Chapter 3

"Welcome," I gave him a pat on the back than went into the outside where I started filling up the oversized party pool in the back. By the time I went back inside there were millions of our classmates and other neighborhood people here dancing and singing to the stereo songs, "hey everyone the pool is ready!" I yelled out. There was a loud cheer than a bunch of people passed me, stripping on there way out and hopping into the pool.

"Nice dude," said Jaeger coming up from behind me.

"I know right," I said spotting London coming in the door and looking around. I stepped from Jaeger and hurried over to him, "I thought I told you not to come tonight if you didn't want to be crowded by these kind of people."

"I guess I just kind of wanted to come, I mean if I am gong to date you I might as well get used to the people you are around," he stated.

"We are dating?" I asked teasingly.

"Oh well I guess we never really made it official," he blushed, getting quiet, "just thought since we were kissing and stuff."

"Come on babe, lets go up stairs and get changed for the pool," I grinned and he looked at me a little shocked but nodded and followed me up the stairs. When we got in I locked the door and went to my dresser grabbing my hand cuffs and turning to him, "take your shirt of you don't need it for the pool."

"Ok," he said slipping it off and tossing it onto the floor. I walked over and laid him over the bed putting his hands over his head, "what are you doing?" he asked watching me bring out the handcuffs and cuff him to the bed. He pulled against them looking at me curiously, "Nathan what are you going to do?"

"I am going to help you get used to what you blush over before we go back down there," I replied, "rule one they will look for any weakness you have, and if you blush once they will hold it against you till they get something better," he gulped but nodded. I spread him out mounting on top of him.

"But what are you going to do to me?" he asked.

"Well you seemed most embarrassed when I touch you a curtain way," I grinned.

"Don't you even think about it," he protested, tugging on the restraints. I continued grin, grabbing his testicles lightly in my hands. He gave a light squeal before starting to moan as I massaged them in my fingers "stop," he pleaded looking away, his face a bright red.

"Than stop blushing," I said.

"I..." he was about to say but stop letting himself moan when I went on. I smiled when I seen the redness from his face disappear and stopped climbing over him. He looked up at me than reached up, kissing my nose, "are you done I want to go into the pool."

"Yea we can go," I laughed reaching up and unlocking him from the bed, "come on," I said pulling him up and walking back over to my drawer. This time I tossed him a pair of my shorts and just slipped my shirt off.

"You don't have any swimming trunks?" he asked giving me that curious look.

"No," I laughed coming up and ruffling his hair. He gave me an annoyed look but quickly changed into them. We both watched them sag on him showing his dinosaur boxers, "no way I am where the same boxers," I cheered showing mine. He laughed and grabbed my hand, pulling me down the stairs.

"So Nathan, which was the one moaning up there?" asked Dave, grinning at me. I gave him a bland look, I could tell he was already drunk.

"Your mom when I banged her in the ass," retorted London pulling me out into the night air. There was a lot of "oo's" and "you got burned" from a lot of the viewers.

"Wow London I didn't expect for you to say something like that," I commented walking over to the pools edge, his hand was still in mine.

"Get in the pool," I heard him say.

"You come to..." I was cut of by him giving me a hard shove. I flipped into the pool making a loud splash as I hit.

"Go Nathan," there were a couple cheers then some screams from people I accidentally got wet. I looked up just in time to see London flip of the edge. He got a couple cheers but he ignored them as he backed me up into the corner of the pool. He grabbed my arms and laid them out onto the edges leaving me wide open to him.

"You wanted me to stop being embarrassing so now lets see if you get embarrassed," he said moving my head a little so he could expose my neck.

"Shit I am not embarrassed, no reason to be with these fuckers," I said but stopped when he licked up my neck. At the same time our bare chest rub against each others. He took his time to slide his tongue back down then stopped, biting down softly on my skin. I felt him start sucking on it, "London," I moaned his name getting a few glances.

"Get-r-done London," laughed Dave, "looks like he has you moaning already."

"He definitely hit the moaning spot," I replied running my hands up London's back. I felt him shiver in response but didn't let that stop him.

"Hey London stop I want to see how much you got on him," said Dave but London gave him a glare before going back to sucking on my neck, this time he bit down harder breaking skin, "o shit, he broke skin," notced Dave seeing my blood run down my shoulder.

"You don't say dip shit," I said pushing London away to place my hand on my neck, "I will be right back no one wants blood in the pool," I grumbled but before I could move London held my shoulders biting down lightly on a different part of me neck, "o gosh," I moaned.

"Looks like he knows how to handle you well," put in Dave.

"If he doesn't watch it I am going to rape him in the pool," I said resting my head against the pools edge, letting my eyes roll back, "he knows how to hit the boner spot."

"O dude," said Dave.

"Well looks like Nathan has himself a little bitch, not surprised with all the girls wanting to hang all over you," said Crystal coming up from behind Dave, "that's why I don't see how you could fall in love with a boy like him."

"Crystal shut your fucking mouth your just in it because you want my dick," I snapped, "and London isn't my bitch he is my boyfriend."

"Wait, did you just say London," she walked over and grabbed London by his hair making him look up at her. She gasp and let him go backing up, "you dating my little brother!"

"I am not your little brother anymore, remember you ditched our family to leave with some guy," he shot at her.

"I know and it was a terrible idea, but Nathan helped me get back on my feet we even dated for a while," she said

"Yea, until you decided you wanted to leave and start fresh so you left me," I stated.

"Well, why in the hell are you dating my little brother!" she shrieked than turned to London, "Nathan is my crush and was mine first."

"Crush or not I do not belong to you and you leave London out of this, he shunned you remember," I said pulling myself out of the pool. I shook my hair dry as everyone seemed to stop and stare, "get out, if you are going to cause problems with my love than I don't want you here."

"And what are you going to do, you don't hit girls," she remarked.

"Bitch please your not a girl your a whore," she gasp, stomping her foot in protest but I just grabbed her arm and started dragging her toward the door.

"Let me go you asshole," she took her bag hitting it against my head.

"Get the fuck out of my house and don't come back bitch," I said tossing her out and slamming the door after her. I locked the door and went back to the pool to see London was standing there looking down while Dave was mumbling something to him.

"No it's ok you didn't cause him any problems, so you don't have to go," he was saying.

"This is my fault, I knew I shouldn't have come," whispered London starting to walk off but I grabbed his arm, "Nathan I...I got to go."

"No," was all I said as I grabbed his arm and pushed him back into the pool, "go party while you can we only have a few more hours anyway," I told Dave before running and diving into the pool myself. I swam over to London pulling him back to our corner, "so you never told me you had a sister."

"I told you she is not my sister anymore, she left us and never came back," he replied resting against my chest. I sighed and kissed his cheek laying against the pools edge.

"Hey Nathan, come here we want to show you something," yelled Zane.

"Yea, yea I am coming," I said lifting myself out of the pool again. London looked up at me and held his arms out so I could help him out. I grabbed him pulling him out of the water with a big heave, "I will be right back but I want you to stay here, I don't know what they are going to show me."

"But I want to come," he complained.

"Stay here for me, I don't want you getting into it if involves getting hurt," I gave a quick kiss, "just trust me on this one," he nodded and went and sat in one of the lawn chairs. I smiled and watched as Dave walked over to keep him company than turned to go in. When I walked in I seen some people surrounding a chair, I walked over to see they were giving each other piercings.

"Hey Nathan want one?" one of them asked.

"Yea, as long as I do it myself" I said, "I am not letting a bunch of drunks give me a piercing."

"I will give you a piercing," said Dona who to my luck hadn't been drinking tonight.

"Alright, give me a tongue piercing right here," I pointed to my tongue, right in the low-middle part. She nodded and pointed to a chair for me to go sit down in. I went and sat down letting her come near my lips and measuring it with a rules. She than took a marker, marking the spot on my tongue she was going to pierce. She than took a needle stabbing it into there before I could say anything, "shit," I cussed

"Hold still and let me pull it out," she said taking the needle and pulling it out as she put a hoop lip ring in, "you may go now," I got up poking it on my tongue, seeing it had some blood coming out of it.

"Nathan," I heard London's worried cry. I looked up to see him running to my side and moving my hand out of the way to see my new tongue ring, "come on we need to get this cleaned out before it gets infected, and you get a missing tongue," he took my hand and hurried into the house. Instead of going to the down stairs bathroom he dragged me to the up stairs one.

"London, babe I am fine it is just little blood I will survive," I said but he seemed unconvinced as he pushed me down onto the toilet and started cleaning it out with alcohol. It stung for a minute or two but when he was done it felt a little better and even looked better than it had before.

"Why they hell did you let them pierce your tongue!?" he asked furiously looking at me.

"Baby, it's no big deal I wanted one for a while and Dona did it so it shouldn't turn out that bad," I said. He sighed and shook his head looking over it again, "London, stop worrying."

"Fine, but I don't want you doing that again," he said putting the cleaning alcohol away. I stood up trapping him against the sink, "Nathan," he said turning and looking up at me a little scared. I kissed his cheek down to his neck than pulled him into my arms hugging him tight. He hesitated for a second before hugging me back and hiding his head in my shoulder.

"Thank you for doing this for me, I know you don't usually like this stuff," I whispered and he looked me at me a little shocked but I didn't allow him to say anything. I instead leaned down, touching my lips to his. He kissed back and I felt him play with my new tongue ring.

"Sorry," he apologized when I pulled away and looked at him.

"Don't be, it makes kissing funner," I winked kissing him again than lead him out of the bathroom and back down to the party, "want something to drink?" I asked opening the fridge door.

"Can I try some?" he asked pointing at one of the beer cans that were in there. I shrugged and handed him one taking one for myself. He tagged along as I went back out to the pool to see my friends doing stupid stunts off the roof, "you have some crazy friends" commented London.

"The ones you seen earlier today helping me get my stuff unpacked are all my friends, these are just class mates I got along with and are easy to party with," I replied sitting down on the edge of the pool and sliding my feet into the water. He stood behind me till I grabbed his arm and pulled him down with me, "if you don't like the drink I have a monster in my bedroom, in what I call the hidden fridge"

"Maybe," he giggled opening his beer and smelling it first. He scrunched up his nose and looked at me but I just chuckled and opened mine, taking a giant swig, "don't want it I will gladly drink it for you."

"Let me try it first silly," he smiled trying to take a swig like me but ended up coughing. I laughed and patted his back but he just poked me in my stomach.

"You could have warned me," he grumbled pushing me a little. Instead of pushing back I set my beer down and pulled my arms him pressing him down on the cement ground, "what you doing?" he asked curiously as I climbed over him.

"Just going to have some fun baby," I grinned innocently. He rolled his eyes but grabbed my shoulders pulling me down and kissing me. He slid his tongue into my mouth battling with my tongue, he giggled and held me closer. I ran my hands up and down his sides, it was harder to resist going farther.