for that" Blaze smiled and laughed a little.

"Why are you thankful? I thought it was every guys dream to have every girl undress them?" I paused for a moment and then we both started laughing. "Okay that came out wrong but you know what I'm saying right?" I questioned as I stilled giggled at my mistake.

"I get what you're saying and it might be true for many guys but not me." Blaze shrugged like he didn't just confused to heck out of me. Blaze must have noticed my confused face because he laughed and then said "I'm gay I want guys to undress me with their eyes and their teeth."

I slapped my forehead and said "That makes sense now. Why couldn't I get that?"

"Because you wanted me to be straight," laughed Blaze staring at me.

"No I didn't," I pouted as he gave me this look that said tell the truth, "Fine I wanted you straight but come on your hot who wouldn't well expect the gay guys."

After a few moments of dead silences we both started cracking up. We only stopped laughing when the teacher yelled at us to shut up. I actually couldn't believe that a teacher said shut up to his students. But then the teacher blushed and everyone started laughing than. I watched with tears in my eyes as the teacher covered his mouth as he started to laugh as well. Blaze and I looked at each other and I just knew that he was going to be a good friend maybe even a great friend, I hope.

It didn't take long before the class ended after our little laughing fit. But I think everyone was glad when the class was over because all I heard as the bell rung was sighing like they were sitting there for years instead of 45 minutes. I starting to laugh until I finally stood up to leave then I understood why everyone sigh my back was killing me for some reason. I guess these seats weren't as comfortable as I thought. "Man is your ass killing you too" groaned Blaze standing up rubbing his backside.

"Wow that's hot" I laughed watching Blaze rub his ass in front of everyone.

Blaze looked at me then realize what he was doing "OMG did I really just do that?" Blaze face palmed then looked at me to see if it was true.

I just smiled and nodded yes. We stared at each other for a few moments before we busted out laughing and starting walking to the café. It was finally lunchtime. It's my favorite time of day. Well I think it's everyone's favorite time well maybe beside the end of school. "Let's go get some lunch before it's all gone k?" I asked Blaze praying he wanted to eat lunch with me. "Yea let's I'm so hungry right now!" yelled Blaze grabbing my hand and pulled me towards the café. "Hey now don't pull my arm off" I yelled running after him.

When we finally reached the café we were both out of breath and sweating. "Why did you make us run again?" I spoke trying to catch my breath.

"I thought it was a good idea at the time" Blaze laughed softly trying to catch his breath too.

Once we caught our breath we went to go stand in line for our food. I got a hamburger, I just love red meat. Blaze got the meatloaf and red sauce. I almost throw up. I really don't get how anyone can eat meatloaf without throwing up. We paid for out lunches and went to go find a seat. "Do you see a seat anywhere?" I asked looking around the café.

Blaze looked around before we both gave up and just headed outside. "Let's just sit by that tree over there" shrugged Blaze pointing at a huge tree in the middle of the field. "Fine with me I'm just hungry."

We made our way over to the tree and once we sat down we both dug right into our food. I guess we were both really hungry. "Damn Jade, you eat like a wolf," laughed Blaze.

"Haha you eat like a pig Blaze" I laughed.

"I do not take that back."

"Nope," firmly shaking my head as I watched Blaze pout. "Come on Blaze it's nothing to be ashamed of if you're really hungry" I stated trying to get him to smile a bit. But he still wouldn't smile. I looked around trying to spot something that would make Blaze stop pouting then I saw it. I smiled at the idea. "Hey Blaze look over there" I pointed over at the far side of the field.

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