"Bad Asses"

Rated: M

Introduction: Known as a bad ass in the neighborhood...town, school...and even roomers making everyone look up to him...even London...for years he watched Nathan(his friends older brother) grow up...some people saw him as a bad influence because of what he did...but he was so good at it they never could catch him...London even had something a little more than a crush...

Chapter 1

"Dat ass," I remarked when one of my friends walked in.

"You looking at my ass bro," said Jaeger sitting on the opposite side of the table to me.

"Pants make dat ass look fiiine," I slurred taking a hit and letting a long cloud of spoke out right in his face.

"You know you'd tap this," he smirked waving his hands around to clear the smoke than took the blunt from my hand, taking a hit.

"Don't tempt me," I grinned but he just shook his head as he passed it over to Dave. It started going in a circle starting with me than going around with Jaeger, Dave, Zane, and Jacob. "Shit we almost done with it," I stated pulling out the tray and loading the pipe when I spotted movement by the cracked opened door.

"Yo get that door I don't need my mom bitching at me for the hallway smelling like this," I said watching London catch me looking at him and hurry up the stairs to my younger brothers room. Dave groaned but got up, falling over a stack of CD's on the floor.

"What the fuck dude, clean your room," he complained getting up and walking over to the door, this time watching where he stepped.

"Hah, my bad dude forgot to move those so you guys would break them and pay for them," I laughed looking over to see they were fine. Dave rejoined the circle and we continued to pass it around till we were all laid out staring at my ceiling.

"Ben, Nathan it's time for your friends to go home so you can eat dinner," on of my parents yelled up, but I was to spaced out to even move when Zane nudged me.

"We got to go don't we," he said.

"I think so man," I replied but still none of us made a move. Finally after another screaming up the stairs we all got up and started fumbling out of my room.

"Nathan what did mom tell you about smelling like that yucky stuff," huffed Ben but I just ruffled his head and turned around knocking into Jacob who knocked into the others. I watched them fall down the stairs into a heap of bodies at the end.

"Now that's some funny shit," I pointed down at them than clapped my hands together, jumping the stairs to land on them "dog pile," I yelled but was pushed off by Dave.

"What the fuck dude lose some damn weight your a fucking ton," he said but was to high up there to really be pissed off, "killing my buzz man."

"Get some fucking muscle I weigh one hundred twenty pounds," I retorted getting up, "not my fault your fat ass was able to knock everyone down the stairs."

"Shut the fuck up dude" he mocked.

"Both of you shut up your going to ruin my buzz," said Jaeger interrupting our little arguing feast. I laughed and helped them up, walking them to the door. I looked behind me to see I was being followed by my brother and his nerdy friend who happened to be looking at me again but when he met my eyes he looked down.

"We still on for tonight?" asked Zane.

"Eight O'clock," I said giving him a fist pump and punch on the shoulder, "look out you two, your impeding," I said stepping past the two nerds and walking over into the kitchen.

"I am surprised you even know what that means," remarked Ben, saying goodbye to his friend and sitting on the stool opposite from me.

"Nathan have you been smoking that crap again," bitched my mother, coming in who was than followed by my father. Both scrunched up there nose in disgust at the smell they took in when passing me.

"No mom this is a new cologne," I spoke sarcastically.

"Knock it off, we are trying to be a good example but your not helping with any of it," she snickered.

"Hey I am not worthless, I can be used as a bad example," I said opening up my arms but than pull my hands in over my chest, "o but you forgot how many people look up to me these days and rather come see me than your little speech show."

"Zip it or I will make you start coming again," she threatened.

"I don't see why you don't make him come anyways," commented Ben, "he could really use it."

"Yes mom I really could I am just suck a terrible person," I agreed.

"Maybe cleaning your act up would help you not be so worthless," she screeched.

"Your right mom, I'm sorry I am just so worthless, can't do anything right these days," I once again agreed. I watched her clench her teeth knowing that she knew I was just trying to piss her off. Still trying to hide, and failing miserable, she walked over to the over and pulled out some food.

"What for dinner mom?" asked Ben in his polite little voice, that mom just dawned over.

"O mom dinner looks so good may I have seconds please," I mocked him making my voice go as babyish as I could. I brought my finger up to my lip and added, "o and I almost forgot but since I have been such a goody too-shoos lately mind if London stays over tonight, pretty please."

"Shut up!" he yelled getting up off the stool. I just grinned, knowing I had struck a nerve.

"Ben sit down, Nathan go to your room without dinner," mom growled, pointing to the stairs, "you wouldn't be so damn skinny if you would behave and get along with your family."

"Alright mom," I said but before heading to the stairs I turned to Ben, "little bro I am sorry you were born with no balls and have yet to grow one," with that I turned and left, feeling Ben's gawking eyes watch me go.

When I got into my room I grabbed a little of what was left from the session and started hitting it. When I did finish it I put everything back on the tray and locked it in a cabinet, that hid on the other side of the table by a cloth. I then allowed myself to lay there and stare up at the ceiling for a couple hours before geting my ass up. I looked at the clock to see it read ten minutes before eight. Making a quick pickup of my room, and opening my window to let it air out I was about to make my escape.

"Nathan," interrupted mom, knocking.

"Come in," I replied, falling onto my bed. She opened the door and for a moment just stared at my now clean room, even dropped her shirt of her face to see that there wasn't a smell. "Can I help you?" I asked a little annoyed with her even thinking to bother me.

"I was coming to tell you that you're coming to church tomorrow, but I guess since you made yourself useful I won't make you," she replied, eying everything in my room then turning her glance to me.

"Friends were complaining about falling over everything so I picked up," I explained, "but then, I bet if I had cleaned my room before you still would have made me come."

"Guess your right but get to bed at a decent hour," she gave me that motherly glare, "and been is also having London over, so you can have one friend over if you mind yourself."

"Yea, yea" I said holding my hands up innocently

"Another thing," she said and I groaned, "there is a storm tonight so don't plan on going out anywhere." I was about to argue with her but she just turned and closed the door with her. Shooting Dave a text, I didn't let what she did bother me to much, considering it was funny as fuck when you were high as shit.

Sliding my phone in my pocket I stepped out of the room the same time my brother did his. At first we just stared at each other, then I turned away and headed down the stairs to wait for Dave. If he didn't hurry his ass up I was going to leave without him, there was only a couple more minutes till eight. I was about to text him again when knock interrupted me and I raced my brother to get it, of course I got there first.

"Dave," I greet with a hug and pound on the back, "long time to see brother," we slapped hands stepping aside to let London in, "my little brother is in the living room waiting for you," I told him deciding to put a little friendliness into my day. I ruffled his hair as he passed by, watch him flush red but hurry away smiling.

"Thank you!" I heard him call back. Me and Dave exchanged looks the booked it to my room to drop his shit off.

"Did you tell Zane we are going to be late?" asked Dave tossing his bag onto my bed and looking at the clock, two minutes before it hit eight.

"Pf we got this," I said shooing a hand at him and walking over to my desk. I wrote down "Be Back Soon" on a piece of paper then signaled Dave to follow me out the window.

Without arguing, he watch me jump from it and land smack dab right on my ass. When he seen that he shook his head and took his time, starting climbing down. I gave him the "seriously dude" look but than looked at my watch and took off at full sprint toward the school. He followed at my heals as I ran across the street and around the corners, watching for anybody/thing. Catching Zane and the others out of the corner of my at the school I sped over with Dave, just as it hit eight.

"Damn right on the dollar," said Zane getting a dollar from Jacob, "made a bet, he said you guys were going to be late and I said you were going to be right on time," he spat the last part at Jacob getting the finger in return.

"No faith in your bro, hurtful man," I said making weeping motions down my cheek with my hand.

"Don't cry, it was just a bet...that I lost," he said.

"If you guys are done with your weeping, we better get in there and have some fun before the janitors get here," said Jaeger spitting to one side, then looking up and making the "what the fuck face". I turned to see what he was looking at and seen my brother and his little friend.

"Shit, they are probably looking for me," I said then smirked, "or trying to bust me like he has been trying to do since he could walk and talk straight."

"Hop the gate and we won't have to worry about the nerds coming our way," said Jaeger.

"Good point," I stated jumping up onto the fence and diving in. I ran over ducking into the bush, taking refuge there till the others were all in. We waited for my little brother and his friend to pass than turned and ran up the steps to the school building. Just as we were prepared for, the door was lock so with a simple safety pin from my pocket, I was able to pick it easily.

"Who wants to play a little game of hide and go seek?" I asked deepening my voice. There were a few nods and mumbles of yes, so quickly said "not me" than took off down the hallway.

I could hear a few cuss words than some arguing before footsteps were echoed down the hall. I made a break up the stairs to the second floor, there was where I picked the lock on a storage closet and stepping in, locking it behind me. I sat there stretching across the floor, closing my eyes and relaxing. Well that was until I heard the sounds of footsteps so I moved my lazy ass over to the door and peaked out the key hole. At first I thought it was going to be the janitor but I was surprised to see it was London?.

"Fool what are you doing here?" I asked unlocking the door and poking my head out.

"Nathan, I...uuh" he started stuttering again.

"Spit it out" I grumbled.

"Ben left his favorite journal here so me and him came to get it before the janitors came, he was also going to sneak one of the new science books out so we could get a head start in it," he blurted covering his mouth, "I said enough I think I better go," but before he could turn and leave I heard Zane walking down the hall so I grabbed London and pulled him in re-locking the door.

"Stay quiet or you will regret I saved your sorry ass," I whispered not meaning to sound harsh but I wasn't about to get caught that easily, "ok he is gone you can breath now." London relaxed, letting himself lay on me and open his eyes.

"I might want to go," he mumbled, "Ben is probably looking for me."

"You are going to have to wait here now, there is no way I am risking the game at this point," I said and added, "we only have like fifteen minutes, you can last."

"Sure," he mumbled again, this time a little lower. I sighed and sat back against the wall watching as he held his knees in his arms, resting his head on them.

"Let me ask you something," I grinned,e "bi, straight or gay?" I asked, watching as his face turn from scared to shocked.

"I'm bi" he finally answered

"Good, than we don't have to waist our time while in here," I smirked, crawling over to him. He froze at first, watching me take his legs in my hands and pull him under me. Running my hands up his sides I started to close the area between us, only stopping to whisper, "better stop me now."

"I.." he went to say but closed his mouth letting me lean down to softly press my lips to his, "mm" I heard him groan under me, clutching at my shirt but returning the kiss with such grace. I slid my tongue over his heated lips a little surprised to feel him open his mouth slightly. Taking this as an invitation, I slid my tongue in. I found that he was quiet a tease as our tongues played against each other until we had to pull away so both of is could catch our breaths.

"Well your better than I thought, this your first time or have you had some practice?" I asked but he shook his head, "huh guess your a natural." He smiled up at me watching me lean down again to kiss his forehead to his nose than down to his lips again, "come on I think we can go now."

"Ok," he pouted, letting me pull him to his knees before turning to the door and unlocking it. I stuck my head making sure it was clear before grabbing his hand and making a break for the stairs.

"Janitors will be here soon, I am not to worried about the others but we need to get our asses out of her," I whispered spotting the exit door. I squeezed his hand then made a fast pull to the exit. Lucky enough, we ran out into the pouring rain, only to almost fall down the stairs as we made our way down. "How did you guys get out?" I asked when we made it to the end.

"They gate is open," he pointed.

"Well what the fuck, don't I feel stupid," I patted his head. After sending a text to everyone to get out, I started walking over to the skate park with London following behind me. Right as we made it to the other side, I turned to see the first car arrive, followed by more.

"Thank you for helping me," said London. I turned to him, watching him lean up and peck my lips.

"No problem, thanks for keeping me entertained," I ruffled his hair again, listening to the soft giggle he gave out, "now get back to our place before you get in trouble, I am sure my brother will be smart enough to come find you there." He gave another pout-full nod, but turned and started to head that way but not before taking a second glance back at me.

"Where are the others?" asked Zane noticing me watching London go.

"I don't know but if they got caught they better not rat us out," I grumbled turning to him, "there they are," I said spotting them over his shoulder.

"Well we made it out in time but the janitors seen our little group and started asking questions, luckily your little brother was there and saved all of us,"breathed Jacob.

"Nice, I saved his little friend after some fun in the closet," I grinned.

"Sweet, wish I could have been there dude," he high fived me than gave me a fist pound, as the others reached over to pat my shoulder.

"Well I guess it's time we split, meet you guys here sometime tomorrow for some serious skateboarding," I suggested, looking over the group.

"Your on bro," they all agreed and we all split, leaving our separate ways.