I'm sorry for not updating in so long. I know that you were all foaming at the mouth, refreshing the page every few minutes for two months. But we're good, right? No hard feelings? No death threats? Because this face can't be ruined. I mean seriously guys, I have a Swedish modeling career to think about. But back to the point. I've updated. So, without further ado, prepare for a return to Anaxia...

Sparroe rowed past glaciers. The School's light was in the distance. A bright, green light showed to all whom were Majikally talented. Sparroe rowed faster.

After a few minutes, a faint rumble rocked the boat. Sparroe passed it over as nothing. She kept rowing, the light ever closer.

Minutes later, a louder, more violent rumble occurred. This time, Sparroe took it into notice. She stopped her boat, and looked out over the sea. And island was just up ahead. Could there be something there? Wait. Was the island... moving? A humongous wave tipped Sparroe's boat over. She fell in the frigid water, and could do nothing but look as the 'island' straightened it's back, standing at full height.

It's lips reached the span of it's face, but it's mouth was small in comparison. The creature's one eyes blinked sideways, the slitted pupil constantly moving. Two dorsal fins were attached to it's elbows. Scales lined the beast's entire body. What seemed like waterfalls poured off of the monster before the ocean water all fell back to the sea. The Chimerk looked straight down at Sparroe with it's eagle-like vision. She had scrambled to the top of the capsized boat. Pulling a dagger from her boot, she prayed that she could survive long enough to escape.