The sun above burned my skin and soaked deep into my pores, no escape. My eyes were shut tight, the substance beneath me felt gritty and rough. Where was I? Was I lost? My body felt paralyzed, limp. I started to twitch furiously, thrashing out at the hot sun until it completely stopped in an instant; the pain gone. My arm thrashed above my body bending backwards at the elbow, cracking, breaking the silence in the unknown area. I screamed out in agony, my legs now began the process my arms took on. My back hunched and I was forced onto my knees, my whole body ripping. A cool smooth ropes gently wrapped around me until I was left in the dark pain slowly died down until I felt a giant pinch; that's all I could remember.

I thought through this over and over trying to figure out what happened that day as I now lay again in another unknown place. This time my body is placed on something soft like foam and as cool as ice compared to my warm body temperature. I can hear people in the distance talking,




"She is just a girl..."

"Does she know?"

That was all I could pick up. I sat up to let the people in the room know I was back in the real world. I opened my eyes and looked around, nothing seemed familiar. I was in a small room with blank baby blue walls, it reminded me of a doctors office. I looked down to see I was wearing a loose see-through hospital gown. Was I ill? A door to my left opened and a tall middle aged man with eyes the color of the morning sun entered the room.

"Ah! You are awake at last!" the man said with relief, he then moved closer to the small bed I was placed on. He looked at me like I was a new discovery, eyes lit as brightly in awe. A woman with fiery red hair and a white waistcoat slammed open the door with wild violet eyes

"She is awake." it was a statement not a question.

"We should tell him, he would want to know" I was clueless and lost for words. The two stared at each other for a long while, a silent battle was being fought

"You know we can't do that Sheryl," the old man sighed but his resolve hardened.

"He has been waiting so long, and look at the poor dear. She needs time to adjust and make new friends. How do you expect her to trust us when she doesn't even know any of us?" Sheryl slid closer to the old man and prodded him with her eyes.

"No." the man had not changed his mind and did not appear as if he was going to. I glanced back and forth between them unsure of the circumstance I was seemingly dropped into

"If your not going to tell him

then I will." With that, she stormed out the room and slammed the door behind her. The man's head fell in defeat and he turned to me.

"Your name is Tessa, my name is James and you are here for me to help you," before he could even finish his sentence someone else bursted in to the room huffing. James moved in front of me to block my view. I craned my head to get a better look at the new visitor but only caught glimpses of his golden hair.

"Go away Bradley, now is not the time for this. I promise I'll bring her to you when I'm done with my examination." James only moved his mouth and didn't bother to face him.

"I'm not leaving until you let me see her." Bradley said this with confidence.

"It's not good for you to be seeing her, she is new. She probably needs time to adjust." James huffed out the last part.

"Please?" He asked weakly. What was all the fuss about? Why would he so desperately seek to see me? I didn't know this new comer, or any of these strange people to be precise. James sighed loudly and moved to the side slowly. I heard a long intake of breath and directed my gaze upward.

The newcomer in front of me had shaggy blonde hair with silvery tones and bright blue orbs below for eyes. He had fair skin, and a tall stance that suited his built figure. He was beautiful, I would have sworn he was glowing under the fluorescent lights. "This is her then? After all this time?" he asked in awe reaching a hand out slowly. He was by far the prettiest man I had ever laid eyes on. His outstretched hand found my face and stroked my cheek gently. He looked at me as if he had known me and I didn't seem to mind the attention. "What do they call her?" He removed his hand and peered back to James who hovered nearby.

"Tessa." James turned on his heel and walked out of the clinic type room.

"It's been so long." His finger touched my face again and I flinched. "I shouldn't have touched you without asking. I'm just very curious. Can you talk?" he asked me with much curiosity in his deep silky voice. Why wouldn't I be able to talk? I nodded despite how offensive the question seemed.

"I'm sorry. I'm sure you have far more important questions for me. I've just been waiting so long." he said and I sent him a meek smile in return.

"Lets get out of here" I nodded eagerly wanting to be anywhere but here, I needed to know more about where I was. Bradley gently extended my arm and pointed out that I was attached to a beeping machine. He pulled up the gauze to reveal a needled, then carefully removed it from my arm.

"Thank you." He smiled brightly at me then pulled me to my feet and out the door.

People in lab coats were everywhere and they all continuously glanced my way as we passed.

"Why are they staring?" I kept my head down as he turned around to answer.

"They are just curious is all." I looked down at my bare feet then at his hand that was still holding mine.

"What are they going to do to me?" I stopped moving and he dragged me behind for a few moments before realizing my hesitation. Being in a lab couldn't possibly be good. I wasn't in a lab coat so I couldn't be a researcher, which left me to assume that I was the experiment. I shuddered at the thought of being poked and prodded.

"They wont hurt you, at least I don't think they will" His words didn't reassure me in the slightest. I let him pull me around a corner and toward a door, which he unlocked with a key that was hanged loosely around his neck. He opened the door and slowly dragged me in.

The room was huge, and open. The wall directly in front of me was completely made of glass, revealing a forest just outside. I was in awe, it was beautiful; untouchable.

"Is this where you live?" he released my hand and I was immediately drawn to the glass wall. I gazed at the surrounding greenery and watched the sun begin to set in awe.

"Yes, and now you do too, if you'd like anyways." he walked over to where I was standing.

"What do you mean?" he slid past me and over to the kitchen to fetch something.

"Do you want to stay in that other room?" I shook my head no, I didn't care to go back. But what about my home outside this place? Surely I had a family to go home to. Where where they? These were questions I intended to ask but felt as though I shouldn't. He walked away and disappeared around a corner only to come back with another key necklace similar to the one he wore. He held it out to me and when I hesitated to take it he smiled and slipped it over my head. Once he turned I clutched the cool metal in my hand.

Bradley slowly started walking away and I assumed I was meant to follow. I assumed right. I scurried after him not wanting to be left alone.

"I know thing are confusing now, and I know you probably have questions. The longer you are here the more you should understand." he kept his head straight forward until he reached his desired destination.

"Here we are, I don't really care what you do to or in this room, it is yours now." I reached for the handle but Bradley grabbed my hand before I could. "Be careful, please." he let go of my hand and walked away. I reached my hand out to the handle and pushed the door open quickly not knowing what to expect. I surveyed my new room and discovered that most of the rooms were adorned with large glass windows, but currently it was too dark to see outside. In the middle of the space was a small living space with a solid white sofa and burgundy pillows along with a television. To my right was a small kitchen with a dining table and cabinets that matched the pillows and curtains. Behind the living room I noticed something large and solid white by the glass wall; a piano. Why would they put a piano in my room? I walked to the piano and let my fingers brush along each key before I sat down. My fingers automatically went to rest on the keys and I unconsciously began to play. A slow melody played from my fingertips filling the silent room. I did not remember knowing how to play the piano, but surely someone had taught me. When my fingers were done playing for me I opened my eyes.

"How did you do that?" The whisper came from beside me and made me jump. Bradley had somehow sat down next to me while I was in my music trance and was staring at me with curiosity.

"I just put my hands on the keyboard and..." I started to play again but he stopped me.

"No I mean how did you remember? How did you know how to play?" He clenched his eyes shut.

"I don't know, I looked at the piano and just remembered." I felt sad for him because I truly didn't have the answers he required. He sighed and trudged out of my new room and into the dark hallway outside. "Good night..." I whispered to him even though I knew he couldn't possibly hear me.

"Good night." I heard too clearly in response. Did he hear me? If so, how did he do it and how did I hear him? I got off the piano bench seat and walked toward the bed. I slowly crawled under my quilt-like comforter, closed my eyes, and willed myself to go to sleep. I would get the answers I wanted another day.